As Macy has so obligingly mentioned, I will be working on the next chapter for a few weeks – probably until the end of September- just to make sure the entire thing is done before I start posting.  That ought to help out with making sure that all updates happen on time!  ^-^

In the interim, I’m asking all of you to provide me questions for Macy to answer.  I don’t really care if they’re serious questions or not (heh), but I would prefer that they have something to do with lesbians or lesbianism, homosexuality, or ‘those sorts of things’ in general.  I’ve gotten a few from friends that are quite the riot, but I’d like to see some from the community as well, if possible.

If you have any, please post to the Facebook page, send them to, or post them in the forums (located when you press that shiney button up top in the navigation bar).  I’ll pick the ones that work well with the comic, and Macy will get to answer those.

Updates will occur as normal with this format until I’m ready to post the new chapter.  Wish me luck!

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