09/22 EDIT: I worked both jobs yesterday, got home, aaaaaaaand passed out. :S

Given the circumstances, I think my best bet is to post the regular update this week, and give any remaining attempts a rest.  Apologies for any confusion and delay.  I was, apparently, not doing as well as I thought I was.  ^^;;



09/21 EDIT: You know that kind of sickly you get when it isn’t bad enough to call in sick, but still leaves you feeling pretty shitty….all the time?


Times that by a few days, and you’ve got me.


I may be whining a bit, but I can’t deny that my energy level has sagged below sea level for a bit.  Taking vitamins now, and crossing my fingers that I’ll only be a day late on the next page.  ^^



Tweet, tweet.

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