[EDIT 09/27]:  Normally, I’d have something for you all right now – between chapters filler, or a new page for a new story – but I managed to crash into a telephone pole today while riding to work on my bike.


I’m okay.  Bruised and shaken, but okay.  Except for the screaming pain every time I turn my wrist a certain direction.  My drawing hand.  Of course.

And the next page wasn’t finished yet.  Even better.


Girlfriend assures me that if I can’t move it tomorrow, something is probably fractured.  Given the amount of bones in a human’s wrist, I would not be surprised.  It would even be my first break, as I’ve never managed that level of destruction to myself before – believe it or not.  I’m clumsy as the day is long, but I’ve never broken a bone.


Otherwise, I’ve sprained something.  Again.  Maybe.  Don’t know. At the moment, all I’ve got is how I feel right now and the girlfriend’s experiences with breakage.  I’ll try to see a doctor in the morning.  Maybe that will help.


Can you tell I’m scared?  Dammit…



Chapter End!


*slumps over desk* Hurrah….

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