An answer for everrrrry question…or not.


So.  Are you really a SERIOUS Lesbian?

Yes, actually.  I am an honest to goodness lesbian.  I make no bones about the fact, too, so I suppose that makes me quite serious about it, doesn’t it?


What’s this comic for?  Are you trying to be some kind of equal rights activist?

No.  If I manage to make a difference in someone’s life, or cause a couple of paranoid people to shift their attitudes a little bit, I’ll consider that a nice extra.

I started writing and drawing this comic because I needed an outlet.  The process of ‘coming out’, figuring out who I am, and generally becoming happy with that process has been a slow and painful one.  I needed a way to work through some of that emotional baggage.   Serious Lesbian is my method.


Wait.  If you’re not an activist, what’s with the L³ rants?

I’ll steal my own description to explain this one.

“L³ is a between chapter rant on all things life, love, and learning.  It is the author’s excuse to sift through facts, fiction, and outright lies to find real (relevant) information on homosexuality and the lesbian subculture in the hopes that you will take the opportunity to learn a little, check the sources, and do some research of your own.”

I want to know some of these things, so I’m giving myself the impetus to do the research and look around.  A lot of it is going to be my opinion, but I also cite all of my references to keep the truth in line, and to allow other people to do the same fact-checking if they want to.

I do not rant to shove my beliefs and opinions down other people’s throats.  If you do not like the section, don’t read it.


Are you the main character?

No.  Surprisingly enough, while I have the hubris to start a project like this, and display it on the internet for all to see, I have always detested the idea of making an avatar of me into a main character.

This, of course, makes it difficult when you are writing a semi-autobiographical piece of webcomic fiction that’s based on your life experiences.

This is where my wonderful girlfriend agreed to step in and make the sacrifice for both our sakes.

Isn’t she sweet?


Semi-autobiographical?  Wait.  What’s this comic about?

In short, it’s about my experiences as a heterosexual-turned-lesbian (with a few fantastic extras, as the human memory is quite fallible) seen from my girlfriend’s point of view.  Names, personalities, and situations have been changed to protect the innocent.


Do you have all of this planned out?

Heh.  Considering that it’s based on my real life experiences, no.

I do know what this particular comic is going to end with, however.  I don’t want it to become a lifelong obsession.   It’s got a finite lifespan, as soon as I figure out where that ‘end’ is going to happen.


And who are you?

I go by KiraD online.  My name is K. Williams, and I am a part-time webcomic artist in my late twenties.  I have two part-time jobs – one that involves being a retail monkey, and the other as a radio tech/repair flunky.  There are also occasions where I work here and there doing other things.

Understandably, I would like to be able to do the webcomicking work on more than a part-time basis at some point.  That is not happening right now, but I will be striving to the utmost to get there until it happens.


Why are the updates late?!!

First, thank you for caring enough about the updates to wonder why they’re late.  That’s awfully neat.

Second, I am not perfect.  I have a job and a life outside of this webcomic, and while I am trying to be 100% professional about updates and schedules, sometimes shit happens.

I don’t like to make excuses, but you’ll get a small explanation when that happens, a possible apology, and then we move on.  I’m woman enough to admit that I may not have the ability to be 100% professional about this all the time – but I will do my best.


What do you use to make Serious Lesbian?

GIMP, actually.  I don’t have the money to afford Photoshop, and it’s a pretty nice, free alternative.  Wouldn’t you agree?


Is Serious Lesbian in print?

As of right now, no.  Will I ever print it?  I don’t plan to.  This is a learning comic for an almost exclusively self-taught webcomic artist.  I want to achieve a great deal more after this comic has completed with other stories – I have no need or desire to put something that shows off constant changes in my skill level (which includes my poorest work) into print.


Do you go to cons?

Yes!  I absolutely 100% love going to cons.  My home convention is Fandemonium – I’ve worked for them for several years now, and you are bound to see bits and pieces of my experiences in Serious Lesbian.  My girlfriend and I met at a convention, and we continue to muck around with staffing, so just expect it to happen. ^-^

As far as other conventions go, I am quite willing to attend them, given the funding to do so.   Most of the time, I don’t have said funding, so it is a little difficult.  I do try, though.

If you would like me as a guest for your convention, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at   I am an experienced panelist and con-runner, in addition to being a webcomic artist, and would be very happy to hear any proposals from you.


I want to give you fan art!  I want to say hi!  How do I do that?!!

All inquiries, comments, and fan-artsy-type stuff can be sent to   Art commission requests may be sent to the same e-mail address, subject line [Art Commission].  No solicitors or spam, please.