Well, that was the week from hell.


Thanks for being so patient about the lack of update on Wednesday, folks.  I am trying very hard to keep everything that’s affecting my life right now from spilling out onto the internet like a bad plague – and aside from the odd missed comic page, I think I’m accomplishing that pretty well.  I just couldn’t quite keep up earlier this week, and for that I apologize.


Moving on!


The scripting for this section was kind of awkward.  I’ve been over it a few dozen times, and the activity is correct, but something is still off.  I’d rather hide mistakes, instead of making them noticeable, but I don’t think I’ll learn much if I don’t confront these sorts of things head on.  (And, as a side bonus, you may now consider yourselves enlightened as to what I was thinking when I finished this page.  O.O)


[Gwenivive] – Yes.  The girlfriend has been making rounds through Portal 2.  I can still hear the evil cackling in the background.

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