I have nothing decent to say about anything at the moment, so I will leave you all with a mental image of fluffy kitties.

That’s right.

Black fluffy kitties.

Zonked out in a washing machine.

On top of your dirty clothes.  ^^

[EDIT] Have to leave you all with a lack of update tonight… AGAIN.  *sigh*

I’m going to have to re-evaluate comic updates based on work updates soon, I think.  It was easier to do the work in the middle of the week several months ago, but both my jobs are trying to murder me around Tue-Thurs. now.  It’s making it hard for me to deal with comic pages and everything else at the same time.

And I miss sleep.

Never fear.  Comic will be up tomorrow afternoon.  And it will stay on Wed, Fri updates until the new year.

After that, we shall see…

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