Hullo, everyone!  Did you enjoy your weekend?  I sure did!  ^0^


Thankee for all the patience you’ve been exhibiting with my recent update schedule.  The trial isn’t over yet, as I’ve got another out-of-town scheduled for all week next week (the girlfriend and I will be attending Origins this year!), but I will do my very best to get the comic running smoothly throughout this time, instead of running behind.  *isworkingveryhard*


Of, course, it doesn’t help when I jump into more complicated comicking visuals, but…eh.  ~-^


In other news…. I have no other news today.  Lots of stuff needs to be added to links, etc., and I’ll be working on that before Fandemonium this year so the website’s spiffy ready before I’m sitting as an artist again.  That, and I’d like to get some of the other art done that’s been piling up.  Oooo…wouldn’t that be nice? O.o


And since I’ll be there, why don’t you all consider stopping by for a visit?  I think pre-registration is still open.  *hint hint*


(don’t worry, I won’t be doing a terrible amount of spamming for the con ~-^)



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