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Shadowed help
« on: December 18, 2009, 11:17:34 AM »
A man now a shadow of his former self, it had been a long and arduous road but one he'd gladly walked for the man who'd saved his life once before. His trademark? A coin for each and every criminal he took down, his assigned name? One he hadn't chosen himself for there was at first no need for one... Wherever Batman wasn't, he was, cleaning up all the other little messes that Robin, Nightwing or Azrael weren't there to take care of. For at the moment he was far below par... Below where he wanted to but, but right where he belonged. He had rarely been seen by anyone of importance, most just mistook the breif glimpses they caught of him as the Batman and only in a few cases had he let himself be seen by any of his 'victims'. Needless to say, word of his appearances around town weren't being closesly monitored and barely documented.

His given name wasn't one that he really liked but he hadn't chosen one simply because he hadn't wanted many to know of his existance, especially the one man who'd come looking for tha snwers surrounding this small time wannabe hero... His name had been given simply for the use of his coins as a distraction tactic before he struck, sloppily... However it never seemed to matter how poor his fighitng skills may have been, because they were better than the average street thugs fighting techniques. His given name he'd avoided as much as possible but had heard it on the street every now and again, his influence was weak but still spreading steadily... His given name, was Shrapnel.

His real name was Coleman Reese and he currently stood atop a convenience store roof, watching, waiting for his moment to strike the three thugs he'd been following since their earlier attack. One he'd stopped but had let them escape. They must've known he was following, but didn't know where. or maybe they thought they'd gotten away from him, either way they 'd decided upon another hapless citizen and Shrapnel was right there waiting for them. Watching as they stalked his every move and seemed to force him into an alley with a dead end accompanying it. The usual trap had been set and what made things even easier was that these three thugs had done all this for him, the only thing he had left to do was to swoop down into th shadows and deal with them one by one for now. Dropping a coin for each of the thugs in front of them was enough to distract them while he moved from the roof, jumping down but part way to the ground using his grapnel to slow his descent until finally he landed in the shadows, unseen by the now scared assailants... "Come out Batman!" One of them shouts, he is wrong and hopes he is, but he is unsure, these men have never met Coleman Reese before, nor have they met shrapnel, but he has met them, their kind, and if there is one thing he's been picking up along the way to following the path of the bat, it is that fear is your greatest weapon.

He strikes the first, lunging out of the shadows for a breif moment with a hard right hook that seems almost in slow motion to Shrapnel as he moves swiftly across the alley in the adjacently set shadows, the first man falling to the ground unconsious which now makes the other two more nervous, more likely to do something rash. The guns are drawn and a couple of shots are fired into the shadow he'd just come from. While their backs are turned he nips out of the shadows once more, only this time a sleeper hold is applied befor a quick jab to the second man's temple takes him down for the count. Back to the sleeper hold, this one's fiesty, a lot of kicking involved to try and break himself free. Shrapnel lets go and waits for him to turn around in time to land a sharp nose breaking jab to finally end this scenario. The victim is still frozen in fear, Shrapnel approaches him and reaches into his pocket, pulling out his phone and dialling 911 before placing the phone on the floor in front of the victim. He reaches down to pick it up and before he has chance to look back up, Reese is gone, back to the shadows and up to the roof tops.

He is only small time and right now that's how he likes it, keeping himself hidden from the bigger fish, full knowing that Batman won't be far behind, even the mid level crooks he leaves for Robin, Nightwing and sometimes Azrael when he's let loose on the streets. All this he does and one big secret he can never reveal, one that he had tried to before Bruce Wayne had saved him from the Joker's wrath a year ago. He now sits on the roof of the same convenience store, watching the victim wobble nervously out of the alley, he's still in shock but on the phone to the police and trying to make sense of his own words. He'll be fine and now it gave him the time to reflect on how he got to be here, back from being a snivelling coward who still works for Wayne enterprises.

It's scary in the back of the van, not because he's in here, but because of why he's in here... A TV show in which he tried to reveal the identity of the Batman that all went horribly awry when the Joker changed the rules... but were there any to begin with? Harvey Dent was no where to be found since Gotham general went up in flames, Gordon was struggling to keep track of which of his men had family in hospitals and one of which men had tried to shoot him, right before Bruce Wayne blocked off some desparate family man in a 4x4. His nod of acknowledgement was enough to make his threats earlier send him into a guilt spiral. However it was here that Coleman Reese decided that he was no longer going to be a coward, sitting back and keepoing his head down at work should help keep the low profile, but there was only one man that could help him help the Batman now and that mans name was Lucius Fox. The man who was helping Bruce and one of the only other men that knew the true nature of Bruce Wayne's facade.

It was Lucius Fox who coul now help Coleman Reese become what he now felt he needed to become to lend a hand, to quietly back up the man who'd just saved his life... Batman.


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Re: Shadowed help
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2009, 02:07:19 PM »
The drive to Gotham county jail seemed to take forever, Gotham general had gone up in smoke and flames, he was still being looked upon with hateful eyes and even if he managed to make it to a guarded cell, there was no reassuring that he'd make it back out alive. His decision had been made. "Take me home..." He timidly stated from Gordon's right hand side. "But Mr Reese we'll be at Gotham county in a matter of minutes and-" Coleman cut him short again. "I know Lieutenant but I really think it'd be betteer if I just went home, no one would know where I am and maybe it would make the Joker think that I'm dead, give some people more time to evacuate the hospitals in case he finds out".

Gordon was stunned at this, he wasn't even sure what to make of Coleman's reasoning behind it all, he knew the kid didn't want to die but in another sense he could see that he felt guilty about Gotham general. He could argue about it but he knew what out come they'd still arrive at, and seeing that Reese wasn't under arrest, he couldn't hold him against his will. "Alright, but I hope you know what you're doing kid, there are a lot of bad people afteer you and ven some of the good ones, there'll be nothing we can do for you as soon as we leave, you understand that right?" Gordon made one last plea attempt but knew it would be in vain. His suspicions were correct as he was answered with a nervous but determined nod. "All right, let's get this man home..." Gordon sighed in defeat, he couldn't protect Harvey Dent and now felt that he was losing everyone else's trust because of it. He was taking this all too much to heart and Coleman knew it, but he didn't say anything.

"I had a feeling you'd be calling Mr Reese, at first I'd assume it was to make more threats, but then I hear that Mr Wayne saved your life and I began to think, there's something more to this conversation an I think I know what you want to tell me..."
The knowledgeable tones of lucis Fox came through clear as day on the other end of the line. "With all due respect Mr Fox I don't think you know the true nature of this call, my first thought was to apologise for making the threats, but then I started to delve into the matter and couple it with recent events. There is only one true way that I can apologise to Bruce Wayne and seeing as he won't accept a face to face apology, or even think I owe him one, it would make things easier for me to give that apology to him through some other means..." Reese quickly fired back. And now Lucius understood, he underrstood what this man was getting at and he also understood that there wasn't much he could do to refuse the man considering what he knew about Wayne corp, and more importantly, Bruce Wayne and himself.
"Okay Mr Reese, I think I see what you're saying. And you know how much of a tight spot that puts me in, and how much I strongly disagree with this decision. But I suppose both myself and Mr Wayne have you or the Joker to thank for not revealing that information and to be perfectly honest I'd rather be thanking you for it. Meet me at Wayne Enterprises in an hour, I'll have something cooked up for you if you still wish to persue this course..." *Click* The line went dead, Coleman had no quarrel with that abrupt ending as he knew it was Lucius' way of getting straight to the point. So there it was, one hour would decide whether or not he was going to go through with this... There was a lot to take into account.

"I assume by your appearance that you still want the opportunity to join The Batman's side, as you should well know, it's not going to be easy and just like it does with Mr Wayne, it will consume the majority of your life. So, are you ready?" Lucius asked with half a smile on his face before he was responded to with a simple nod of the head. "Then follow me, I have something to show you." He trailed off as he turned around and moved towards the area where he'd first shown Bruce Wayne the armour he would use to then become a symbol of hope for Gotham City.

"A simple and small; yet effective, maghook. You change the setting on this for your hook or the intensified magnet on the end and it will hold you to almost anything, an updated version from the one Batman uses but he hasn't requested anything more efficient as of yet. A 60 meter spool capable of holding the weight of three people around Bruce's size and build thanks to the reinforced steel cable." Lucius almost seemed to boast without actually doing so, the man loved his new creations and it was clear that this had been meant for Batman's use... Fox was sparing nothing for the rookie it seemed.

"Next up is the start of the armour range... Now this won't be the same armour as Bruce wears, however it is still impressive and it won't give away too much. The boots are moels taken from the below knee height new rocks armadillo range, however the leather and weak metal made to look like protection for the shin has been replaced with the most common of all bullet proof jacket components, Kevlar. Covering the front of the shins and feet on each leg whilst providing less weight with thinner strips spaced slightly further apart. They'll be able to stop a bullet or two but they are by no means indestructible." Fox warned. These boots looked scary and impressive, but they looked too heavy weight, granted he'd never been much of a fight, but it didn't take a genious to figure out that they would be heavy and he'd have to spend a lot of time getting used to them.

"Here we have the rest of the armour going with the boots, it all joins into one so you don't have to worry about too much, most of it is kevlar weaved into the fibers and-" Reese cut Fox short by raising his hand. Something he didn't want to have to do because he didn't want be rude, but he needed to address the scenario he had running through his mind.

"I don't mean to intrude on your creations Fox, but I can tell all this was built for Batman, a man who is probably twice my size at least. Someone who could carry all this weight and still be able to move as quickly as I've heard he does. I'm looking for something a little more lightweight and easier to move in, yet subtle enough to help me stay out of sight when I need to disappear for a moment. If you unerstand?"
The man knew what he liked and Fox liked his enthusiasm, not even a vigilante yet and already drawing up ideas for a costume... Fox simply threw the sheets back over the revealed armour and moved off behind a set of computers for a breif moment before coming back out with the tip of his finger facing Coleman, upon it was a small black ot that Lucius was smiling from ear to ear about... This could be interesting...
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Re: Shadowed help
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2010, 12:13:24 PM »
<>'We've got a situation over at Gotham's boarding school for girls, Victor Zsasz has taken a class hostage. Seems someof the girls got out and made the call, we're gonna need at least 10 units, anyone in the general area?<> 'Guess I am' Reese thought to himself after hearing the call come in on his built in police scanner. Normally he wouldn't have thought about taking on something this big (Not that it was particularly big, but for his standards it was several steps higher than what he was used to, Zsasz knew how to fight). But he sometimes did show to bigger crimes, just to see if Batman had showed up, this time something told him that Batman may have been busy elsewhere, what with several figure head criminals still on the loose.

20 minutes later he hit the scene, sticking to the shadows on the ground to avoid detection rather than the roof tops Batman normally used to survey the situation. There he waited... And waited... Finally something happened. Sounds of shattred glass filling the air hnigh above and then suddenly the crash of a body landing on top of a police cruiser, the outfit said it all and that Victor Zsasz wasn't happy with the police's attempted advances into the building. Something unsual struck him about this as he'd seen two officers go into the building, was one still alive? It suddenly didn't matter, Batman still wasn't here and they couldn't wait any longer, he made his decision. Moving from the shadows and around to a builing closer to the school it's self, Reese clambered up to the top of said building and used his maghook to reel his way to just below a window ledge that he'd then pull himself through. Night vision time, the room was pitch black and he really didn't want to bump into Zsasz in the dark. Everything clearer now, obviously easier to see, empty classroom as he'd seen when he first got in here, looks like history, globe in the corner, dates on the chalk board with historical figures noted next to them, the globe could have meant it was geography but the chalk board just confirmed his suspicions. He moved silkily through the classroom, avoiding anything he could knock into or stand on that woul make any kind of noise. He still couldn't beleive he was doing this, he just hoped Batman would show up at some point soon and take over, then he cold just slip out unnoticed and get back to work on the streets taking out petty thugs... No... This was his moment, this was where he proved to himself whether or not he could do this, whether he was cut out for the tougher jobs.

A noise catches his attention, something metallic hitting the floor, something that had been knocked off or something that had been teetering on the edge of a desk? Accidental, purposeful, natural? Investigation time... No, it could be a trap, Zsasz could already  know he was inside and might be stalking him, just using that distraction to get the upper hand... It could be a victim too, or the other police officer on the other hand. No, no time, he needed to figure out where Zsasz was holding his hostages. Too many thoughts running through his mind as he carefully tiptoed around the fallen objects on the floor and avoided anything that could've given his position away as he moved on through the halls, listening for something that sounded like hostages or worse... A sharp pain hit the back of his neck but then suddenly switched to a dull one. Something obviously hitting him but what? A metalic clank sounded off as the object hit the floor... Zsasz. He couldn't have bought himself bigger trouble right now, he already knew he wasn't ready for this, he'd known it the second Zsasz has snook up on him, but there was no way out now, it was either take Zsasz down or die trying. What was he thinking, of course he could do this, the armour had been given to him for a reason, because he'd wante it and Lucius Fox seemed to believe in him. Or at least as close to believing in him as he'd liked to believe.

"It's a whole other generation of armour but I've never had the chance to properly field test it; for obvious reasons, it works like mercury, covering the surface it's poured on to and then spreading as uch as it can. However this is carefully bonded with Kevlar so as to enable it to withstand damage whilst offering the wearer complete flexibility to move as if they were wearing nothing at all. It is placed on one part of the body and from then on it is activated by thought. After that it will ink it's self over the skin till it covers everything, then it will bulk out a little to add protection and then will finally stop at the neck where it will await the next piece of the suit I'll be showing you shortly." Fox began, this was somthing not of this world, something that had never been thought of once before Reese was sure of it. But Fox was claiming that it was here and that it worked, hell of course if it did then more power to him for it, but for now Reese would wait to see what it could do, knowing full well that he'd have to be it's test dummy.


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Re: Shadowed help
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2010, 05:32:47 PM »
The metallic clang on the floor meant only one thing for Reese right now... The armour was definately working, sure he'd been stabbed a few times before but he hadn't noticed when he had been. Hadn't seen the knives in his assailants hands at all and then they were on the floor. but the suit definately worked, the knife of course was thrown so there was no telling what kind of damage the suit could absorb just yet, but that didn't mean he wanted to find out. The dull thud ha come from Zsasz landing on his back after finding out that the knife had done close to no damage to Reese. Now there were more thuds on the back of Coleman's head as Zsasz began repeatedly punching him to try and get an advantage, the advantage he had of course right now for the surprise attack, however Coleman knew that all he had to do now was roll over as quickly as he could and try to throw Zsasz off... Easier said than done of course, his first couple of attempts were thwarted simply through the timing of some of the punches he was being hit with which natrually put him back down to the floor... 'Does this guy have indestructible bones?' He thought to himself as the repeated blows never seemed to faulter in powr or accuracy... However Xsasz was a mad man, and mad men id anything tyey could to keep control of a situation, even if it meant putting their own bodies through excruciating pain. And suddenly Reese had his way out.

Batman may not have approved of his methods for sheer self preservation but it was the only way he knew he could get out of this one. He swung his right arm round and back as fast as he could, turning his body with the movement and was able to swing himself on to his back now where he awaited the next punch, it came and quicker than he ever dreamed he could be, Coleman Reese grabbed Zsasz's offending hand and shortly after also took over the left. he knew what was coming next and hoped the armour would endure the punishment. Headbutts came thick and fast but as expected, after several hard hitters, he began to slow down and then stopped, looking for another way out. His visor was a little cracked and it might have been the lack of light or his hazy vision, but Zsasz hadn't seen it and couldn't capitalise on the moment because of the position he'd now put himself in. Reese was not dazed thanks to the armour but his arms were tiring from holding him so long, and he needed to end this with what little strength he had left in them... Disaster struck shortly after though as his helmet's night vision flickered a few times before shutting off, he was now near blind in this darkness.


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Re: Shadowed help
« Reply #4 on: May 18, 2010, 12:54:47 PM »
Nothing, he couldn't see a damn thing without the night vision, he'd realized that he'd also lost his torch somewhere during their struggle on the floor 'perhaps investing in some form of bandolier was in order, or join the likes of Batman who used a utility belt. Another horrific realization was that he no longer had hold of Zsasz's arms and there was a weightlessness that now sat straddled over him, but whilst he was worried about where Zsasz was; and technically wasn't either, he was more concerned about why he wasn't being attacked again just yet, he knew Zsasz will have been dazed from the constant head butting of a solid object that; provided the mad man had actually carried on going, he eventually might have won out against, but it hadn't stopped him throwing his fists around earlier when they were all bloodied and bruised up, possibly even broken.

And then it hit him... He was here...

The unfamiliar gravel like voice came chillingly across the 2am air and sent a shiver down Resse's spine as he hung upon every word. "We need to talk." Bruce Wayne had no idea who stood before him, but Reese knew all to well who he was standing before, but he still wondered where Zsasz was right now. Then he heard the window break and turned instinctively to ward the sound, just in time to see lights shine up to the broken window and Zsasz flying out of it, a rope trailing his path and stopping dead as the desk it had been tied to hit the edge of the window frame and could go no further. "Follow me" He stated once more and moved out of the class room and into the corridoor. Shrapnel looked around at the now slightly illuminated floor for his torch before moving out of the room after Batman. It had taken him 5 minutes to figure out where the man was going but he supoposed it made sense and should have thought about it himself beforehand, getting out of the school and leaving the police to clean the rest of the mess up was all that was left now, Zsasz's men wouldn't put up much of a fight if at all, once they saw their leader hanging from the window all beaten and bloodied and their work was done.

Batman had taken them to a back alley nearby, just in case he needed to get back there for anything, making sure that he knew whether or not he needed to he grapnelled up to the roof of the building on his right that half made up the alleyway and there he waited for Reese who wasn't as far behind as he'd expected, though he did feel like he was being given a chance to tag along, if Batman really wanted to lose him it wouldn't have been difficult for him to have done so. Shrapnel had finally scaled the building and now came face to face with the daunting figure of the man he owed his life to. He'd seen Bruce Wayne personally and now seeing him as Batman was just scary, he seemed stories taller and broader than he actually was. "You need to stop before you get in over your head and get yourself killed Shrapnel," He began, Reese didn't know whether or not to say anything and waited a second longer before he spoke. "I know what I'm doing Batman... And you can't clean up Gotham all by yourself, even with your other partners, you can't all be everywhere at once." He confidently stated, stepping closer to Batman to put emphasis on his point before being shot back down again. "You don't know who you're up against on the streets of Gotham, leave it to the people that do." He seemed to have finished and started to turn away before Reese yet again threw in his two cents. "This is the highest level of criminal I've been at, I was sticking to cleaning up all the petty thugs and gang bangers that you guys don't have time for. Imagine what he could have done to those hostages if I hadn't gotten there first and taken him down!" Coleman began to raise his voice a litttle now, understandab;y frustrated that he wasn't getting the credit he felt he deserved for stopping Zsasz, even if the lunatic had done it to himself rather than Reese doing all the work. Batman didn't faulter, he simply nodded as a sign of appreciation before issuing a warning.
"Don't let me catch you out here again, drop the outfit and the idea before it's too late..." And with that he dropped back into the alley, by the time Reese went to look over the side of the roof he was already gone without trace. He sighed and looked back at the school and pressing in the button on the neck attatchment that equipped his helmet before thinking his armour off. He was done for the night and maybe altogether. One week in and he'd been told to give it up, he didn't know what to think. Sleep would help him answer the questions he had for himself in the morning and so, descending from the rooftop and into the alley, he began to make his way home.
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Re: The Tamber Saga by Lord Palatine
[May 17, 2018, 10:33:01 PM]

Re: The Tamber Saga by Milady Kim
[May 11, 2018, 09:32:31 PM]

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