[SECOND EDIT] Here’s a more lengthy update on the situation, just to keep you all in the loop.

I had an allergy test on Tuesday.  Normally, those things don’t cause a lot of damage, right?  Riiiiiiight….


I was on the floor with oxygen, my doctor, and 2 nurses standing over me after about half an hour.  (The girlfriend was also in the corner giggling madly and making me laugh at the same time, but I digress…)

Since then, I have had two more asthma attacks (one last night) – something I have never had before – that have knocked the wind completely out of my sails.  It’s something about being around more of what I’m allergic to, after overloading my system with it on the test, that is making me hyper-sensitive and stirring up all sorts of trouble.  (Kira = not happy)

I also can’t get away from this stuff, as it is everywhere and pollinating like crazy at the moment.


So, long story short, between work, extra work, bouts of asthma I have no control over, and all of those little things that pile up after a week of being gone, and exhaustion from it all, I just have not been able to put the time into the comic that I have wanted to.  (At this rate, I’ll just be happy not to go to the hospital!)

For all you gracious people, that means that we will start over with the updates on Wednesday next week.  I am truly sorry that I could not plow through this, yet at the same time, I have to accept my limitations.  🙁


Also – for the next two months, the updates will occur on Wednesday and Saturday.  The unexpected bit of work I had Thursday is going to continue to occur every Thursday until the end of the summer.  Rather than trying to get something online after all of that, I’m just going to move the update day back a few feet to make it easier on myself.




Thanks again for your patience.


[EDIT] For the Friday update!  Had a last minute set of hours added to my work schedule, so it looks like the update will not occur until later on Friday – though still on Friday.  And I mean that.  *growls*



Hullo, all!  I’m back!


Vacation/convention was good.  Got to see a bunch of people from last year, and hang out with the guys (and gals!) that built and run Hackmaster again.  Nice folks, but I think they might be teaching me a liiiiittle too much about social drinking…. O.o


On the flip side, I always notice a decrease in art quality after being away from the pencil for too long.  I might need to start bringing a smaller notebook everywhere so I can jot things down on the fly.  That might help.


Otherwise, thanks for your patience – glad I could take some time off without too much difficulty! – and I hope you’ll see some great advances in art for the coming year (since we passed SL’s birthday again ^^).



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