I went looking for footage from the original Prince of Persia game, because, apparently, when Caleb was playing and dying and playing and dying earlier in this comic (as you may or may not remember), he was playing one of those games.

I was unaware of this until my girlfriend saw fit to inform me.  I laughed.

So, flashback to the beginning of the series with a quick pencil.  I’m wondering if I should ink and color this, and make a print out of it, but I doubt it would have any appeal for many at this time, so we’ll just leave it as a pencil for now.

That lets me concentrate on the next page, anyway.  ^-^

Thanks for reading, and I will see you all next week with the new chapter!

[Mormo] – Thanks!  I always appreciate the encouragement.  *^-^*

[Brian] – Dare I say it?  You work retail too, don’t you?  😛

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