I’ve done that thing again where I draw the characters doing and saying things that the people they are inspired from have done – without knowing it.

Getting kind of creepy.  Not going to lie.

In other news, got the first chapter of the re-vamp rough scripted last night.

And no, before anyone panics, there’s no need to worry.  At the end of this chapter, there’s going to be a HUGE SHIFT in the way the art is presented – and in the art itself – as I am stepping up the challenge and improving its quality x 50%.

There will be NO CHANGES to the storyline, however.  There will be a break, that feels like a break, but all three of the early chapters are considered canon, and will not be removed from the website’s archives.

Essentially, it all boils down to the fact that I would like to continue to grow and evolve as a comic artist as I work on Serious Lesbian.  I hope there won’t be any major snafus in updates, etc. as I do so, but I apologize ahead of time if such occur.

Thanks for your patience, ahead of time, and please look forward to the months ahead.  It’s going to be an adventure.

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