Much thanks to one of my co-workers for her shot at guest comicking.  I was going to save it for later, but I ran into a wall, quite literally, over the next strip, and had to use it.

Which is all right, really.  I kind of wanted to share it soon, anyway.  ^-^

And how did I hit a ‘wall’, you ask?

I don’t know how to draw something ‘erotic’.

I can’t mention specifics, as it’s kind of integral to the punch line, but I have come to notice something sad over the past week.  I can draw people naked, and put clothes on them.  I can draw people half-naked, and put more clothes on them.  But when it comes to drawing people who start naked and stay that way…..gah!

I think I’ll blame it on my upbringing.  Being brought up in a traditional, conservative Christian home, I didn’t get much exposure into that very adult part of life represented by erotica.  In fact, it wasn’t until after I discovered my inner ‘lesbian’ that I realized I could participate in such activities – and look at them – without feeling terribly ashamed of the idea.

So, drawing it?  Kind of hard.  Working on it, but it’s slow going.  Comic will be up on Thursday.

In other news, the new chapter has several pages pencilled now, and I’m planning on getting the rest of them onto paper by the end of the week.  *crosses fingers*

[Mimi]:  We’ve kind of moved off of the Q/A now, but I will still be answering that question, never fear!  Probably in an extra.  ^-~

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