Normally, when I go to a convention, I don’t actually do much while there.  I sit at the table, talk to people occasionally, and watch them sliiiiide right by my art and find something else to purchase.  I have never sold much, and that is quite the understatement.


And then I got a button machine, and went to AO thinking it would be the same way.




Just wow.


I literally have not had time to stop moving long enough to keep up with demand.  Granted, I didn’t have a lot of them cut and pressed before day one, due to lack of time (standard for me, yes), but I have literally spent the last two days cutting, punching, and selling at the convention, and then turning around and going home for 5 hours of sleep after another hour or so of design and printing.


Absolutely amazing, guys.  Thanks to all the customers, and I will certainly have some new buttons up for sale in the shop as soon as I’ve had a chance to breathe!  XD


Given all that, I hope you can all understand why today’s post is much later than expected – I literally assumed that I’d have all the time in the world to sketch and I DID NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST!!


So today’s post is a little bit of a wayback, blast from the past.  This is an original page of a comic called Under CONstruction. It was the first webcomic I ever tried to draw, and taught me a LOT about comicking, but was not cohesive enough to keep going after it reached a certain point.  It died a horrible death due to storyline malnourishment, and I’ve lived in perpetual discomfort ever since, wishing I’d been able to be a better author for it than I was.


I did learn a lot from the experience, though, so in homage, you may note that the first couple of panels are visible on Grace’s drawing paper on one page of the previous chapter.  And here’s the rest of it today, as an apt reminder of the chaos that conventions can always bring to my life.  ~-^


On to news!


Next week will bring two standalone comics on the update days.  Haven’t decided if they’ll be related to Serious Lesbian or not yet, but they will be complete in their entirety on each day.


The week afterward, I will be busting my tail off to get two pages of the next chapter done and up before going on a short vacation (soooooooooooooo glad….).  There isn’t any forseeable interruption to the comic as of yet, but I will be going to Origins later in the month, so I will not make any guarantees as of yet.


And with that said, you kids have fun.  I’m going to print more buttons and pass out now.  >.<

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