Woo.  Page.

It’s a bit of a ‘gag-of-the-day’ (occurring twice a week) strip right now.  Not what it’s going to end up as, but a story has to start somewhere. ~-^

By the way, there is an FAQ thread up in the forum now for anyone who has questions for me.  They can be directly related to the comic storyline (when it develops a stronger one), or as vague as what kinds of pens I use to ink with.

If no one has a question right now, it’ll just be there until someone does, hanging out like an old friend you’ve never met yet.

(I’ve suddenly developed this dreadful feeling that I’m going to personify the forums enough to give them a name – it might be how late it is right now….I really hope that’s what it is…)

[Takla] – These guys like to go at it with threats.  Not sure why.  Maybe in that age-old ritual of ‘who’s is bigger’ that boys always do.  Which is funny, because Macy’s definitely a girl, and the girl she’s based on is definitely a girl.  ^-^

And now I stop speculating on the entire issue before boots are thrown at my head *ducks boot*

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