Showing off a piece when it hasn’t been inked yet is like showing my legs off with my skirt up, but whatever…

Prints of the piece inside of the comic today (which has been slightly altered to keep it safe for work – probably didn’t do it well *sigh*), and many more, are going to be put up for sale at the Store @ sometime in November.  I’ve got a total of five in various stages of completion, and as soon as the chapter is finished, I will be working on them and a couple more projects that have needed to be finished for quite some time.

(Don’t quote me on the Mature rated pieces, though – I need to make sure that’s kosher with the sales manager before putting them online!)

All proceeds go towards more paper, pens, other art supplies, Artist Alley tables and convention tickets for myself and my girlfriend, as I would like to start to A) Fill the giant hole in my art expenditures with something; and B) Go to conventions and meet fans (to enjoy their company), and more artists (to steal their techniqu- er…I mean… enjoy their company too!  Yes….ahem. >.< )

Other than that, I have no news of import at the moment.  Aside from the fact that my cat is driving me up the wall. O.o

[Gwenivive] – I was impressed. ^-^

[Mormo] – It didn’t start out that way, but it’s angling in that direction now, so I hear.

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