I think I’ve managed to discover quite a few things I need to work on.

Some of them are: Perspective, detailed backgrounds, and character consistency.

Not that I do terribly bad with the last one, but it could be better, especially for characters I haven’t drawn a great amount yet.

And the backgrounds?  Ugh.

They always fall to the wayside when I’m in a hurry and/or late, and that’s no good.  I suppose I need to view it like the background is another character that needs to be drawn, don’t I?

As for perspective, I have a book, I suppose I will have to crack it open and do some of the excercises.  Guh…

I wish sometimes I could get some honest-to-goodness education at this shit.  *sighs*

Oh!  That reminds me… (how?  Not sure…) but since this is the end of chapter, you may or may not get the title page for the next one on Friday.  I don’t know how quickly I can bust out the color.

If you don’t get that on Friday, you will get a bonus comic, so there will be an update either way.  No worries.  ^-^

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