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A Different Kind Of Ending.
« on: December 24, 2009, 02:28:52 PM »
This is a story.
I absolutely and totally LOVE Sailormoon. Like, oh my god. And felt like writing a story about it.

"It had all come to being quite a shock. Nobody had been expecting it."

"You mean, you didn't know?"


"So then... what happened?"

He slid the metal container of ciggerettes over to me, and I carefully pulled one out, the shackles that kept my wrists infront of me making sound as I moved.

Bringing it to my lips, he lit it for me. This man who seemed so ordinary.

I breathed in, the smoke filling my mouth making its beautiful way into my lungs. I could feel it sticking, contaminating the pink that was my lungs. My silent killer in the making.

"The whole town was a mess." I exhale, and watch the smoke make its appearance infront of me.

"Because of the battle."

"Right," I agree. "Because of the battle. We tried to protect the people. But it just out of out hand... so out of hand. It's our job you know... to protect you. The people."

He watches me silently suck in the end of the cigerette, his little recorder tape beside him spinning, and spinning. "You mean, it was your job." He finally said.

"Yes..." Bringing my cigerette down, I tap off the ash into my half-empty cup. "It was our job."


"We had already lost one. Amy. She had taken much of the blow from the beginning fight. Her body, we had hid in a broken building. Protecting the rest of what was left of her from Queen Barrel and her men. Not much was left of Amy... half her face was gone. Her chest cavity ripped apart. The girl was missing both her arms... and half a leg. It was terrible."

I pause, and he watches me. Just watches like a young boy eager to learn. My hands are shaking, but I pretend not to notice. I could still see it all. The broken buildings. The dead bodies... Amy's dead body. Everyone that was alive was screaming... the scared... the injured... the dying.

"Darrien was frantic. He was angry. We had accomplished more damage, than getting her back."

"Getting... who back?"

I kind of smile. "Our leader. Serena. She was the Sailor Moon. You know."

"I didn't know. Continue."

The cigerette is back in my lips. I breath in through my nose, sucking it all in through my mouth. I hold it in. Watching him I slowly exhale. "They had taken her. They had taken her, and in our efforts to get through the town, to get to the portal we lost Amy. And so many other innocent lives. We were trying to gather ourselves together, after the big energy explosion. But Darrien... Darrien just kept screaming we had to get moving. We had to go forward. I knew he was right. but I wanted to stop. I wanted to hide. To have it all be over. I knew it wasn't going to end well anyways. What was the point?
But Lita took my hand, and brought me to my feet. She never believed in giving up. She told me we could do this.."

"Just so our records know, who was Lita?"

"Jupiter. SHe suited the part perfectly. She really did."

"And... Amy?"

"Mercury. Amy was Mercury."

The man sat back, and crossed his arms, watching. Always watching. "Continue."

"So we went forward. On our way to the portal."

"Which was located... where?"

"The bell tower. In the center of town. They didn't think we would find it. But Amy had, before she died."

I take another deep intake from the cigerette, tapping more ash off its burning end. It was beginning to put an itchy cough in my throat. But I didn't care.

"We made our way through town. The pleas and cries from those bodies around us, ignored. They didn't matter to us at that moment. They didn't matter at all. We wanted to get to the bell tower. To save Serena. Getting her.. we could fix.. everything."

"Even Amy?"

"Even Amy. That's the kind of power our Princess had. That was one of the reasons we wanted her back."

"And the others?"

"She was our friend... and Darriens lover. He was the prince."

"And what were... Princess Serena and Prince Darrien royalty of?"

"The Moon Kingdom. They were royalty to the throne of the Moon Kingdom."

"And Darrien... did he haev a title here? A planet as well?"

I inhale. The cigerette is nearly dead. "No."

"Who was he?"

Exhale. "Tuxedo Mask."

"And... did you make it to the bell tower?"


"Then what happened?"

"Lita said she'd take the elivator. If anyone was watching the tower, they woudl expect us to take the elivator. We could take the stairs. It would be safer... so... she did. We took the stairs."

"Just the two of you?"

"No. Darrien and I. And Mina."


"When we were heading ourselves up the stairs a terrible sound came. It was the sound of the elivator straining."

I took the last of my stick, before dropping it into the cup. Ever so slowly, I exhale.

"Thirty seconds later... it went quiet. And then, there came the crash. The elivator. It must have dropped. Someone must have caused it to call like it had! It killed her. I know it had. We didn't.. I didn't see her after it all."

I look down at my hands. My fingernails, short as they were, were digging into my palms. I could feel it. All the memories made me so aggitated. I ahted talking about it. About what had happened. I hated it!
I raised my head, to find him watching me. Still always watching me. He thought I was crazy. They all thought that I was crazy.

"We finally made it to the top. I could see it, the portal. It was in the clock. I knew it was there. Darrien went first. Then I did. Mina followed behind."

"Where did the portal take you?"

"To the moon. That's where Queen Barrel's new lair was. In the old palace that once belonged to Serena and Darrien. We were all from there. Before we came to earth."

"So.. you go to the palace. And then what happened?"

Uncurling my fingers, I could see the little dropletes of blood. "We were attacked.. One of her henchmen was waiting for us... Mina told Darien and I to go ahead. That she'd deal with it. So.. we did. We ran on, into the very palace that was the reason of so much evil in the world  at the time... so much."

"So, you and Darien ran through this palace?"


"To find your friend.. Sailor Moon."


"Killing two if not three, of yours friends on the way."

"They killed three."

"Three of your friends. And it didn't occur to you once, to maybe wait until you could defeat them? Backup maybe?"

"Who else is stronger than the sailor scouts?"

I slammed my first down on my knee. I could feel the tears beginning to come. "We were all we had. Nobody could help us. We were our best chance! Darrien and i got there. We reached the main hall. It was where Queen Barrel had Serena. And then they started to fire! Bullets, everywhere. We protected ourselves the best we could.. my power was only so strong against them... and Darrien.. well he didn't really have anything anyways."

"And what... was your power?"

"Fire. I know, Mars being the cold planet and all. But I could set fire to those things close to me. I set many things... monsters. Her hench men.. on fire. But the worse.. the worse happened soon after that."

"What happened?"

"Serena... she was suspended high... high in the air. The queen.. she was with her. poor... poor Serena... She was awake. For teh whole thing..."

"For what?"

I lower my head, touch my cheek. It was wet... from tears. My lips were trembling. And I took a sip of water carefully. Folding my fingers across the cup. Grasping onto the reality, not the past of what it was.

"We didn't know..." I heard myself whisper, although I couldn't feel my lips move to form the very words I had heard. "We didn't know she was pregnant. We didn't know she was going to have a baby... she hadn't told us!"

The man pushed his cigerettes towards me, but I smacked them away, off the table. I didn't want his damn cigerettes! I didn't want to talk anymore.

"What did they do? How did you find out?"

"They slit her belly open." I sobbed. "They cut her open right then and there infront of us. They cut her open... Darrien went crazy. He began to shot things.. firing bullets at Queen Barrel. and then...."

Just the sound of the recording tape was heard as I sat there silently. Blinking. Blinking... and breathing.

"And then?"

"And then.. the baby... their child.. it placed its hand on Serena's stomach... her bleeding stomach and she..." I close my eyes. I can see it all. Every second of the nightmare. The blood, the body... the parts.. everything.

"Raye. What happened?"

"She exploded."

I touched my face with my fingers. The very same spots that I had felt the blood, the flesh, the muscle and joints hit me. "She exploded. And all I did was scream. And scream.. and scream."

The recorder stops and the man sighs, pushing his chair back. "I see.. and this... this is what happened?" he asks.

"Yes." I reply.

"Raye.. I'm sorry to tell you.. but there are no records of any of the people you mentioned. No 'battle' and deffinatly these... Sailor Scouts. It's just... it never happened."

"No.." I say once. "No..." I say again. I begin to pound my fists on my knees. The man gives a signal and a door I cannot see opens behind me. "No, no, no!" I scream, even as they are struggling to get me in a straitjacket. "It's all real! it all happened!"

The man is no longer listening.

"Listen to me!" I shout, struggling against them.

"Listen to me! It happened! It happened! She's goung to find me! They are going to come back!"

The man waves his hand and they pick me up.

"No!" I scream, kicking my chained legs. "I'm not making this up! I'm not! I'm not making this up!"

The door closes as I'm carried out. nobody is listening. "Listen to me!" I scream again. I'm sobbing. So hard.

Nobody will listen. It wasn't made up! I'm not crazy! But they all think I am. That's why I was commited. None of it could happen they say... none of it.

I turn my head, and I see them. Queen Barrel. She's standing down the hall. I see her!

"Look! Look!" I scream.

But she just smiles, and puts her finger to her lips. They wont look. They won't listen.

"I'm listening."
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