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The Battles of Beacon Hill and Blood Canyon [Lord Palatine]
« on: August 02, 2008, 09:53:42 PM »
I am again dipping into the well of old stories about my world, this is a chronicle of two great battles waged in the past, the events occurring here happened not too long before the events of the story Traveler’s Harvest, Martina.  This is considered a great milestone of the nation that changed the course of history for an entire world.

The Battles of Blood Canyon and Beacon Hill

Hearken to me and let all by these presents know of the tales of might and valor yet to unfold, let all attend with open ear and clear mind that they might at last know the full truth and import behind these, the two greatest battles of an age.
Know then that as the conflagration known to all as the Second Great War raged into its nineteenth bitter year and the proud armies of the Realm lay in ruins, the sons and even grandsons of those in service at the grim onset of war now took the field in what promised to be the last of the great battles.  War ground like grist the men of the Realm and the vast empire alike, and Selnen valor had for the time held a bitter and bloody line against imperial might.
Assembled was the full might and fury of the south states gathered in the shattered Province of Baranadell, crushing its battered cities to dust and now set poised for the death blow that would crush the might of the Talmarii, rend the dwarves of Brashad-Quantar from the Realm and finally isolate Selnen and crush the Crown and Palatine alike.
But plans and conspiracies imperial and vast were connived when in the midst of war the Realm faced dynastic and civil war.  King Gandelore Dorbant fell in battle to the south and the crown passed to his sister and heir, but at her coronation her younger brother Prince Handred made shrill protest that a mere woman could not hold the throne in a time of war, and at once the factions formed.
Arose then Lord Anore Meldresse, Count of Selnendrin, the commander of all that wore uniform and served the Realm and the Crown.  His might of arms and bravery alike secured for all time the love of the men at arms of the Realm.  He stood before the assembled nobles of the Realm, clad in the garb of the Lord Defender of the Palatine Order, and spoke with slight regard to her presumptive brother.
“Speak you now of right and might when the armies are bled white?” his voice scathed.  “You stand before us without scars and with no name in battle and say that Her Majesty cannot command this nation?  I offer my sword and my life to the service of my queen, and with me shall stand the armies and navies of the Realm.  And now I summon to me all that stand in the militias and every man capable of bearing arms to stand with me before the throne and place our fate in her wise hands.”
“Thus also do the Palatine stand,” declared Lord Carlen Bragg, Baron of Selnendrin.  “Together we defy any that stand in defiance of our rightful Queen, Knight, Lord and Lord Defender all stand with their Queen to the death.”
Open resistance perished then, but not the aspirations of rascals, and they sought the life’s blood of the Queen and though she was set upon and wounded, the scurrilous knaves knew not that the Count and Baron of Selnendrin waited within her chambers for counsel with their royal lady.  They flew to her cry of treachery and a dozen footpads matched blades with two of the greats Lords Defender of the Realm and found the scales balanced against them.
Now Queen Meriel was a woman of strong resolve and she knew that is this petty bickering continued then the nation would fall, and with the greatest humility and heartfelt devotion to her people she performed her greatest service to the Realm, she abdicated the throne and named as her successor Lord Anore.
King Anore held now firmly the reigns of power and his ranks swelled with what may very well have been the last unshed blood of the Realm.  A mighty warrior and brilliant soldier, Anore was always the first in the line to lead the charge and the last to withdraw from the attack and the men of the realm followed with pride and devotion the standard of the Golden Bear that flew beside the ensigns and pennants of Selnendrin. With him rode the weight of decision and the very fate of the realm.
The greatest knight of any age was the good right hand of the King for Galen Chaliese, Lord Defender of the Palatine Order, wizard without peer served again as the first soldier and defender of the crown.  Known already to be in his fifth century he was still the most able and fiercest of combatants, withing him dwelt the strength of youth yet the vulpine cunning of the ages. The assembled Palatine Order rode with their king and Lords, young and old grave and merry toey rallied to their nation for what may have been its final great stand.  These were the very embodiment of honor, bravery, strength, and wisdom. Collectively these knights represented the very flower of the greatness of their Realm.
Together they confronted Derak Heron, Emperor of Quarletz.  A sorcerer king of the slave states to the South, reputed to be deathless, and known to be bloodthirsty and cruel. Long thwarted in his desires he looked favorably upon what appeared to be his final glory of conquest, Selnendrin herself.  He settled himself to devour a feast he saw laid before him, but he in his folly knew not that the assembled hosts of Selnendrin awaited unified under a strong King and that the feast before him was bitter from first bite to last dregs.

Prelude to Battle

“They stretch beyond the horizon, my Lord King,” said the ancient knight as he stared into the evening light. “And yet still more come.”
“Their numbers are vast, beyond my counting, can you reckon their strength in arms?” Asked the young king.

“Thrice our arms, Lord King.”  He replied with brooding heart and fiery eyes.  “And yet these vermin crawl from under the rocks.”

“From whence?” raged the great king.  “Ten fall to our steel and ten times that meets us on the next charge.”

Lord Galen set aside the question, his heart burned at the sensation of a familiar sensation of distant power.  His eyes closed and his thoughts reached out across the vast plains. “Derak rides in the train of his army, three days behind the vanguard with the might of his arms comfortably nestled about him.”

“You are sure of this?” Cried the King in joy and consternation equally.  The eyes of the king widened and averted when he gazed into those of the great knight and lord, such was the power of his wrath.  “My apologies, my Lord, after these many years I should no longer take surprise at your knowledge.”

“Youth is ever credulous, my Lord King” replied Lord Galen, his face betraying none of his jest.

“And antiquity is ever peckish, my lord Galen.”

“Lord King,” The great knight’s eyes burned with fiery wrath.  “We miss the main chance, the end of this carnage is nigh to hand if we but cast the dice and seize the prize.  By my reckoning there are three necks apiece two days march from this place, we must draw them through the bass hard before us, and from there we may break him utterly.”

“Derak comes,” Anore stated as his blood rose for the approaching battle.  “Soon shall Palatine steel test immortal heart.”

“That would be most... incredibly...” stumbled Lord Galen, seeking proper term.

“Unwise?” Anore offered hopefully.

“Stupid,” Galen corrected his liege.

Anore started at such strong speech, a tone and meaning he would accept from few men without rancor, but such was the eminence of the man.  The lines of men in the vanishing light again drew his attention.  “We make our stand here, my Lord Galen.  My armies have but the strength for this the one last battle, heart alone compels them to serve, their strength is gone and their spirit bent to breaking.  They've been bled dry, and stay here with me now for little more than loyalty.”

“Derak has come,” Galen exulted.  “He intends that this shall be the death stroke, and he is right, for it shall be where we crush the last of the immortals.  Treason has its reward and he has betrayed his own people and then against the world entirely.  He shall pay dearly.  If my life accomplishes no more, I shall face the final muster able to say that I stood over the broken body of that filth.”

“Hard words, but well spoken,” agreed the king. “Let us seek the battle staff, there is advantage to be found here, we must discover it and make it ours.”

King and Count worked without sleep and scant comfort to draw in all forces, an eye always rested upon the hosts of the south as they arrayed in their battle order, they demonstrated before the lower defenses but came not forward as Emperor Derak awaited his Invincible that he might use them to swallow up the Palatine upon the field.
As Emperor waited the forces of the Realm moved quickly, mustering all that could be found by land or sea to this place of ominous import and looming battle.  Dendrake Telbrantil, Lord of Talmaran sent the Clan Call to his people and empty in sudden order did the long green hills empty as clan warriors rush to his battle summons.  The clans rallied in all dispatch to the as the Lord of Talmaran, who took the field at ninety-one years of age for his last ride, but Dendrake simply smiled like the old wolf and pledged to sell his life dearly and with honor.

Then at long last Lord Calen summoned the Lords Defender and the Knights of Kerdan and led them down the long passes to the lower defenses, Lord Galen dismissed these defenders, ordering them to return to the king above for new orders while they assumed this burden, placing themselves as the trigger that would announce the awful battle to come.

King and Count clasped hands one last time before he returned to the top of the long canyon. “Have a care old friend,” Anore warned. “Two days only do I now need and we shall be in our battle set.”

“My Lord King,” Galen swept sword from scabbard and saluted his sovereign lord gravely.  “We shall hold till then and longer, and what we cannot kill we shall drive off. We shall force Derak to face us himself, and then he shall not leave the field upon his own feet.”

“Go cautiously,” Counseled the King.  “You hold not even a tenth of our strength, but the names and valor here are those that I can spare least.”

“My Lord King, these are soldiers to be fielded not crockery to be coddled. If I don't release them, without restraint, into battle I will do them the ultimate disservice.”

“You have captured the spirit of what happened,” Galen observed.  “Why the flowery speech?”

“To catch the flavor of the age,” the writer replied.

“Do not concern yourself with how it was said,” Galen chided, “just on the intent of the words.”

“Of course, my lord,” he acknowledged humbly.

The Battle Of Blood Canyon

The patience of the Palatine finally reaped its reward when they heard the drumming sound of heavy footsteps from the darkness, roused they then to saddle and fury, as Derak at last released his vanguard and they hurled themselves at the cavalry and the lower fortifications and found to their chagrin that the tired defenders were now eager knights, spoiling for battle.  Lord Galen stared like a wolf at the advance companies of the enemy, and when released it was like a wolf pack that the Palatine did seem as they attacked the fringes endlessly.  Ceaseless and savage they waged their battle that drove their enemy in frustrated madness continually turning to meet a new threat already vanished.  The vanguard broke and scattered before them and the survivors chased back to their master, save one.
Lord Galen ordered the commander of the enemy’s advance companies be brought to him.  And the arrogance of his master resided within him as he first beheld Lord Galen, who strode proudly to the beaten man and grasped the armor at his throat and with scarce an effort lifted him from the ground, with feet dangling helplessly.
“Dost thou know me then?” Lord Galen’s voice rang triumphant, eyes boring savagely into those of his vanquished foe.
“Yes, my Lord Galen.”
“Then know this dog, I have this day gutted a force four times mine own and find myself bored with the knavery of mine opponent.  Go then you stupid boy a present my words to your witch king, tell him of my distain and scant regard and tell him that awaits him here is naught but ruin.  Bid him come to me here in this place and shall I then carve the damage to my homeland from his putrid carcass. Bathe shall I then in his blood, rejoicing in its stench.  Say then to the imperial abomination every wrong committed in his misbegotten name shall I avenge, cut by loving cut, and then shall I piss upon his entrails.  Are my words then clear to you dog?”
“And if you are yet among the living when you say these words, whisper then the name Brubak unto him, and that I await him.”
Galen cast the terrified man aside to scramble to his feet and hurl himself into saddle and ride wildly into the distance.  “Stand to and look to the defense,” Ordered Lord Galen calmly. “We await the witch king.”
But to the surprise of some and chagrin of all, Derak did not accompany the first assault, nor even the second. With honor and fury did the Palatine meet each charge, slaying ten or more five for each slain, but still the enemy came to test their defiance, first in thousands then in ten of thousands. At long last were Derak's forces compelled to withdraw and survey the wide field carpeted in their own dead.  But the defenders were in a desperate stretch as well as the assembled Knights, Lords, Lords Defender and the Wardens of Kerdan were now depleted by one quarter of their strength.
Lord Galen Chaliese, Count of Selnendrin, stood atop his defenses and surveyed his situation and found it neither hopeless nor hopeful.  His eyes were only for the wounded and his great heart cried out for them.  He called for the wagons and watched with breaking heart as the wounded were removed up the long canyon to safety.  Most grievously wounded was Lord Carlen Bragg, commander of the Palatine Order.  Lord Tigre was his good right arm, brave beyond sanity and gifted beyond all words and now lost to him.  He watched the enemy far below as they assembled in numbers greater than ever before, and at their head, at last, was the Imperial Standard.  He Ordered all Knights and Lords of the Palatine Order to accompany the wounded to the top and to await him there.  He watched them climbing the gentle slope upward until daylight faded and then summoned the remaining three thousand of his Order to him.
“We have acted with honor, and slain and slowed our enemy. With conscience I cannot ask more from you. No man may be compelled to face slaughter; we are men, not cattle. I have consulted with my guard; we shall remain and challenge Derak. I mean to kill him in single combat.  Our attacks no longer threaten them, and so you would die without hope of turning the enemy.  Go now to the King, in all honor, and without shame for your bravery is great.”
“My Lord Galen,” interrupted Dendrake Telbrantil. “Sworn are we to the defense of the Realm, and our place is with the first knight of our order and we will make our stand at your side. It is not a question of honor; it is rather duty and our sacred oaths that bind our resolve.”
“Dendrake, you are a Lord Defender and Warden of Kerdan, but you are also Lord of Talmaran,” he explained sadly.  “This battle shall rend your homeland and people, they will need you at their head.”
“My Lord Count, the Talmarii still have my sons and daughters. If we hold Derak and his bloody spawn here then the King will have precious time to see to the muster and they will free our realm. If we should die here, we will give more than swords in the King's defenses, we will give our people a banner of blood around which they will rally. History will remember the wrath of the Palatine.”
The assembled knights raised their swords in salute. Galen wept openly and unashamedly at the tribute and loyalty offered to him and the Palatine made their valiant stand at the western end of Tarandar Canyon.  Derak rode at the head of his Imperial Knights Invincible, clad in the black armor and white shield of their master, each shield emblazoned with a black dragon perched upon a skull. Lord Galen and his command waited patiently to meet them, and soon desperate bloody battle was joined.
They fought bloody and long. The battle cries of the Order could be heard ten miles away at Beacon Hill. King Anore wept when informed of the stand.  Those Palatine Knights that were ordered to remain with the king swore terrible oaths of vengeance. The soldiery of Selnendrin sang of the might and bravery of the Knights, and the Talmarii rallied to the example of their lord, “Death” became the battle cry of the Clan Warriors.
And the battle spread, Derak tried guile where strength availed him not, his mighty Zerig Mountain Infantry scaled the cliffs to the north where they could attack downward with archers and engines onto Lord Galen’s positions.  They had not reckoned upon, Captain Elliese Telbrantil and her Third Talmarii Cavalry Company in a lightening strike they pushed the leading brigade of Zereg Mountain Infantry back over the high cliffs.  From above they saw the shape of the battle and they set themselves to work with the captured engines and counterattacked from above, what aid they could offer was scant.
At the base of Blood Canyon did Galen and Derak finally meet, and without preamble hewed mightily each upon the other, the air electric with grim spells exchanged violently. The first Palatine was stronger than any had reckoned, his sword tore savage into the dark armor of the emperor, and the fury of his magic shattered the defenses of his sworn enemy.  Then a sweep of steel too fast for any eye to see and a blow was checked as Derak’s body stiffened and his sword fell from nerveless fingers as Galen's blade shattered his opponents visor and cut deeply into the bone below it. Blood fountained from the broken helmet, and as Derak fell Gale’s blade tore deep into the neck and shoulder and down into the body as Derak fell.
The Imperial Knights Invincible swarmed over their master’s executioner, Galen was pierced time and again but fought on with wild fury as the imperial guard, screened by the frantic action, dragged their master’s body from the fight as Basdred, son of Derak came forward, capitalizing on the serious wounds and weakened state of his opponent he attacked Galen personally.  Great was the wrath of the Count of Selnendrin and Basdred was beset by a fierce onslaught of blows physical and magic until he too was wounded. But the invincible came to their new Emperor's rescue and again buried Galen beneath a wave of steel encased men, his own guard quickly swarming against the tide and the savage fighting turned gruesome, and in the end none were left standing in the lower defenses.
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Re: The Battles of Beacon Hill and Blood Canyon [Lord Palatine]
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2009, 11:43:13 PM »
To clarify a little, there are three degrees within the Palatine Order, they are:

Knight of the Palatine Order
Lord of the Palatine Order (or Lady)
Lord Defender of the Palatine Order (or Lady Defender)

Galen sent the Knights and Lords of the Palatine Order back to King Anore and in the end tried to send the Lords Defender back, but they refused the order and stood with him, of three thousand of them that stood fast 3,000 against nearly 25,000.  In the end fewer than two hundred of the Lords Defender would be found living on the field, they inflicted more than twenty thousand casualties and the rest retreated with Emperor Basdred.

Derak was the last living of those that were thought Gods in ancient history, when he fell to Galen's hand his son Basdred was Emperor but also fell to Galen, but survived his wounds, but Imperial morale was shattered, and with Captain Elliese Telbrantil threatening from the top of the Canyon and the Knights and Lords of the Palatine Order formed and marching back down the canyon toward them they fled.

This was the battle that ended a war that had stretched 29 bloody years, fighting would continue but the will of the Heron Empire was irreparably broken.  After the battles Elliese Telbrantil would be the first woman welcomed into the Palatine Order, and King Anore Meldresse ruled by decree that women would be allowed to serve in the arms of the Realm.


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