In other news, no comic on Friday.  I has a sad, but it cannot be helped.  I’ve finally gotten close enough to sneeze at the end of the tournament I promised to write for Origins this year, but it’s taken up all the comicking time to get within firing range.  (I swear – never again will I be fooled!  It’s like writing my senior thesis all over again!) >.<


Plus, we’ll be out of town in Seattle this weekend, for a little convention called Con-Com-Con.  Hopefully to learn lots of things about con-running, but also to get some time to ourselves to relax and breathe.  (oh, my gosh, breathe!)


Thanks for your patience, guys.  I’ll see if I can at least get something amusing up on Friday in the meantime.


How did you like the extra comics?  I enjoyed making them.  ^-^

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