The next page is going to be hard.  HARD.

Why do I do these things to myself?


Challenges.  Right-o.


Oh, and yes, I seem to have this un-tiring urge to stab myself in the eye with my finger today.  For your elucidation, below is a small sample of the goings-on:


Me:  *blathering on to co-workers*

Finger:  ……

Me:  “blab, blargle, random turn*


Me: AUGH!  *owie*


I really don’t know if stabbing my one good eye was the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had, but it’s come pretty darn close to “agreeing to work graveyards once a week” in terms of idiocy.

I guess my self-flagellation impulse is still intact.  Dammit . >.<


[Mormo] – Really??

Wait.  I sold one to a girl, too, for her kid.  Ahhhhhh…. she’s the one that bought it WITH the crayons.  Okay.  I sold two then.  *grin*

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