Spent about 7 hours between tonight and this morning coloring a picture to give away at the webcomics panel this year.  If the other lady on the panel gives her permission, I’ll show it off to you guys on Friday so you can see what you’ll get (since I doubt I will be able to get another comic page up with all the shit I have to do…sorry guys… ^^;;)

For a special today, we have the 2008 cover, which was done before I had any real experience at coloring.  Still quite proud of this one.

[hehehe] – Yeeeeeah…. I love drawing hands, but they occasionally like to rebel against me and pretend that they don’t need fingers to go where they’re supposed to.  *sighs*

Thank you for pointing it out, though.  I knew there was ‘something’ wrong with the panel, but I couldn’t figure out ‘what’ aside from that it centered around that hand. *rolls eyes*

This is what happens when Kira has to speedy demon through things to get them done.  Hooray!

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