There is something wrong with my Gimp install.  Comic page was delayed tonight because it forgot to load a good chunk of the black fill on Caleb’s hair.

Don’t ask me why.  I don’t know why.  I’m beginning to get annoyed, though, and that doesn’t bode well for my ‘puter.

In other news, you’ll notice that there is a new ‘forum’ button up at the top there, under the header bar.  It leads to a small section of Techsupport’s wonderful FARPWG forums, which he has graciously extended to I and my readers.

I’m going to drop in there in the next couple of days and set some things up.  Otherwise, feel free to stop over and say ‘hi’ and check out the rest of the guild area.  It’s pretty nice.  ^-^

[Mormo] – 50 bucks for all three days?  That’s pretty impressive.   As I remember it, the con-rate tends to be about 80-100 a night around here.  (so even I’m estimating a little low at a 2 person split ^-^)

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