My nice brush pen died in the middle of this comic.  And it’ll take me a few days to have enough money to buy the refills, so I guess we all get to deal with not as nice lines in the meantime.

Otherwise, I realize the current script may confuse some people.  The reference to the asian man is an inside joke, but it will also be cleared up in the next page when the boys explain some of the reference.

At the same time, however, I do admit to a certain amount of obstinance in my opinions towards my characters.  To me, this comic is taking a snapshot of their lives.  Unless someone inside the comic can logically ask a question about something, I don’t feel it right to take time to explain every little bit and detail to their lives that may not be apparent to the reader.

Granted, there is a sort of check and balance to that, as well.  I can’t make everything obscure because the characters shouldn’t say certain things, because the readers will just get confused and leave.  At the same time, I think you are all smart enough to notice when things get dumbed down because I assume you don’t know – and will also notice characters acting out of character to provide you the information you need.

It needs to be a happy medium.  Not sure how to get there at this point, but I’ll be trying to find a way.

© 2011, Kira. All rights reserved.