Kitty interrupted my work no less than three times this evening by jumping onto my lap and laying on top of the arm holding my tablet pen/pencil.  I think she wanted attention.  O.o


In other news, you will get a new Furry Friday by late tomorrow (that would be ‘today’ in literal-speak) – if I can finish the other project that needs to be done on time.  I don’t know if I can accomplish that, but we will see…




[EDIT] Made a few changes to clear up some of the confusion.  Thanks to Techsupport for the help!


[Gwenivive]  – The three smaller panels (3-5, respectively) indicate both time in motion, and a curve into panel 6 from panel 2.  I’ve seen this sort of technique in use before, but this is the first time I’ve used it.


Answer #2 – It’s intended to be a segue.  Something about this situation has gotten Borneo quite irritated, but you (as the audience) do not yet know why.


[Borneo] – *snerk* 😛

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