You might have noticed a lack of post yesterday.

Most people will feel somewhat forgiving, considering that the day was Thanksgiving here in the States, and we generally like to celebrate that with friends and family, and turkey.

That’s not why this page is late.

You see, I have a couple of side projects.  One of those is working for a theatre company as their sound tech/odd bit of designing here and there.

I spent most of yesterday looking for sound effects, and then trying to make them work with a Windows 3.11 system.

Did I mention Windows 3.11?  Oh, good.

This normally would not have been a problem at all, except by the time I was done, I was so sick of looking at the computer screen, I couldn’t work on the update.

So.  Incentive to get the buffer back up.  Yes?

I don’t like providing excuses for lack of updates, but I felt I should keep people informed.

Apologies, and we’ll see if we can avoid that in the future.

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