Serious Lesbian is a webcomic, but not in the traditional sense.


Most webcomic artists hit the web running, with their pride and joy on every page, and a lot of hope that they’ll make it to printing – or even make a profession of it.  And while that isn’t true for every single artist you meet on the web, chances, are, you’ve already met, seen, or read someone’s work who is trying to move in that direction.


I am not even going to attempt that.  Not at this point in time.


Serious Lesbian is a learning tool.  It is a comic about my life experience, encased in a shell of fictional events.  It is a blog about the things I’ve seen, or learned, or said about the comicking experience.  But, much more than that, it is my humbly unique attempt to build skill at something I have very little talent for.


I have no designs to print this comic.  I also have no expectations to make any money with it, or to see it rise in popularity far beyond its few hundred reader beginnings.


I do expect to see a marked improvement in both my art, and my writing, by the time it is over with.


The hope behind this comic is not to be successful as it happens.  It is to be successful afterward.  It is my hope that, by the time this story has concluded, I will be able to sit down and write, and draw, a professional grade story that pulls the reader into the moment, twirls their emotions around, and drops them back into their shoes with all the strange confused thoughtfulness that a sideways look at reality can provide.


Please feel free to accompany me, as I walk this perilous path with all the grace and dignity I can muster.


And maybe, if I am both lucky and persistent, I will accomplish the goals I have set out to achieve.   ^-^