Y’know, I think the hardest thing to learn as a creative person is how to sit down and actually work at your craft.

It isn’t rocket science, but sometimes may feel like it.

I’ve discovered that I’ve got a looong way to go in regards to patience and persistence.  I’ve got hundreds – if not thousands – of story ideas rattling around in my mind, but the only one that has come out with any sort of consistency is…the one you’ve been reading on this website.

I’d consider that sad, if I didn’t know where I started at.  You’re reading about a person who spent a good chunk of her time in college avoiding rehearsal and practice because repetition is boring.  And dull.  And stupid.

Yet it is that repetition that breeds familiarity and creates consistency.  And despite my distaste, something I need to learn.

Ah, well.  Such is life.

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