Ha!  New page!  Told you there would be updates this week!  (now to work on that ‘plural’ :P)

Con was…interesting.  Panel was fun.  Got to meet Mormo (Hi!), who reads this comic and comments every once in a while.  Nice guy.

No one bought any prints, but, then again, I never really expect anyone TO do so.  I’m not a popular enough artist, nor do I own a popular enough webcomic that people would buy things from me during a recession.

Now, that doesn’t say that I don’t meet this fact with a small amount of disappointment, but I also have no delusions about anything in regards to making money from this project.  I don’t plan on EVER putting up a donation tab, I don’t plan on spamming the hell out of things until that magical ‘popularity’ thing takes off, and I don’t plan on flushing my life down the toilet by dropping my job and wishing really hard that webcomicking could replace the empty feeling in my belly.  (not that my girlfriend would let me starve to death, but that’s beside the point)

I suppose what I’m trying to say, is that I don’t have any crazy, unachievable expectations.  I want to be able to say things and mean them.  I want to strive to work hard, and to accomplish something with myself, but I’m willing to do it at my own pace.  I want to maintain my integrity.

And no.  No, those sorts of dreams are not going to get me to the point where THIS is my job, and I don’t have to ‘work’ for a living.  For one thing, it’s silly to think that this wouldn’t BE a job if I were trying to make a living from it.

For another, I have dreams, and I want to strive for them, but I also don’t want to drown in them.

Interesting ramble for 4am, huh?

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