Okay folks, here’s the scoop.

Wrist is, indeed, bruised.  No sprain, we’re okay there.

Next week – New chapter!  Woo!

I am promising you one page update on Wednesday the 3rd of November.  There may not be a second that week due to the lack of “day-off” that seems to be occurring to me at the moment.   Either way, I will be posting the one, and prepping for the other 5 pages that have made it into pencilled format to get inked and shipped onto the internet for your enjoyment. ^-^

Thank you all very much for enduring my humor, yet again, for the months-long side project.  I didn’t think it would take quite so long, but between the moving and everything else that happened after Fandemonium, even though I didn’t end up building a buffer to my liking, I think I needed to take the time to do maintenance on the ‘real’ engine.  Now that that’s a bit more stable, we’ll see about working on the ‘fantastic’ one.

[Crispy] – I will indeed look you up, lady.  I’ve missed our randomly random conversations.  ^-^

[Infamous D] – Yay, house!  And that is a good idea.  I’ll see how long a chapter is going to take and figure it out from there.

[VTR1000lady] – I feel vaguely like I ought to know what your screen name means…  and I’m glad you noticed!  Macy is probably very irritated with me right now.

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