[EDIT] Wednesday’s comic (1-3-13) will be appearing tomorrow evening (that’s Wednesday evening for those of you who don’t believe in the day starting only after rest has occurred – i.e., ‘gamer time’) due to unforeseen errands taking two hours longer than they ought to have, and because I’m in the middle of two full work-days.  Grrrrr….

It’s almost done, though, so I should be able to get the thing up right after work tomorrow.


Comments on comments will also appear at that time (yes, D, I saw them ~-^)



[Old post] Early comic today!  Woo!


I had a day off today.  The first day off in something like two weeks.  I was so excited!

And then…. it was over.  And I felt sad.


On the bright side, I discovered the joy that is blue .09 mechanical pencil lead.  Eheheheheheheheee!  This stuff is great!  No more erasing for meeeeeee!

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