Hullo, all!


Radio silence has ended.  It’s been a festive week full of pain, and work, and pain, and….more work.  It’s gotten to the point where I haven’t found much time to draw this comic – and if I can’t draw, where’s it coming from? 😛


And then I’ve got you folks, who wait for an update, and have been very lovely about being patient.  I don’t want to let you down, but at the same time, I cannot make time.  If I could, I’d market that shit, be a millionaire, and then have plenty of time to draw, right?

But, I also don’t want to get online, shuffle around, and mumble a vapid apology for the lack of pixels every day the comic is late – I just get farther and farther behind, and feel guiltier and guiltier.


So, I have just explained, in a roundabout way, why you didn’t see an update or an explanation for the lack thereof all week.  But what would you rather see?


I can use Twitter or Facebook (or Google+ now, and a link will pop up eventually here) to alert you all to a late status, if you’d prefer.  Or I can just update when I have the opportunity, and ignore those devices.  Which would you rather see?


I’m open to suggestion.

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