Has it really been that long since I’ve done a Furry Friday?


Oh, Lord.  And a post for that matter.


It’s been a rough several months, to say the least – yet, at the end of it, I’ve finally switched to a full-time job that pays me better than retail! *gasps!*

My work/life balance is still shot to shit, though.  I guess I’m too used to not having extra time to know what to do with myself when I actually have some. >.<


And with that, here’s your picture for Furry Friday.  No word on when the comics will resume yet, but I would like to squash a rumour while I have the opportunity.  I am not quitting Serious Lesbian.  This may be an unexpected hiatus that has lasted a bit longer than I ever thought it would, but I have every intention of picking up the comic again once I’ve set myself straight.  Thanks again for your patience, O Internet peeps.  I appreciate it. =^^=


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