Given the vast amount of opinions I have on things, Tech-Support has been gracious enough to supply me with the space to rant.  *evil chuckle*

And, of course, the first thing I get to do is show you one of my sketches, which will form the basis for an elaborate scheme designed to provide you all with more eye candy, and me with more practice at drawing:

Steamy Girl

Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, I hope to update my pencil sketches with another terribly practical image aimed at teaching me how the body works, and how to draw it into forms that look natural, and make sense.  They will be announced on my personal Twitter as #TNATuesday, #FurryFriday, and #SameSexSunday (can you guess the theme?).

Unfortunately, I won’t always have a ton of time on my hands, so you won’t get regular updates every week, but I will try for at least one of those updates a month.

Also, if any of you readers have a moment to spare, I would love to hear about whether or not you’d like to see any of these sketches fleshed out and finished.  I don’t anticipate being able to finish all of them (seeing as how I’ve already complained of the time issue), but if someone has a personal preference or favorite, I’ll see what I can do to finish.  ^-^

See you all later!  Different blog time, same blog channel!

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