Way, way, waaaaaay back in this comic, there was a time, and place, and things happened.


In other news, I discovered that one of my readers was correct in his assessment that there are double comic posts everywhere in the older pages.  Probably because I had to post the comments and the comic separately in those days (not sure why at the moment).  Looks like I’ve got a clean-up project for next week!  (ohhhh goody…)


[acez] – Custom buttons are all $1.00 per button.  There are discounts for buying in bulk, however, and we will get that price scale to TechSupport here very soon.

On the bright side, there will be Sugar n’Dice buttons at some point.  The ladies and I just have to agree on what we’d like the logo to be.  ^-^


[Brian] – Okay.  I’ll know it’s you, anyway!  *muahahahahaaaaaa!*

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