This past week has been so terribly rough on me (for various reasons that I will not be disclosing – sorry about that) that my girlfriend TOLD me I was not updating tonight.  I assume that means I need to sleep or something.


Not going to argue with that.


Then, of course, she drew a fun little sketch with crayons for me to post in place of a comic.  Don’t bother trying to read it.  I think you have to have at least a “5” in “Teacher” or “Doctor” to read her handwriting.  ~-^


I did, however, manage to get a picture done for a few friends of mine that are celebrating a handfasting on Saturday, if you would like to see something pretty that I’ve drawn before you leave.  It is the vote incentive on the left for TWC, if you feel so inclined.


Comic will return on Friday.


Fare thee well.  I’m off to collapse in a weeping heap of drivel for a bit.


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