Thanks once again to Tim over in TechSupport land for pulling my fat out of the fire!


To explain yesterday’s ‘interesting’ dilemma, it was a mix of trying new things (see new-ish comic format above) and not having the site prepared to receive such things.  To illustrate, it was like trying to fit a circle into a square hole, and wondering why bits of the circle got hacked off to fit.  Not pretty.


It would have been all taken care of last night, also, but I managed to have an early shift at work this morning, so now I am high on less than my minimum amount of sleep, and dragging around like a half-assed zombie.

But!  The comic is up.  Hurrah!  ^^


How do you guys like the color?  Both it and the format are attempts to see how I can improved the quality and speed up the comicking process at the same time.  Have no idea if I will succeed, but…. can’t know until you try, right?


Onward and upward!

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