Author Topic: Some Things Just Don't Go According To Plan.  (Read 1279 times)


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Some Things Just Don't Go According To Plan.
« on: March 12, 2010, 02:48:21 AM »
"This isn't working."

"You're telling me. So, what're we going to do?"

"I dunno. We'll have to take it up with the boss. He'll know how to deal with this."

Footsteps carried the now silent voices away. Inside a locked, small room strapped to what looked like a very uncomfortable chair sat a young Norwegian woman who was really just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her fault-- of course. It was her silly little nose and her silly little need for information that had brought her into the situation she had now found herself. Her arms were tied to the chair's arms using average binding rope, leaving her feet free on the floor. The woman's face appeared to be rather swollen and ugly. A cut lip that was still dripping a bit of blood went along with her picture-perfect look.

Juron couldn't seem to figure out how she had managed to end up in that situation. The moments that lead up to her capture had gone into a complete blur. Nothing but white noise and static. It was almost as if her mind had decided to wipe it from her memory completely. Not wanting to give her the details that would have been nice to know, so she knew where she had gone wrong.

They wanted to know who she was. Where she was from. Who she worked for. And why she was there. They threatened that if she didn't say nothing, her sister probably already had so it was all pointless anyways. They would get what they wanted the easy way. Or the hard way. It didn't matter to them, but Juron remembered one of the men whispering into her ear before backhanding her how much fun the hard way was. Juron couldn't remember much of what the man looked like-- just that he wore black leather gloves on his hands everytime he touched her as if it lessened the fact he has manhandling her more.

The smell of the mans after-shave lingered in her nose long after her had departed and taken his buddy out into the hallway beyond. She was left alone. In a room dark now that they had left with turning the light out, and the only sound to accompany her was her breathing.

They were right, this wasn't working. It wasn't working for them... and it sure as hell wasn't working for Juron. She needed to figure out a plan. Get herself out of the position before it got more ugly and find her sister.

Screams. A woman's scream. Juron had only one explanation for that and it was her poor baby sister Jadeith being tortured at the hands of these freaks. Raising her head a bit Juron closed her eyes, wanting to block out the horror of that scream she could hear. Coming from whereever it was they were holding her sister. It was ugly, it was nasty and the fear that was coming from it told Juron exactly what she needed to know-- Jadeith had still kept her mouth shut this far. Any longer, and she was sure her sister would break.

"Hold on Jade.." Juron whispered, shifting in the uncomfortable wooden chair as her mind began to go through all the possibilities of getting out of the room in once piece and alive. She was good at thinking of escape routes, plans on how to stay alive longer. Even when she went into panic mode and hyperventilating was the only way to keep her breathing even if it could cause her to pass out.
The sound of the returning footsteps met her ears under the screaming that still continued. All in good timing too. Juron had started the plan. And that's all she needed. Just the start and everything would fall into place from there. Letting her head slump Juron pulled her feet in so they were resting underneath the chair instead of out infront of her like they had been when the two men left. One or two, it didn't matter how many returned. She could get herself out even if one had a gun pointed at her. She was witty. She was smart. And she sure knew how to fight.

The click of the lock turning made Juron purse her lips together. Her shoulders were shaking from the rising adrenaline and she only hoped whomever came into the room didn't notice. The sound of the doorknob turning let Juron unpurse her lips and the whoosh of air from the other side tickled her cheek. The screaming had finally stopped and Juron wasn't sure if it was a good thing, or a bad thing. Perhaps they had finally stopped torturing her sister for the time being, or she was talking. Maybe even passed out from whatever they were doing.

"Are you ready to talk yet?" It was the man from before. She could hear the sound of leather rubbing against denim as he pulled his gloves from a pants pocket.

Juron didn't reply. She remained in her silent position, watching her breathing to make it appear as if she were sleeping. The man walked towards her and Juron was thankful her hair hid her eyes from his view. He stopped infront of the Norwegian woman and she noticed small droplets of blood on his brown boots. Was it from her? Or someone else? Her sister maybe?

Gloved hands sat folded infront of his standing body and Juron counted slowly in her head to 10, waiting for the man to make his move.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!" His hand dissapeared from her line of vision and Juron didn't waste time to react. Lifting her head up Juron's feet kicked out from under her, catching the man right in the center. Knocking them both backwards the man fell on his rear as Juron's chair tipped backwards. You would think they would invest in some bolts to keep the chairs in the ground.

Slipping her feet over the chair and under her body Juron rose to her feet with the chair held infront of her just as the man got up off the ground with a small pistol in his hands. "You stupid bitch!"

Lunging, Juron swung the chair at the man's head bringing it down moments before the weapon went off, the shot ringing in her ears as it took out a chunk of the chair. The pistol fell from the mans hand and skidded across the small square space out of use. With a scream of rage he went for Juron who brought the chair down on him just as he wrapped his arms around her legs knocking them both to the floor.

Juron let out a cry of frustration as she found herself pinned under the pissed off male who had shoved the chair above her head keeping both it and her hands immobile since the two were still attached. His free hand was wrapped around her throat, cutting off her airway as she struggled, kicking her legs to get him off her.

"You think you're so smart. Didn't think I would know how to handle a girl who could fight back? I guess you were proven wrong-- weren't you? You're helpless now you little bitch. Completely. How does that make you feel? Afraid? I know that's how your poor sister feels. All alone in that room with two of my men who just... they get a high off beating women. Don't ask me, I don't understand it myself. But they... oh they live for that moment."

Releasing her throat Juron sucked air into her lungs. Her vision had started to go on her the longer he had kept her in that position but now she could the man holding her down. His brilliant blue eyes were so hard with anger she found it hard to believe t hey belonged to a real human being. She had stopped moving her legs and just sat there, staring up at the man who had her in a submissive position. To him-- it looked like she couldn't do anything. But to her-- it was just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself.

"I have yet to completely understand... why anyone would try and fight back. Especially you-- a woman who ended up caught in the first place. It just doesn't make any sense to me anymore. I mean-- why's a woman like you out doing this kind of work? Shouldn't you be at home... drinking expensive wine and gossiping with your girlfriends while the husband is off working hard to keep a roof over your head? Isn't that where you belong? See, if you were my woman and I knew you were off getting into trouble like this, do you think it would be tolerated? Hell no! You would be just as ugly and bruised up as you are now." The man sighed and reached into his side pocket looking for something.

Juron couldn't believe it, he had like... just started to go off on a little rant. A rant about women. In a situation like this? What the fuck was this world coming to? Shifting under him she tried to move her arms but he seemed to have a good hold on the chair keeping them down. It was almost frustrating, being so helpless as she was. But-- it was okay. Because Juron knew that at any given moment the man was going to mess up and she'd be back with the advantage and she wouldn't give it up for nothing. That was just the way things were going to work, it was the way they always worked and she would be damned if something ended up changing that all today. Hey, she was a Bratthen. She could get out of anything.

The man pulled out a small switch blade from his pocket twirling it between his fingers before resting it out of Juron's eyesight above her head. "See, I think that today would be a good lesson for you to learn. Now if you decide to be a good girl and tell me what we need to know... everything would be okay! But no, you've decided to try and play the hero and cause a big mess. Which is how you ended up--" slipping the blade between the pieces of rope he tugged on it, letting the blade cut the binding in half, "where you are right now. Does that make any sense?"

Her hand was free? Was he really THAT much of a moron to let one of her arms free and be in a position to use it against him? Flexing her fingers Juron took in a deep breath. She knew exactly what she had to do now, and any mistake would probably cost her her life given the mans state of mind about the whole thing anyways. Turning her head to the side Juron sighed softly, licking her swollen lower lip. God she was in so much pain. Her entire body hurt.

"Okay... I'll tell you."

"Oh?" The mans eyes widened in surprise at her words. The first words she had spoken since they had taken her into their custody and began to question her. "Seems like you know how to be a good girl--" He choked back a sound of shock as her free hand sailed through the air clenched into a fist and met flesh. The cartalige in his nose-- he could feel it snap from the impact and blood flowed freely out. "You bitch!"

Taking both of his hands to touch his broken and quickly swelling nose Juron shifted her body up and swung the chair down onto his head, knocking the man out before he knew what was happening. She let him fall to the side, slumped on the ground. Blood seeped through his hairline but she didn't care. Using his knife she freed her other hand before moving to her feet and flipped her hair out of her face kicking the downed man.
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