Getting down to the wire.  Come hell or high water, there will be a start to the new chapter at the end of the month (although, the way the days are falling, it will be the first Wednesday in November that gets the first page, FYI).  I wish I could say the entire thing is done, or being finished, and all I have to do is post it and then leisurely start on the next one… ha.

That’s a pipe dream.

On the bright side, I think I will at least get a buffer going (yay!), and have all of the November pages pencilled in preparation for Nanowrimo and its detrimental effect on my schedule (got talked into it – don’t ask me how, because I’m not telling!) by the time the first page is posted.

After that, if I can be steady and quick, I can get to the point where I’ve got that chapter-buffer, I think.

*crosses fingers*

[Tim] – Sweet!  I will keep that in mind.  ~-^

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