I always start my New Year’s Resolutions on my birthday.  It seems more fitting than the 1st of January, as it really is, for me, a new year of my life.

That being said, I’m a little late this time.  😛


November is the worst month out of 12 for me.  It’s always full of retail hell, too many things to do, and the beginning of an uncomfortable holiday period.   Paychecks shrink, bills increase, and lack of family time gets its chance to be at the forefront and emotionally draining, rather than off in the corner where I shove it to keep it out of the way.

Thankfully, I’ve got a birthday towards the end of the month to provide a little ‘perk-me-up’, but even that was a little depressing this year.  It was squished right in the middle of a week between two graveyards and two day shifts, and felt like a deflated balloon of enjoyment crammed in the center of a party bouquet.

No small wonder that I’m getting a late start on my resolutions this year.  I’m still behind on sleep!


But now, it’s December, and my usual routine is knocking at the back door, begging for leftovers, so I’d best get on with it.  To be truthful, I usually don’t share these with anyone.  They are private resolutions that require no announcement of their existence, and often because they are never fulfilled.  Why share if I am only going to provide an example of failure?  There’s already enough of that around the internet – be a positive force, or none at all, I say! >.O


However, this time, I am stirring the raggedy pot of desire a bit.  Half of my reason behind posting an online comic to begin with (where everyone could see it!) was to get me to draw consistently, and to keep going – the second effort being a remarkable and versatile effect that can be applied to the accomplishing of other goals as well.  To ‘keep going’ is to give that little bit of tenacity I have a whip with iron spikes on the end.  The rest of ‘me’ may run screaming, but I’d like to see if arming my inner stubbornness can keep me on track with what I wish to achieve this year.


(Oooooo…. I’m doomed.)


Here are my goals for my 29th year of existence.   It ends on my 29th birthday, and I am already 9 days behind.


1. Read a book I would normally never read once a month

I don’t read anything but fantasy/sci fi anymore, and precious little of it, too, after finishing college.  There was also a long, slooow, torturous descent into reading for ‘work’ during those years, and I’m still trying to recover.  I’d like to re-energize my enjoyment and broaden my horizons a bit at the same time.  Updates on how I feel about the books may be shunted off to Twitter, for the curious.


2. Watch a movie that I have never seen before once a month

The caveat on this being that it must be considered a ‘classic’ somewhere.  Again, updates to Twitter.


3. Finish one comic per week for a year

I would like it to be Serious Lesbian, but it may not be.  This goal is also for a per week update and does not count strictly by the number of completed comics, either, so if I manage to pull off 52 updates, but miss 3 weeks in the middle, I’ve failed this goal. I can always do more, but I can never do less.

Addendum:  I’ve got a ‘bye’ pass for these last two weeks – this will be the only time that comic pages count for previous weeks.


4. Sketch a new picture every day

This is not hard.  This is not hard.  Updates count per day, not per number.  ‘Best of’ will be posted to my blog, and I will ask for suggestions on occasion. If you would all be kind enough to provide them, I’d be grateful.

Addendum:  Again, ‘bye’ pass for the last two weeks.  Extras count until I’ve filled that quota.


5. Write a little bit every day

I will never share this while a story is in progress.  You may see the end results, however.  15 minutes per day is the desired time, though I will not be strict with this.  Stringing two new sentences together every day would make me happy.  I’ll throw the 15 minutes into a queue and try to accomplish that equivalent amount of time each week as if I were asking for it, though.

Addendum: None.  Minus 1 or 2 days, I’ve actually accomplished this so far, and the days I’ve missed are being forgiven.  Wheeeee!


I’ve also got a few goals that I am not mentioning.  Some of them build off of these 5, and are attached to super-secret projects that may see the light of day if I wish, and want, and work really hard at them.  The rest are for me, and just for me.  I enjoy you a great deal, internet, but you don’t need to see/know everything, m’kay? ~-^


And for those of you who read Serious Lesbian, I have implied, but will now state, that a comic is coming your way next week.  Nightmare month is over, and I can breathe a little again.  Thank the gods. @~@


Thanks for reading my goals.  Make your own, and wish me luck on mine for the year, won’t you?



© 2011, Kira. All rights reserved.