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Ill of the dead
« on: August 27, 2009, 08:52:02 PM »
OOC: Yes this is a Resident Evil style thread before you read anyting that's written here, it also incorporates the game 'Left 4 dead' with soem of the enemies. If this puts you off then either just read or don't join. It's all I can say, not trying to be an arse, it's just a waste of time for people if someone posts on here outside of the story. Sorry if that was offensive to anyone, it wasn't meant to be. There will be explicit language in this along with violence and gore etc so you've been warned.


'More and more reports are coming in from New Orleans of strange pyhsical assaults, with which the police are trying... Now there appear to be gathering masses at the border of Louisiana, people are trying to cross over into Dallas, we're trying to take you live to our reporter but we're getting no luck with the feed and...' The TV screen might as well have been blank with the static that was now being fed across the airways in Louisiana, there seemed to be no one left in their homes and it was assumed that the TV station had evacuated it's crew for safety reasons.

Seth drearily rolled over on his bed to smack the alarm clock that had gone off for the seventh time this morning. Before looking at the clock he rolled back over and pulled the covers across himself before the realisation finally hit him, "Shit"

Moving too quickly for his body he fell out of bed and hit the floor; thankfully the carpet proved to be much more than just something comfy under the feet as it broke his fall, he scrambled to his feet in time to answer his phone and hear the familiar sounds of his captain shouting at him for being late, though it had only become familiar as of the past month. "Evers! If we really didn't need every man and woman on the job right now your ass would be shit canned before you got out of the house. We've got a major situation downtown and need you there right away, get your fuckin' ass in gear you Limey prick!" And the dead tone of the phone hanging up was all Seth was left with and all he needed to hear to pull on his black jeans and accompanying shirt before the strapa dn his piece went over his shoulders and he was out of the house, left to wonder what was going on but also knowing there was no time left to think about anything else but getting to the town center.

OOC: I'll explain more about it later but for now I'm going to leave this open for anyone to join in. There is a barricade in downtown Dallas where my character is heading to but no one quite knows what's going on, they've just been informed by the commisioner to set up there. Recall the opening video of Resident Evil 3 and you'll understand what I mean.


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Re: Ill of the dead
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2009, 03:43:55 PM »
'We're here in downtown Royse city where police have set up a barricade at the city limits due to the ongoing reports that crazed men and women are trying to force their way through from the Louisiana boarder, we can't get an interview at this time with the police chief but we continue to bring you updates on the situation'

The road block was at least seven cars wide and three cars long down the same road that led to Fate and Mobile city; when passing through Royse from Louisiana, it was flanked and lined with almost every officer from the RCPD barring those held back to help keep at bay the men and women charged with whatever crime they had commited. All but one of the SWAT teams was on the scene, Foxtrot, they had been held back to help keep in line the aforementioned men and women. Echo team was still waiting on Evers, a man who for the past month had been late day in day out since the loss of his daughter. The second youngest member of Echo team had been drunk every night since he got the news and as much as it hadn't effected his performance in the line of duty, it had affected his punctuality greatly and it was getting to the point where the commisioner was going to make him take some time off.

However for now he headed right for downtown Royse...

"Ok, Alpha team, I was you guys posted on the left of this whole thing with Charlie, Bravo and Delta you'll be on the right, I'll take Echo down the center. For now it's only makeshift to see what we're actually dealing with so if I tell you to break off then we meet back here ok?!" Captain Rogers shouted at each of the teams, he wasn't the leader of anything but Echo team (Who were considered lower down the pecking order just because of their name line up in the alphabet), but he did happen to be the RCPD's finest tactical expert, as well as being a damn good talker. As a result of this he'd been given a large portion of command when it came to planning attacks, a 45 year old man with hair only just starting to gray with age and was also looked upon highly by a lot of the female officers for being as they put it "So damn good looking that he could probably take a dump and it's come out looking like a freshly baked christmas log." Although as understood as that saying wasn't, it didn't stop anyone from using it and as such had earned him another honour/right, His call sign was Christmas, and his nickname was 'festive surprise'.

The officers in blue lined the inside of the squad car barricade with shotguns and beretta's at the ready, no knowing what to expect or what to do when the time came to take action. These were people, no matter how crazed they had been reported to be, they were still people, could a person do that to another person just because of an affliction? Time would tell how everyone reacted.


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Re: Ill of the dead
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2009, 05:02:52 PM »
'It now appears as though the local law enforcement have decided to take action and have lined along the blockade. I'm being told they have been given the all clear to fire at will should they feel it neccessary, I'm going to go in and get a closer look at what's going on. Captain Rogers! Captain! Can we get a few words on the situation?'

"Ahh shit who let them through, hey get them outta here!" Rogers yelled across to one of the men acting as a barricade between the people and the action. Rogers knew the reporter very well, Emma Price. The very attractive brunette had snaked her way up the media ladder by making exmaples of the local law enforcement, most cops were too stupid to realise that reporters were always out to report the news, no matter where they were or whaty they were actually doing. Captain Rogers hadn't been the subject of one of the many embarassments the department had suffered at the hands of this woman.
"Do you really think you can save some face by ignoring the people captain? Or would you actually like to tell the us what's going on without me digging up the facts?" Price smirked with the kind of smugness that suggested black mail, only the legal kind. Rogers didn't even acknowledge her existence and continued moving to the rally point he'd set for Echo team and had it not been for the late arrival of Echo team's final member, Seth Evers, Emma Price may have missed the opportunity of a life time by spotting that the officer who let him through had taken his eyes off her and her camera man for that split second.

Seth still didn't know what was going on, he just sifted through the throng of people in the streets and headed right for the main barricade of blue shirted desk workers and flashed his badge to the one he thought nearest to the SWAT van he was heading to. not even saure if it was the right one but seeing as Captain Rogers had been near it only seconds ago he figured it best to advance on it. As soon as he'd made his way through the thin line of blue shirts he found himself instantly pounced upon by Emma Price and her camera man. "Oh great... The leech and the wookie," Seth instantly fired off at them before she could speak. He turned his head back in the direction of his squad but before his body could follow there was a tugging feeling that surfaced from his right shirt sleeve. "Your lovely captain told us that you were responsible for us getting to the front line where we can get first hand footage of what's going on, so don't think you're going there without us." Emma quickly plotted almost to no avail. Seth just smirked and tugged his arm free before moving toward the nearest SWAT van.
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Re: Ill of the dead
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things back at the staion were starting to get intense foxtrot had set up a defenseive team inside using both foxtrot team members and local PD. things were looking ok, well for most except xero harvy he had the worst hangover he thought possible, some jackass limey from the station kept him up drinking till 3 am the other cop managed to keep going after that, but for the life of him harvy couldnt remember the guys name.

harvy and two others had set up watch on the roof while his team leader was inside barking orders as usual. "man i wish that jackass would stop shouting i got a head ache that would take down a fucking charging bull, and look what he got me using the noiseist fucking gun he could find, i just hope we dont have to shoot untill after my asprin kicks in". Harvy realised in his hased moments he had been leaning on his com switch, 'FUCK' he thought the captain would tear him a new but the radio stayed silent, as he wondered why his wasnt getting worse with the nasty arse shouting of an angry sargent he looked out and saw the crown heading his way...


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Re: Ill of the dead
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Evers only had chance to drag on his knee guards, gloves and elbow pads before he heard the ear piece he was being given sound off with an almighty bellow from Captain Rogers "FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!" Came the shout. Seth looked back at the officer handing him the ear piece and thoat mic and no sooner had that happened he dove into the back of the van and grabbed the G36C he'd been accustomed to using, along with the standard issue Beretta M9SF, several clips attatched to a bandolier followed but he had to forget about his collosus combat vest and jump straight into the action.

Naturally not far behind him now was Emma Price and 'Wookie' the camera man, reporters were known obviously for notoriety with their reporting skills and as such, Emma Price was no exception, she loved the action and drama and sought to exploit it for herself to further her career; no one blamed for doing it and her station loved her for it, however this may have been the wrong situation to run head long into without knowing exactly what the situation was. And the truth was... No one knew what the situation was.

"We're moving towards the police blockade now where it seems that all hell has broken loose and the local authorities haven't been able to contain the crowd of people heading into Royse City, I'm seeing... My god..." She froze, for the first time in her ill ridden career, Emma price had froen mid sentence in complete and utter shock. Wookie should have been quietly telling her to snap out of it but even he didn't know what to do. The camera swayed a little before violently smacking against the floor and filming a surge of pounding feet all heaing in the direction of down town Royse. There were screams, gun shots and crashes as everything just went haywire.

"GET THE FUCK UP NOW!" Seth shouted to Emma as he viciously grabbed her arm and dragged her away from the on coming swarm of 'crazies' "Captain!?" Seth shouted down his mic in hopes of getting a response... Nothing. Seth had gotten to the barricade just in time to open fire on the crowd and drag away a few people before having to turn tail and run for his own life, now has was dragging along a reporter who was better known for having no consience and was calling out for help from someone. "Evers! Over here!" Shouted someone from across the road at the music store. Arnold Mason, a barricade in himself and one hell of a funny guy, he and Seth had been friends for the past couple of years now and it seemed that in the abscence of Captain Rogers, he was in control of Echo team. It dind't matter right now what he did because all Seth needed to know was to head for that door way.

In the midst of all her fear, Emma sudenly came to her senses and realised that she was moving, rather quickly and then realised her arm hurt a bit. She went with it, he was getting her to safety so she didn't care, this was over course until she felt his grip loosen and althought every part of her body was screaming at her to keep running for that doorway, her mind told her to turn around and see what had happened. Seth had been taken out by one of the crazies and had lost his assault rifle in the process, leaving him to tustle with the seemingly derranged person on top of him. 'He's trying to bite him?' She thought, before salvation arrived in the form of Wookie. Almost out of nowhere the man had come and charged full pelt into the crazy attacking Seth, then grabbed his arm and dragged him to his feet in seemingly one swift movement.

"I owe you, but keep moving." Seth stated and set off again toward thre music store. "You get the cam-" Price was cut off by Wookie as he sped past her and grabbed her arm now, almost literally dragging her towards the building.

"Barricade the fucking doors!" Mason shouted to the remainder of Echo team, that now consisted of himself, Seth, seasoned veteran JD Nelson, a young Russian named Lutokus Vermillian, A small and seemingly fragile frame belonging to an otherwise hard case woman Marnie Davis and finally Charlotte Blaire. Granted none of them bar JD ever had their real names used, everything was call signs or abbreviations.

Field medic JD was simply that, there wasn't much else they wanted to do with his call sign (Although some tried to push for Cowboy after having seen broke back mountain and given his flirty, chauvanistic nature), Lieutenant Mason was Morning star, this had been simply because Seth; at the time, had instantly clicked on that Mason's surname shortened into a nickname became Mace as pronounced, then changed it to add the chain for it's opposite and his wife always keeping him in a tight lead. Communications expert Lutokus was another who had his surname shortened and turned into a call sign; one he wasn 't very fond of, Vermin. This was mainly down to him being a pain in the arse all the time asking questions and not just ones he needed to know the answers to, but ones he really already should have done.

Explosives expert Marnie Davis was named Marine and no matter how modest or secretive she was about it, her teams mates knew the truth behind it. She put it down to a clerical error when her application to S.W.A.T first went through, and this is what she told anyone whoever asked, but the truth wasn't too far from her story, sure it was close to how her name was actually spelled, but in her second week of duty she was found in a very procarious position with a marine on leave in a night club by JD who hasn't let it go since. Weapons technitian Blaire's nickname was pretty much the most uninventive one of the bunch. Witch. Simply because anyone who had seen the film started calling her that when ever they saw her.

Scout and sub-lieutenant Seth's on the other hand was mostly down to card games; mainly poker in which he had yet to be beaten, and as such ha earned him the first nickname of lucky. However Charlotte had been more imaganitive with it and starte calling him Gambit which then stuck. (Pointless filler but it was easier than calling them that in the story later and having anyone reading this going "Who?")

The door had been barricaded shut with more than the eight people who had just shown up, three staff members had fled to the upstairs area during the ordeal and they had been followed by at least five civilians. Sixteen in a building was going to get crowded but there weren't many other options. Mason started thinking of a way back to the station, the rest of the team checked their weapons and Emma Price along with Wookie checked their camera footage before beginning to film again, strangely the news broadcast was still going out...


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Re: Ill of the dead
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"We apologize for the brief delay ladies and gentlemen, we are currently holed up in Amps music store and for reasons we're still unsure of, we have had to block the door way and any windows we can to avoid the crowd of people that have invaded down town Royse, people that can only be described as crazed. I'm going to try and get a word with commanding officer Arnold Mason now..."

A window smashed shortly after she'd finished her sentence and it was enough to put her off talking for the moment. "Gambit, JD, get that hole filled and fast, we can't afford to let any of those things in!" Mason barked his orders across the room, there was no time to question them as another window went through. "Witch, Davis, take the fresh one. I'm gonna try and hold the front door till we can get something in front of it." He expertly placed his words and actions before leaping to it. He literally threw himself at the door and planted his foot on the floor to stop the door wobbling about. "Vermin! Find something big enough to throw in front of this door!" He requested of his free man once he realised he wouldn't b able to hold the door and find something to block it with at the same time, there were a lot of people out there trying to get in, and all of them weren't who they used to be.

Seth and JD finished blocking up the broken window and had also sorted out two more before they went as well, the next order of business was helping Vermin move one of the stands in place to hold the door shut. Though at this point Seth was now beginning to realise why the staff had run upstairs instead of locking the main doors to the store. "Mason we're dead down here, we need to get up stairs with the others and try to barricade that door." Seth spat as he too now slammed his body against the main door to help keep it shut. Cogs whirred in Mason's head as he wished he hadn't had to take command, never the less he knew Seth had been right, there wasn't anything they could put in the way of the door that wouldn't be easily moved out of the way in very little time. There was also nothing they could do about the winows constantly being put through and eventually they'd have to find a way out of the building. "Ok, listen up everyone, we need to get up stairs, now i don't care how that door gets opened, just so long as we get through it. We then need to block off that door way once we're through it. I'm talking amps, instruments, anything you can fin that'll help keep them out. Evers and I are gonna stay here and hold this door, the rest of you mo- out!" Mason barked once again, this time with a little break in his words as a hard slam from the other side of the door took the words from his mouth. He slammed back hard...

Marnie, Charlotte, JD and Vermin all advanced on the door that led upstairs and to safety, Marnie gripped the handle to check if it was actually locked... Confirmed. Charlotte pulled out her lock pick kit and mae her best efforts, but to no avail. Vermin and JD simply looked at each other an simultaniously kicked the door open, looking back at each other they smirked smuggly and continue about their business. "We'll check the upstairs, you guys grab some shit to block this door way with..." JD used his higher ranking to give out the orders he deemed best. Marnie and Charlotte both gave a sarcastic salute and watched as JD and Vermin cautiously headed up the stairs to see what they could find. Menawhile back at the main door way...

"The 'crazies' are still coming and are showing no signs of stopping. I fear for my life but have put my trust in Dallas' finest to see us through this, here, blocking off the main doorway are acting captain Arnold Mason and his trusty scout Seth Evers. Also down on the ground floor with us are Demonlistions expert Marnie Davis and Weapons technitian Charlotte Blair. I assume with there being no sign of remaining squad membrs JD Nelson and Lutokus Vermillian they are checking up stairs to see where the staff members are and whether or not it's safe to go up there..."

Emma Price was shameless, as was shown in most of her reports, but this was just the icing on the cake, this showed just how far she would go to get that big scoop. It drove most people mad, but then again, most people watched her news when she reported it because she liked to expose people. She'd gone out of her way to try and cover the death of Seth's daughter, but he'd been impossible to get aside from his drunken haze after he finished work. He'd not been to any of the counciling sessions even though he knew he needed them, not just for himself, but to keep his job... And today was supposed to be the day he started going to them.


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Re: Ill of the dead
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"I honestly don't think we need to do it this way you know... The only people behind us are our team..." Vermin stated rather facutally, only to be hushed instantly by JD who knew that his partner was probably right, but he wasn't taking any chances, if the team failed downstairs then Vermin would have to cover their flank while JD ran up the stairs and then covered him from it... Providing there was nothing but the people upstairs. JD cautiously approached the door at the top of the stairs to find that this door was also locked, but a good stiff kick or a bullet would make an easy pathway for them. He opted instead for knocking, much to Vermin's surprise. "RCPD, open the door!" He shouted through... No response... "RCPD, I said open the door!" He bellowed again and waited. Still nothing. He was getting tired of this already and shouted one last time, though during his shout he hadn't heard the 'shuck shuck' of a shotgun being readied on the other side of the door.

"Fuck this..." He muttered before putting his boot through the door at the handle, only to be met by a gut full of buckshot that sent him flying back down the steps and over Vermin's head, taking him with him until they both landed in a crumpled, pain riddled heap at the foot of the stairs. To any other human being this would've been enough to have ripped apart their torso instead of just some severe heavy bruising and a good winding, but JD; like the rest of his colleagues, had been fitted with bullet proof armour that had been designed to stop the likes of this happening. "SON OF A BITCH!" JD screamed in agony as he rolled off the top of Vermin and curled up in the foetal position on the floor. "What the fuck just happened?!" Mason shouted from the other room, still holding the door back with Seth. "You assholes, we're here to help!" Vermin screamed back up the stairs to the shooter as he scarmbled back to his feet and cocked his gun.

Marine and Witch had dropped a large CD rack when they'd heard the gun shot and then looked on at the doorway when they noticed the two heaped up figures of Vermin and JD, part of them wanted to laugh at their misfortune, but there was never anything funny about a gun shot, especially not at point blank range. It was also a head ache for the simple fact that JD was their field medic and looked like he wouldn't be able to treat himself for a while, Charlotte and Marnie ran over anyway to see if they could do anything to help him but were too late to stop Vermin charing up the stairs with his assault rifle shouldered and aimed for kill shots.

"What the fuck is going on with this barriacade?!" Mason bellowed as the door he and Seth were holding shut seemed to be getting heavier by the second. "Fuck it, how long you reckon you can hold it?" Seth asked rhetorically before leaving the door and heading straight over to the CD rack Marnie and Charlotte had just dropped and put all his effort into pushing it right up against the broken door way that led to the bottom of the stairs. His head ache was getting worse with each push closer to the door way but stopping would waste time and could cost them their lives, the hang over would have to wait a little longer...

The top floor was very quiet, after the shotgun had been fired the occupants had seemingly fled and hid, but a steaming mad Lutokus Vermillian didn't care, he was going to find them and 'enforce the law' on them. He was seething but had to keep quiet to mask hiswhereabouts, he slowed now as he came through the doorway leading to the top floor and kept his breathing low and long as he checked every corner, searching for the asshole with the shotgun... "Drop it cop..." came a voice from behind Vermin, closely followed by "I ain't gonna ask again," and another 'shuck shuck' of the shotgun being prepared. Vermin lowered his gun and watched as 6 timid looking faces appeared from behind the corners he'd not yet checked. "Put the fucking gun down before you hurt somebody else... Sir" Vermin spat as he turned around slowly. "Did I tell you to move?" The thick Dallas accent shone through this tall stocky man, the baseball cap and the wirey strands of hair poking through at the sides suggested he was balding and he looked around mid to late fourties, needless to say he didn't look unhinged because he was holding the gun.

"David! He's here to help us, put the gun down," Pleaded a small, tiny framed woman who looked just as old 'the wife' Vermin guessed.
"Marsha not now! He could be one of them!"
"He doesn't look crazy to me and he can understand you can't he?" Replied Marsha knowingly. "Now put the gun down before you hurt someone else please..." She asked him once more. He looked at her angrily and then back at Vermin who wore the same scowl he'd come back up the stairs with. ".... Well.... Well alright fine, but I-" He was cut off as he lowered the gun through a swift right hook delivered by a very irrate Lutokus, who then proceeded to disarm David and hit him with the butt of his own rifle to knock him unconsious. "That was for my partner..." He spat before he took a step back and looked around him, throwing a nod to Marsha in accordance for saving his ass that time. He threw his G36C round his back and carried the shotgun now as his primary weapon as he moved back to the top of the stairs and looked down to see JD in a seated position but still in tremendous pain.

"Fuck..." He muttered under his breath. "He ok?" He shouted down to Marine and Witch who nodded back to him in reply.

"Not meaning to be a fucking buzz kill but will someone help JD up the damn stairs and someone else help me get this fucking barricade sorted?!" Seth shouted to the group who'd seemingly forgotten about him and Mason who'd been holding the fort at the entrance to the shop for a good 10 minutes on their own now. Charlotte sprung straight into action, cursing herself for forgetting what she'd previously been doing, she leapt over the CD rack Seth had already put in place and helped him shove a second one along the floor towards the beginning of the barricade. "Get some shit from upstairs too, we're gonna need to pile that at the bottom of the stairs to get some solidarity down here!" Seth shouted back to Vermin, who also sprung into action telling everyone to get busy an then looking for some heavy objects himself. Marnie worked her best at getting JD back on his feet for the moment as she pretty much carried him up the stairs by his arm. This was gonna be a long day.
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Re: Ill of the dead
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'We have been shacked up inside the music store now for just short of half an hour and already one of the officers that brought us here has been injured, field medic JD Nelson has taken a shotgun blast straight to his stomach, but thankfully his protective armour has seen to it that the damage has been very limited and for this we are all thankful and-'

"Turn the mother fucking camera off for one second and help us the fuck out!" JD managed to shout between gritted teeth and jumpy breathing, he had been talking Marnie through removing his jacket and shirt; and was being very careful when choosing his words, in order to treat his badly bruised torso. "There's gonna be a lot of bruising and don't be surprised if it's literally black," He winced at every touch no matter how gentle she was being with him.

Back at the station things were hectic, the phones hadn't stopped ringing but they were never the calls the cheif was hoping for. He had family out there in the chaos and knew that their chances of survival were pretty slim, having already seen what had happened to most of the SWAT teams he'd sent out. Several officers had made it back but only Charlie team had returned. And all the while there were people flooding the building, seeking refuge from the horrors that lurked outside, the trouble was, the building was becoming very cramped and more and more people were showing up. This meant they couldn't close the doors and that officers had to be placed at every window on the ground floor and that the two SWAT teams that hadn't been sent into the frey; Delta and Foxtrot, had been positioned at different levels of the building along with Charlie team and were firing from the high ground, with their snipers covering the roof looking out right, left and straight on, as behind them was Royse City river with their brige leading out of town not far from it.

Police cheif Jacobson had thought about means of escape, he'd tried to think of every way they could possibly get out of this place if they needed to, the bridge had factored into it, however he knew full well that people would be sitting ducks on it by now, there would have been hundreds heading for the bridge when this all started and he assumed there would already be several pile ups blocking the way to safety to begin with. The fact that it was a draw bridge didn't help one bit either, the fact that they could be cut off at any second by their neighbours didn't sit comfortably with him, but he knew that it was a neccessary risk they had to take in order to stop this spreading any further. It was all a matter of time.

"Sir! You might wanna see this..." Came a shout from outside his office, officer Rigg had been asked to test all the radio frequencies and TV channels to see if anything was going to change in their favour, he'd just started and had seen news footage of their predicament on almost every station, though one had stood out.

'We have been shacked up inside the music store now for just short of half an hour and already one of the officers that brought us here has been injured, field medic JD Nelson has taken a shotgun blast straight to his stomach, but thankfully his protective armour has seen to it that the damage has been very limited and for this we are all thankful and-'

"Turn the mother fucking camera off for one second and help us the fuck out!"

"Echo are still out there? Why the hell haven't they been in contact?"
Jacobson asked confusedly. "I'm not sure sir, it might be an equipment failure or it could just be that they've not ha the chance to yet, we'll know soon enough," Rigg replied almost knowingly, he also knew that there was no changing this channel now, they'd need to keep tabs on their men and anyone else out there with this, but it also meant one other thing. The TV station hadn't been touched yet, they could use this to send out a distress call if they could get the group back to the station. "Keep that channel on Rigg, the second they get in touch, we'll be able to do something for them and the rest of us." Jacobson ended before moving back into his office, runing his hands through his thick gray hair in a motion that suggested he was nearing defeat with this whole situation, but no... He was determined to keep control...

The reception area was a nightmare, people flooded the entire floor and some of them occupying the stairs and the few benches that remained, it was far from quiet but the police officers weren't being bothered by many of the refugees, the majority of them were sat talking to their families and/or friends or reassuring themselves or others. Those that were pestering the police were asking the same questions just in different tones and stages of fear. 'What's going on? How did this happen? Where's the cheif? Can anyone help the friend/family members I've left out there? Why aren't you doing anything to stop this?' The answers weren't coming because no one knew what was going on or how it happened, the cheif was particularly busy working out what the hell he was going to do about the situation and that most of the surviving officers were back at the station trying to make sure none of these crazy people got in.

The streets were far from quiet however it was still eiree, the lifeless brain activity from those infected by whatever had caused this was just scary, the whites of their eyes weren't that of a scared reaction, they just seemed dead but driven by something only they understood right now. Their skin was falling off, even some of the muscle was degraded so much so that the bone was visible on those that had been either damaged or had just been walking around like this for longer and had worn themelves down but not out. All this Seth was able to see from a window the top floor of the music store they were currently holed up in, they'd finally built the barricade at the bottom of the stairs and piled some more chairs and heavier items till around half way up the stairs, the infected weren't getting through...

<R>"Morning star to HQ come in HQ, over... Morning star to HQ do you copy?, over"<R> Mason had been trying for 5 minutes now and still nothing was coming back, were the comm links down at HQ or was their own exquipment damaged? "Damn, this isn't working. Ok Vermin, get your ass over here and try and get us through to HQ. We gotta get in touch one way or another," Mason started to sound desparate now, he wasn't sure what their next move should be, they were safe right now in here but dependant on how long they were going to be stuck here they might need supplies. They might have needed supplies once they got back to the station, who knew? Too much was running through his head. Seth was alsmot the same, however his hang over was starting to make him pay for ignoring it earlier, luckily enough he'd been to the staff break room and rifled through the cupboards, finding some asiprin, it would kick in soon and begin to help him but for now he was having to suffer the full force of it, along with 5 scared employees, one disgruntled manager and 1 irrate redneck, who's wife had been tending to him since Lutokus had knocked him out cold, though had since given back the shotgun personally without an apology, he thought it had spoken for it's self really given the circumstances. That and David hadn't yet apologised for nearly blowing a hole clean through JD's stomach...

He just hoped things would keep quiet and that they wouldn't be doing too much moving around in the next hour or so.


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"Sir, we're getting something in from Echo team but it's mostly static," Rigg exclaimed as he burst into Jacobson's office. He'd found the cheif sitting at this desk with half a tumbler of whisky and his right head leaning on his right hand in an annoyed motion. He'd been sat back still thinking of ways out of this situation, there was no where to run to just yet, they needed a concrete plan, but for that he also needed every remaining team leader, which also meant trying to get Echo team back at the station. He didn't want to leave anyone behind and he was damn sure going to make sure no one ended up on their own in Royse.

"So what can you tell me Rigg?" He asked almost as if he knew what the answer was already going to be.
"Well sir, like I said, it's mostly static coming through which normally means they're out of range, but our comm systems allow us obviously to communicate with officers around the whole or Royse and the outskirts too, but they're also not responding to out hails which means they've damaged their equipment. If their comms specialist is still alive then we should be able to make contact within the next few hours sir." Rigg explained as he watched the Cheif sink even further into his seat upon hearing the news. He too shared the optimism of the cheif but he at least maintained his professionalism about the matter... Although he didn't know what it was like to have everyone looking at you for the answers and having none of them right now. "Also sir, more people are pouring into the reception area, we're gonna have to make more areas available soon or shut the doors, we can't keep them covered forever, eventually-" He was cut short by the raised han of Jacobson who finally seemed to have a solution to something. Not a solution he agreed with, but a solution.

"Close the doors, we'll make the parking lot another area for them to filter into, if we get more room then we can just as easily open more than one door for a short period of time to let people in. But for now we don't have a choice."
He sighed and finally stood up, knowing full well that he'd have to deliver the news to everyone himself and that he'd have to find some way to justify what he was doing. "Get me the biggest sheet screen you can find and a projector, along with someone who knows how to hook it up to live TV, if things get ugly then we'll have something to falll back on for reasoning..." He added, much to Rigg's initial confusion... "Sir?"

"Just do it" Jacobson stated before almost barging his way past Rigg and over into the comm station down the hall. The little known fact about Jacobson was that most people thought he'd been handed the cheif's job as sort of a lottery win, but he'd worked his way hard from being a beat officer, there just seemed no better candidate at the time, also the fact that he knew the station inside out and every law almost off the top of his head seemed to really help. And now that he was facing his most difficult test yet, he wasn't going to sit down and let it beat him so easily. he was going to gear up and join the fight and shortly after he' left his office he'd remembered one thing that could change in which light he would be seen and how he'd be treated thereafter...

His equipment was back in his office...


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Panic was the first thing on scene after the doors were closed, most trying to explain that they had family still out there that might have come to the station, others wondering why they were being shut in but already partially understanding, it was only a matter of time before something went wrong if the doors remained open, the noise level was getting rediculous until the pandemonium was halted dead in it's tracks as Jacobson stepped out into the reception area and stood on the desk it's self, letting a shotgun blast off into the air.

"Now that I have your attention, I'd like you all to remain as calm as possible given our current situation, we're doing all we can given our limited resources and man power and we'd like you all to bare with us while we figure out what our next move is going to be, in the mean time anyone that wishes to know what's going on outside these walls, a projector is bing installed as we speak and it will be hooked up to live TV, the news specifically as it seems there are a team of officers still out there with a camera man and a reporter. Does anyone have any questions that haven't already been answered or asked?"
Jacobson confidently asked, it was as if he expected no one to question his authority now he'd gotten his wits about him. He was right, everyone seemed to simmer down now that they felt they had some confidence in the leadership. "Good, now as promised, here's the news reel being filmed in the city, we won't be answering anymore questions about where people are unless they're on this channel because we don't know where anyone else is. In the mean time if anyone else does come to the station seeking refuge then we will bring them in, but right now we also need to make use of the car park area to free up some room for potential survivors. Those not interested in the footage should report there immediately, other groups of you will be moved there over periods of time depending on the number of new arrivals, this will be at random." Jacobson finished his speech and dropped down from the reception desk, moving back towards the stair well that lead to the cooms room, there was now more than one way to tell whether or not the communications had been resotred but he'd still need to be near the station to send the messages out.


"Sir, I got something, I think they're trying to hail us...." Lutokus exclaimed, he hadn't done much with the equipment just yet but a little more tinkering would have it sorted right out. The information wasn't as useless as it first seemed, it at least meant that HQ knew they were alive somehow. The camera! "Price! Drag that camera over here, believe it or not you might just be able to help us." Mason ordered the shameless reporter. Wookie made his way over despite Emma's protests and aimed the camera at Mason, he gave the lieutenant a nod to let him know it was still live and just waited now. "This is Lieutenant Mason, currently acting team leader of Royse City Police Departments Echo SWAT team, our captain we can only assume was killed outside in the initial battle against these... 'things' and god knows how many other good men were lost when they attacked. 16 of us, including myself, are currently holed up in the top floor of Amps music store just 5 blocks from the police station, we are currently repairing out radio equipment and intent to contact the cheif of police as soon as possible, if there is anyone still out there watching this, please try and find your way to the police station, or if you're locked up in secure surroundings then remain there until help arrives," He nervously stated before moving out of shot. Wookie panned the camera back to Emma who saw yet another opportunity to gain more publicity instead of thinking about her own safety.

"There we have it folks, genuine advice from Lieutenant Mason who is trying to lead this group through the eye of the storm, so long as we stay alive, this broadcast will continue," She ended Mason's speech for him. Wookie lifted the camera off his shoulder and set it down on the counter next to the sink in the staff kitchen area, taking a small break from filming everything whilst trying to keep himself alive, he intented at some point to set up the waist lock support he had stored in his bag, it'd make for much easier mobility but would limit his vision slightly in regards to his foot placement. There were pros and cons to be worked out but the fact of the matter was, he could move faster with the waist lock support attatched, than he could over his shoulder, he hadn't even thought about fending off attackers just yet.

Seth's hang over was starting to show signs of disappearing now and he decided it was time to move around a little more and check on the rest of the team and everyone else holed up on the top floor of the music store. Moving swiftly around the group of people he ended up finishing his checks with Charlotte who had pretty much been left on her own while Marnie was still tending to JD, Lutokus was still trying to fix the raio equipment and Mason was looking out of one of the back windos to see the carnage these crazed people were creating in their town. He moved over to her and slumped down beside her as ehs'd been leant up against a wall just straing into space and occasionally checking her weapons.
"How you holding up?"
"Alright I suppose, I mean it's not like anyone can say they're ok because none of us have dealt with anything like this before."
"True, it's one fucked up situation we've landed ourselves in, kinda makes me wish I'd stayed in bed with this hang over today."
"You really do need to stop drinking, you know that right?"
"I know, when I'm good and ready I will, until then let me deal with my problems my way."
"Yeah... That'll happen, we're part of a team, we're supposed to look out for each other, it doesn't make you any different..."
"I guess not, sorry I asked..." He ended before standing up and moving away from her quickly and seemingly annoyed. She stood up and went right after him, putting a hand on his shoulder in a comforting effort.

"Look, I'm sorry about what happened to your daughter, we all are, but you need to-"
"DON'T TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO DO AND NEVER MENTION MY DAUGHTER AGAIN!" He screamed at her, his face turning red as he now seethed at the very thought of his not so distant past, the fire burning in his eyes as if at any given moment he could explode and leaving a smouldering crater right where he stood. "Are we clear?!" His tone was quieter now, seemingly more calm but with a darker edge to it, his stare however remained the same as before. "Knock it off Evers before I sit you down..." Mason finally intervened, stepping between the two and stopping proceedings dead in their tracks, though Charlotte's reaction wasn't aggressive, the look on her face suggested that she knew it was too soon to have said anything; especially to an alcoholic, and that it was none of her business. Seth knew her heart was in the right place but there was no one he wanted to talk to about his daughter's demise and it would be along time before he'd be ready to accept it himself. "Are we going to have anymore problems with this?" Mason asked with an annoyed tone dripping off his tongue. And almost simultaneously they both answered at the same time, "No sir..." Before Seth moved away toward the window Mason had previously been stood by, now he was watching the chaos outside, part of him wishing he could stop it single handedly with just a few bullets and some quick thinking, the other part of him wanting death to embrace him while he fought hypacritically for his life.

Not yet... Not just yet...
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"Got it!" Vermin shouted as the final pieces of the radio puzzle fell into place, not before slightly electrocuting him first however. "Mason!" He shouted again just to re-itterate his point, everyone suddenly perked up and like a shot, mason had cleared the room in a split second just to get to the radio. "Morning star to HQ come in HQ, I repeat, Morning star to HQ, come in!" He had been getting impatient since before he picked up the radio and now it was just getting worse with every second it was taking the station to answer. "Morning star this is HQ we read you, what is your status, over?" Came the reply from Rigg, a small cheer rung through out the staffs break room as relief began to wash over their demeanour. Things were starting to look up finally. "Well if you've been watching the news haha... But seriously, JD is down but not dead, he neeed immediate medical attention from someone other than himself and we have another with a concussion. Everyone else seems to be fine, no injuries to speak of and-"
"Lieutenant Mason this is police cheif Jacobson, we need to know whether anyone has been bitten? Over."
"Simple question Mason, we just need it answering. Over."
"I don't think so sir but what does that-"
"Several officers that came back from the barricade down town and most of them reported that most of the victims were fine before they were bitten. We've since checked things out over here and so far have only found a few. It's a risk for those having been bitten to be back at the station but we have every docotr that made it back here doing some tests with the equipment we have here and trying to find some way to help them. Over."
Mason was unsure what to say back to that, he couldn't leave anyone behind but he couldn't risk putting more lives in danger at the station. "I undrstand sir, is there anything we can do on this end to make things easier for the doctors? Over."
"I'll be in touch about that soon, for now I think it best that you return to HQ. Over."
"Understood sir, over and out."

"Good luck Lieutenant."
He dropped the mic down, Lutokus catching it before it hit the floor. He was stuck on what to do, there were too many people to help and the risks were as high as they could get. He refused to leave anyone behind here, and like anyone was going to mention whether or not they'd been bitten after just hearing the conversation. Still... He had to ask. "You all heard, we're not being secretive about any of this so there is no reason to panic, I think the best way to do this is by having a full physical examination in private so as to avoid any animosity between us. There will only be myself and officer Blair that will know your individual conditions and it will not be discussed with anyone else unless anyone with any ailments is comfortable sharing them. Anyone not wanting to participate in this has every right not to do so as it is a huge violation of privacy, however it it recommended in order to take steps that will keep everyone safe." Mason tried to explain in the best way possible, he had always been a good talker but he'd never had to try and word something like this before, Seth admired his talents for it and didn't think there was any better way to have put it, Seth personally would have made sure it was mandatory, but he was a pessimist. There were the usual complaints which Seth was quick to stop dead in their tracks by coming to the aid of his superior officer and friend."Shut the fuck up, you all heard what he said, you don't HAVE to do it, so why the complaints? If I was in his position I'd have MADE you do it and if yo'd refused then you'd have been at gun point because the safety of everyone in this room is paramount to this man here. now stop your whining and choose!"Everything went quiet after that, not even Mason said a word against the outburst, but slowly and surely they each started to make their minds up...
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The moral and physical violation of cavity searches started to go through; even at the reluctancy of Morning star and Witch performing them, Echo team themselves had reluctantly gone through the proceedure, just to make everything less uncomfortable; it hadn't helped a great deal but it was the principle of the matter that set the bar. As it turned out there had only been one bite, a female member of staff that had been bitten, but not in the sense that should have been feared. As a result of this, Witch just laughed to herself at the love bite and continued with the other 2 females within the group, one of which being Marine and the other being a very formal inspection of Marsha. For the whole of the inspection, her husband David had been there and wouldn't have had it any other way, he had threatened to leave the group and take his chances alone with his wife unless the officers complied. Blair had done but had also notified Marine; who between the patch up job on JD and keeping her eye on everyone else, had been running a third shift of keeping an eye on that particular inspection just in case it hadn't gone well.

Everyone had checked out fine and were all set to be guided back to the police station, the only problem was the path to the station being blocked off by the undead. 2 hours had passed since the inspections, they hadn't taken that long, but there had been some hesitation amidst the group, there had also been a couple of unnecessary freak outs by staff members who thought they imght have been infected somehow by the current street-based occupants of Royse City, other than this it had been discussion between Echo team about how they were going to make it to the station without losing anyone.

"It's near impossible Mace, I mean even if we managed to get over the rooftops, we'd still have to get to ground level and work our way from there. No offence with JD in tow I don't think we could do it, I don't care what he says, he's not getting on his feet and running any time soon, even with help." Vermin began, this had been tough on Lutokus because he and JD were best friends both in and outside of the unit, and to leave JD behind was basically sacrilege to him, he knew of no other way to get back to the station safely though. "I know, don't worry Vermin I'm not leaving anyone behind, I can't quite figure it out my self, so far I have us going in two separate teams across the roofs, the first team obviously doing the majority of the ground work to lay the path for the second team, the only spanner in the works are JD's injuries." Mason responded to Vermin. JD hadn't been excluded from the conversation at all and he himself was thinking of some way out of this that didn't involve a plan in which they had to move him elaborately in order to get to safety, he didn't want to be a burden but knew that essentially he would be, he was the only thing stopping them from moving out properly right now.

"Just leave me on a roof top, it'd be so easy to come back later and get me instead of risking everyone's lives now. I assume we'd have to come up with some ladder and ramp system to get me to the station, which would take a shit load more time lthan just getting me to the roof, getting these people to safety and then coming back for me later, it also leaves us with an advantage of having a lookout for you guys while you head across"JD put forward to the team through gritted teeth and a few arkward breaths. Mason instantly shook his head, he could see several flaws within that plan an intended to get back to the station with the entirity of his team intact."I understand what you're trying to to do JD, but I'm not having it, and I'm pretty sure Vermin isn't gonna go with it either. There's no guarantee that we'd be able to come back for you for starters, that and if we did there's always a risk of more peoples lives if we trugde through these psychopaths to get to you and get you back to the station. If you could move I'd agree with you and come back but there in it's self, if you could move we wouldn't be hav ing this conversation. Now if you'll excuse me I need to make a call to HQ, JD you're the senoir officer while I'm gone, try and come up with something that doesn't involve self sacrifice before I get back..."And with that Mason dragged Lutokus to one side with the radio and had him jury rig the transponder once again.

"HQ this is Morning star please respond , over."
Mason began
"Reading you loud and clear Morning star, requesting a sit rep, over"
"HQ everyone here is fine, no one has been bitten, including the officers from our own team, we thoroughly checked, over."
"Well that's mighty fine to hear Morning star, I'll just get a patch through to the cheif, standby, over."
"Jacobson here, how're things over in shit creek Mason, please tell me you got some good news."
"Some sir, not a great deal but some. No one here is bitten I'm pleased to report, but I'm still trying to figure a way out with my team and the survivors. Proving more difficult because of JD's injuries, any suggestions sir?"

"I'll try and work on a way to help you guys out and get back to you as soon as I can, until then, sit tight and try to keep morale up, and if you can, try and keep Emma Price on your guys as much as possible, we do wanna keep tabs on you guys and get a better idea of what we're looking at planwise in regards to your surroundings."
"Understood sir, we'll try and come up with something useful to try and get us out, you just keep sitting on your ass and watching us..."
"Now now Captain,"
"Sorry sir, it's been a long day and feels like the whole fucking world is against us."
"Understood, try and keep it together Mason, we get out of this and I'll get the first round in."
"Prepare your wallet sir, there's gonna be a lot of thirsty officers after this is over and done with,"

"I'll bear that in mind, Jacobson out."

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(( I agree. The BBCODE on here is TERRIBLE. Anyway I know you missed her and I've been itching to get this post done which is why it sucks so fucking much but hey it gives you something to respond to other then your own warped mind, LOL. Yeah once again you don't need to tell me how bad this is, because I know, honestly, I really know. I'm almost ashemed to post it but whatever. ))

The police scanners had been glowing green and red for hours, and through the fuzzy haze of a deep sleep she could hear the faint voices through the headphones. Letting her eyes half focus on the dark figure and the damp surroundings she sighed, rolling over onto her side, unconcerned about her vest which was stretched past the lace of her bra.
"It started about an hour ago, the reports just keep rolling in. Mass Chaos, panic. Let the bodies hit the floor huh?"
The voice woke her further, rubbing her eyes with her fingers. She was so damn tired, the cramped conditions of the motel didn't help. It was always cold even though she'd been snuggled under four layers of brand new blankets, not trusting the moth bitten rag that lay discarded on the floor.
"Yeah let the bodies hit the floor" She scratched at the skin over her left breast, creating long red blemishes. The male cocked his head round, taking the headphones off and standing up from the chair which creaked under his moving weight, he crouched beside the bed, moving hair out her eyes. "You look like shit Parker, you need more sleep, you've been chasing this thing for weeks.."
"Which is precisely why I'm not getting anymore sleep, we've known about this for weeks, and we haven't done shit about it, we couldn't do shit about it, it's a fucked up reality" She rolled onto her back, stretching arms and legs out.

Adrian Parker had been a valuable ally to the Chicago Police Force. She was head of a Tactical Unit named 'Quite Shadow', she had a home, a team, friends and people she classed as family. Her sister was a Communications expert, and her move to Umbrella was unavoidable. They were rapidly becoming a powerhouse in their own right and Chloe had felt the need to make that move out to Alaska leaving Adrian alone back in Chicago. Adrian was blonde and blue eyed, at twenty-seven years of age she was at her peak career wise, Chloe however had always been a rebel hiding behind a sweet exterior. She'd dyed her pale blonde hair a bright shade of red which contradicted the dark blue of her eyes. Two years had gone by before Adrian encountered anything that would turn her happy lifestyle on it's head, and that came with a quite clean up task. She'd seen first hand what her sister had been telling her about through ciphered emails and letters. Umbrella were dipping their cocks in something bigger than medicine and beauty.

A month later, she'd blew it, trying to get word out, trying to help the population, She'd lost her position, her team, her house and her family of friends. Holed up in some shitty motel in a shitty state month after month. Yet she counted herself lucky she wasn't alone. Cassius St. James had been her second in command, and a valuable resource. She'd never seen anyone who could shoot a gun with the accuracy he had, under pressure he'd saved her ass more times then she could count, to which she was grateful, grateful that he'd been by her side during the entire clean up. Grateful that when some crazed fucker had tried to take a chunk out of her arm he'd popped a cap in the wankers face. He'd been the only one with the guts to throw everything away and go with her. He'd been there when she met her sister, when Chloe had told her things she thought she'd never hear, when she told her all about St. Louis and how they'd lost communications with the Umbrella branch there, how they feared for the worst, and how Umbrella weren't moving in yet, all for field research. The two of them had relocated to St Louis, and yet another shitty motel, paid in cash week by week. At least they could thank their lucky stars this would be the last week they'd pay.

"Have you recorded everything? I want to hear it." Cassius nodded at her request, pulling her into a sitting position, moving back towards the scanners and battered TV set. He held out a pair of headphones to which Adrian took from him, sitting down on a pile of papers, the cold wood of the table biting into the backs of her naked thighs. He played the tapes, over and over until Adrian had heard everything she'd needed to hear.

"The police are gonna be all over the place, setting up barricades, trying to get people out of the city, they don't know what the fuck they're up against"
Cassius nodded, pulling a large scale map from under Adrian's backside and unfolding it over his thighs, fingers running over the streets and buildings. "They're gonna base it on main streets, surely. Police stations over here, that means the barricades themselves will be set up along the main routes right?"
Adrian nodded, "That's how it's supposed to be done, in a small town I can't see them doing it any other way. If this thing had gotten out those doors in Chicago we'd be fucked, there's not enough barricades to line every street." She said, scratching her scalp with a sigh. "All I know is we need to move, if this thing spreads as fast on initial infection as it did in that complex..."
"Do you not want to listen to what Arnold Mason has to say on the subject?"
"You speak as if you know him Cass" She smiled lightly, taking the headphones off, mirroring his actions.
"No I don't know him, Arnold's such a shit name, but maybe he has some creative insight to what's going on." Pushing hair out his eyes, meeting her own and studying her, taking note of the dark circles under her eyes and the way her eyebrow perked slowly.
"Cassius, you can't judge anyones name, your mother was on crack when she named you"
"At least my name suits my gender"
Adrian paused, punching him lightly. "Baby, I'm more of a man than you'll ever be, minus the junk..."
She moved away back towards the crumpled bed, dragging a hold all from underneath and lifting it onto the bed.
"I hope you don't have junk, that would be so fucking disturbing, it would totally kill every dirty dream I've ever had about you." The male grinned and Adrian sighed, shrugging her shoulders.
"I hate you, I hope you know this, now I'm going to shower, if I find you jerking off when I come back out then I'll cut your dick off and shove it down your throat, got it?"
She didn't need to hear anymore, something about how he'd love to shove it down her throat, but she'd totally turned off before it sunk in. The banter was platonic, after spending so much time around guys and women who wanted to be guys Adrian had them pretty much worked out, they reveled in sexual exploits and dirty games, and Adrian was happy as hell to play along, for her own fucking amusement.

Her shower didn't last long, she'd gotten good at not spending hours in the bathroom, she didn't feel the need to cake her face in make-up or paint her lips to feel or look satisfied with herself. She was satisfied. 5'10, pale blonde hair, blue eyed. She was the vision of every jock girlfriend, and yet here she was, slipping her way into a full length black body suit. She wasn't butch, her far too skinny frame wouldn't allow her to look butch, but underneath she had hidden muscles like a lithe dancer. Reaching over her shoulder to pull up the zip, making sure to tie her hair back, otherwise her helmet just wouldn't fit, she'd get too hot with her hair plastered to her face. Cassius had shaved and changed, skipping the shower because he was a guy, and guys had that thing about skipping showers, turning boxers inside out, that deal. He was sitting on the floor, and had placed various weapons across the floor. Hand guns, shotguns, assault rifles. Because fuck yeah, they weren't leaving the shit they'd brought for the Chicago police force to recycle. He threw her a bag to which she caught in her left hand, right hand holding only the helmet, groaning mentally.
"I fucking hate these things, the headsets always too big for my fucking head"
"I think they're cool, give you bug eyes, mirrored bug eyes, it's hot"
Adrian rolled her eyes, hitting him over the head with her helmet, throwing the bag over her shoulder, watching him stand and do the same.
"This is it St. James, Ready to go make some more of those bodies hit the floor mother fucker?"
"Oh you fucking bet"


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It took them half an hour drive to reach any real signs of life, and by life they meant real buildings with real houses. It seems the outskirts wasn't all that busy, but judging by their previous knowledge they weren't surprised but more relieved. Maybe it wasn't that bad, maybe they ere going to roll up in the center of ton and get arrested for looking like SWAT. Better then them being dead, Adrian would rather have been questioned by some overzealous sheriff then dead. At least they wore sweet uniforms. All placed with a purple band around the left arm. Body Armour was a bitch, and underneath the thick black material she was sweating like hell. Underneath she'd thrown on the only set of clean clothes she had left. A short black skirt, long black socks rolled up past her knees and a flimsy white vest, the bare minimum needed to be comfortable in the Armour, without chaffing. The last thing she needed was sore skin, because really, Adrian was such a delicate flower. Cassius didn't seem to care that he could potentially be rolling into an infectious hotbed, instead he had the air con on and the window rolled down, with his helmet on, completely covering his face and head, just mirrored eyes reflecting lights. Adrian found them fucking creepy as hell but they also had a certain charm about them, for one the helmets were hilarious at Halloween. Not that she'd ever abused the Armour for her own personal needs. No. Never.
"Can you pin point signals?" She asked, and after two minutes of silence she sighed, rolling enough material back from the helmet to find the microphone, shouting her request back down it. The SUV swerved and Cassius turned his mirrored eyes towards her,  using a gloved hand to instigate she put the damn head set on and stopped being a pussy. Pulling it over her head, "You nearly spoiled my no claims bonus, did you have to shout?" He asked, his voice sounding very far away, like she'd just stuck a gold fish bowl on her head.
"Yeah I did, you gonna answer me or do I have to throw a hissy fit and pout?" Cassius's laugh came over in a burst of static, rolling past a half assed attempt at a barricade. "Fuck, yeah yeah we can roughly pin point, without the other comms we probably won't reach them, but we can get a rough location, you think these barricades will hold long?"
Adrian laughed, everything was darker behind those fake mirrors, but she could see the shapes, she refused to switch the damn night vision on because it made her eyes go funny as hell and she really didn't need to vomit on herself.

The SUV rolled to a stop, Adrian hadn't thought to check the road signs telling her where they were, not that it would help, she didn't know St Louis anymore then she knew her own ass. The low rumble kept her calm as the adrenaline started to pump around her body, and yet she still managed to jump when the radio in the SUV's dash sprang to life. She turned her head to Cassius, who seemed to be staring at it intently as they sat and listened. "Morning Star?" Cassius coughed, suppressing laughter, and Adrian couldn't help but laugh lightly in response. Cassius reached to pull his head set off, Adrian doing the same as she watched him reach for the radio. "Think we can just roll on up and tell them to hop the fuck in, or maybe you wanna go find a couple of steeds and ride on up there like the white knight.." Adrian laughed, shaking her head. "I think if you try and contact them then you're a complete fucking idiot. Do we really need to broadcast to the whole of Royse that we're ex pro task force and scouts honor, we're not here to bring the FBI down here, promise?"

Cassius gave her a blank stare, fiddling with the dial, raising it to his lips. "Sounds like you're in a shitty situation up there, tell me, what's Amps music store like for hard rock? They got any good titles?" He clicked his finger off, letting the line go free, suppressing laughter as Adrian just stared at him. "You, my good friend, are a complete ass"
"I'm trying to bring some light into a shitty situation, they'll appreciate it later"
They both heard the rustling noise to the right of the SUV, dropping the comm to let it clatter against the dash Cass pulled his head set back on, taking the Beretta Adrian handed to him. She knew he had his night vision switched on, and when he went to move out of the car she wanted to grab his arm, because no matter how much they laughed and joked this shit was serious, it had the potential to cause mass devastation, and that shit just wasn't funny. She struggled with her own head set, grabbing both their bags, memorizing the radio channel. The comms equipment luckily had the ability to switch between several channels, and acted like a blue tooth headset, controllable on the outside of the helmet. Cassius had one said if you stuck your tongue out and pressed it to the left then it changed the radio frequency. Adrian never believed him.

Pressing a switch on the harder shell of the head set, blinking as her night vision sprang to life, closing the car door softly behind her. "You see anything?" She asked, hoisting the bags over her shoulders, reaching for her own Beretta from the holster on her hip. "No" He replied, yet he was still in combat stance, and she realized he'd just lied to her. "Don't fucking, don't fucking lie to me Cass, your fat head is in the way, I can't see.."
She heard him exhale, a soft noise in her ear before he was at her side, pulling her along. "We need to move, leave the SUV there, we can come back for it, we need to get inside"
Adrian frowned, pulling her arm back, handing him his bag. "Go where Cass, seriously go where?"
"If Amps decides they want some assistance we'll head there, we're two, maybe three blocks away, but for now move, just move."

(( Okay so it really sucks but I have written this in like an hour. I need to get back on my game, Haven't role-played RE since the Microsoft groups days so cut the B.S and give Adrian a big hug, like you know you wanna. C: ))


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Re: Ill of the dead
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Acting Captain Arnold Mason had just about had it with today and to make matters worse, it was dark out. There wasn't much they could do in the dark because they didn't have goggles, the force had never come across a situation that couldn't have been worked through without simple vision and flashlights; Seth was simply surprized to learn that Royse had a SWAT sector in their police force, it was a small town that hadn't really needed it, but there again they were branched off from of St   Louis as they were only on the border. They would be borrowed on a regular basis and sometimes would be sent further into Dallas, but rarely did they have to work in Royse. They were obviously government funded but their budget was very limited, hence why the SWAT teams had just gone to the local gun stroe and placed orders for their specialist guns instead of just wandering around with standard issue Beretta M9FS side arms and Remington 870 shotguns with an MP5 being standard for SWAT. Seth liked the MP5 but it offered nothing over his prized G36C, which conveniently was now lost in a sea of zombies. Needless to say, night vision goggles would be a huge hand right now in helping them out, but all they had to hand were flashlights, which were about as good as   anything right about now.
Mason shook his head for a moment and made to make his way back to the rest of the team and the survivors until something caught his attention. "Sounds like you're in a shitty situation up there, tell me, what's Amps music store like for hard rock? They got any good titles?" He stopped dead in his tracks, that couldn't have been someone at the station surely, no one was that unprofessional. He picked the walkie back up and did the only thing he could think of, he followed protocol.
"Who is this?" He asked before being greeted with a deafening miniature explosion of feedback followed by static; dropping the walkie and recoiling, before the whole transmitter just short circuited and was now emitting a thin trail of gray smoke. "SHIT!" Mason shouted more in despair than frustration, that was their best means of communication with the station, their ear pieces and helmet and throat mikes weren't enough to reach the station from here, there would've been too much interference, which was why they needed the more powerful radio, it would've taken main priority and gotten through no   matter what. They could still comunicate with each other if they got separated but communication with HQ was now near impossible, Mason found himself cursing and wanting to hunt down the technician that had installed the system for their smaller radio devices. He also had to take into account now that he had some explaining to do to the survivors in the other room, letting them know what kind of trouble they were in.Now he had to come up with a plan. The rogue radio signal that had appeared just before their radio equipment finally died on them didn't matter to him anymore, he needed to get these people back to the station alive somehow. He moved back into the staff room to a sea of expectant eyes, he'd been watched before during his training and upbringing from the academy, but never before had he felt so nervous. It was probably because he'd never had so many lives to take into account and make sure that each one of them didn't expire because of him, this was going to be tough.

{Back at Royse City Police Station}

"Who the hell was that Rigg?" Jacobson demanded, he knew full well that if said user was still on the line somewhere that they could find the caller and possibly see about getting some help. Or at least that's what he'd hoped for, the station couldn't do that simply because the technician they brought in to do the job, didn't quite get it done and as such had now left both the department and Echo team up shit creek without a paddle. "You're not gonna like this sir," Rigg winced as the realisation hit him. Suddenly Jacobson had a rising urge to get hold of the technican that had done such a poor job. "Well let's at least communicate with them, what've we got to lose?" He asked rhetorically, Rigg hadn't picked up on this right away and had just opened his mouth to speak when it hit him. He pressed the talk button on the console he'd been sat in front of since 11pm the previous night, and waited for the commisioner to relay his message.
"This is commisioner Mark Jacobson of the Royse City Police Department, I'd like to put in a request to the person who just sent that broadcast over our channels, make themselves known and state their business here." He began as professionally as he could. And then he waited...

{Amps music store}
"Emma Price here, still alive and still holed up in Amps music store in downtown Royse City. There has been little activity since we escaped to the upstairs section of the building and barricaded ourselves in. The efforts of the Police force have so far been successful at keeping everyone inside alive, however there has been no mention of a constructed plan to return everyone to safety at the Police station and with one officer currently immobilized, things are looking bleak. We do however have an update on the current ongoings and what may be causing them".
"Whilst we have been holed up in the staff room of Amps music store we have been subject to a full bodily search, conducted by Echo team acting Captain Arnold Mason and Weapons tech Charlotte Blaire, searching for bite marks upon our persons, now we're not sure exactly what this means but they had been given direct orders from Commisioner Jacobson to conduct these examinations before any of us would be allowed into the sanctuary that is the police station, we think that the attackers, or 'Crazies', may be infected with a viral disease and could pass on their ailments to their victims through transferance of bodily fluids to either open wounds or any natural orificies, so if anyone out there is watching, don't get bitten by these things. You may become one of them."
Emma price ended her small segment before the camera went dark again, they had to conserve battery power to make sure they got the most important parts of these events recorded, Seth hated them for it but right now it was the only way they could let HQ know they were still out there, still alive...
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Re: Ill of the dead
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OOC: Fuck it, I've had enough of the BBCode, won't be using colours or bold again unless it's for something I feel I really need it for...


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Re: Ill of the dead
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Adrian didn't realise just how tired she was until they were flat out running along sidewalks, away from the comfort of the SUV, away from the only good thing they really had going for them right now.
She didn't want to point that out however, even if Cassius had had the option not to come along. She knew and thanked the heavens that he wouldn't turn round and blame this shitty situation on her. They were in this together and had been the minute they'd stepped out of that complex, covered in blood and gore with half their team mates gone. She hadn't quite realized the extent of this until those people had come knocking on her door and threatened her to keep her damn mouth shut, she was an operative, a good soldier, a good person, shit like this shouldn't have happened to people like her. Or Cassius.
The burst of static made her jump, she'd admit that to Cassius later, when they were out of this, when they were back in some shitty motel cleaning the stains off their bodies, she'd tell him how many times she'd been scared not only for her own life, but for his. Sure she had a heart made out of stone, but fuck you, she was still human.
Cassius stopped running, slowing his pace, getting his bearings but still not saying a damn word, which simply unsettled Adrian even more. She wasn't sure she wanted to know what made him want to run, Cassius was a strong person, both mentally and physically. For a skinny guy he had amazing upper body strength. For a skinny guy he had amazing everything, which was why she was so fucking glad he was here with her instead of anybody else.
"This is commisioner Mark Jacobson of the Royse City Police Department, I'd like to put in a request to the person who just sent that broadcast over our channels, make themselves known and state their business here."
Adrian turned to look at Cass, who in turn looked back at her, she watched him shrug his shoulders and heard his voice over the comms. "Good day to you Comissioner Jacobson, seems your towns gone to shit" Adrian wanted to laugh, but she bit into her lip, keeping a watchful eye on the streets. The thing that unsettled her the most right now was the simple fact that everywhere was dead. In that complex, it had started out the same, it had started with a simple switch that brought the whole place to life, Adrian wondered what the switch would be here, on the dark streets, yeah, she was scared shitless, she just swallowed it and did her damn job. "Can we save the formalities till later? I fear this isn't the time nor place to make sweet introductions, but let's just say, we know what's going down here, the million dollar question is do you?".
Adrian nudged him, kicking a boot out to his leg, nodding to the end of the road where the shadows danced, Cassius grabbed her arm with a gloved hand and dragged her along to the opposite end of the road, pushing her forward and around the corner. "Listen, we're at the end of dismore, not far from the middle school, and certainly not far from your friends. Choose wisely and we might be able to give you a hand, but for the love of god make your decision quick". He dragged Adrian along by her arm, heading down a street that Adrian certainly didn't know. She was a big city girl, she wasn't used to small towns like this, she was used to the hustle and bustle of city life, but by god she was glad this was happening here and not somewhere bigger, not someplace that packed a ton more people in it. She noted the fields, the long stretchs of dark green and she hated it, she hated the fact she didn't know where she was going other than Cassius dragging her long like a loose limbed puppet. She pulled out of his grasp, pushing him away from her. "Cass, I'm quite capable of walking on my own without you dragging me the fuck along, don't withhold shit from me, If i'm about to be first course I'd rather know". She heard him sigh through the comms, wished she could see his face, but the headsets themselves stopped that, and instead she just saw her own reflection in the glassed over eyes. "I'm sorry, just, let's not... let's move, please?".
She understood, she understood more than anyone what he was really feeling, she'd felt it everyday since that one order that sent them to that fucking hell hole. If she closed her eyes she could still smell it, the stench of decay, the metallic blood, if she lost herself and cleared her mind she could remember everything. The screams, the way teeth tared at flesh. She didn't know a human was capable of ripping chunks of muscle from another human, she didn't know that people could scream in such a way that she'd been hearing it for weeks afterwards. She didn't realise that out of the team of twenty they'd be coming back with 8 people all scared shitless. Cassius had been the only one with a straight face, covered in blood and gore and as pale as a sheet, and the way the opperatives just stood there, not saying anything, not doing anything except forcing them into shower cubicles to be poked and prodded and examined. Adrian had been far too terrified to be ashemed.
"Commisioner, you still with me? Is there any information we should know before attempting to get to your crew?" Adrian kept quiet, following Cassius as he took the lead, stopping and starting behind him. The nightvision was starting to hurt her eyes, but it was valuable along with the comms, so when she looked up and saw the towering sign in the distance sne sighed with relief. There was the simple sign promoting a gas station, and she was relieved, what she wasn't so relieved about was the small abundence of people down the end of the road, right where she guessed they were heading. She held out a hand, and Cassius stopped behind it, nodding that he had indeed seen that too. "Plan of action, we need an open topped truck, preferbly two. All these people have trucks, it's a must if you live in America to own a truck, if you don't, you're just a moron" Adrian laughed, nodding, the gun strap went back over her shoulder as she made tentative steps towards what she guessed could have been a dark coloured truck, praying to god there was no one occupying the front seats, or that the thing was alarmed.

(( This blows. I researched into the location more but I might be way off, who knows. I overly promise these will get better, but as you know I've had a shit few weeks at work *dies* Plus I'm distracted by certain things I need to be clear on. Time of day / night, and are we basing this more on RE for the 'infected' or more on left4dead? I want to basically know if Adrian has a blonde moment and sets off a car alarm will she get chomped on or will she have time to put some make-up on before they reach her. Kthnxs. xD  ))


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Re: Ill of the dead
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The transmission was loud and clear, Jacobson could be happy about that,   but he still didn't know what to make of their new 'friend'.   Apprehension settled into him almost seemlessly as he made his decision,   and with a sigh he hit the button again after masking his dread. This   call could either condemn or save his mising team. "Alright, the   formalities are better off waiting till we meet, if there's any   assistance we can provide you with then let us know, for now it really   would be appreciated if you could help our guys out. We're not sure   what's going on here at all, we know that they came at us from Louisiana an then before it was New Orleans, after that... Well, this really, they eat people and can infect others with... Well whatever it is they have, that's about all we know. We've tried raising the national guard but got no response, I'm gonnna try the line we have for the military and let you know how it pans out. For now; please, make contact with our guys and get them back in touch with us." Jacobson almost pleaded with the mysterious caller before releasing the transmitter button and slumping against the wall behind him. He tapped the barrel of his shotgun a few times while he thought of his next move and realised he was completely stumped, he didn't want to bring the military into matters until he had his team back, that and there was no guarantee that they wouldn't be too busy cordoning off Louisiana and/or New Orleans. "Could it have gone anywhere else if it was coming through Dallas from Louisiana sir?" Rigg asked to break the silence and just probably for piece of mind.

"How do you mean?" Jacobson replied. "Well sir, I mean that it came from across our borders and before that it crosed from New Orleans, whatever it is seems to be travelling in almost a straight line from the sea," Rigg replied. He was right, there had been plenty of other places around that could've been hit before Dallas like Mississippi, Jackson or Arkansas, but it seemed to have been moving towards Texas specifically for some reason and instead of just coming in from all sides when they crossed the border, there was a pattern in there. Dallas had been hit first, but it was at the top, there was no news of any other settlements or towns being hit beforehand or even now during, why here? 'Stop thinking like that Mark, you'll turn into another one of those crazy conspiracy theorists' he thought to himself as he switched back on. "I sure hope not Rigg, but no matter where it came from, we're in a whole heap of shit here, that's all we gotta worry about right now." Came a commanding response, as though he'd gotten his confidence back from 5 minutes ago. "Right, if our mystery guest decides to surface on the waves again let me know ASAP, in the mean time I'm gonna try and raise the whole fucking army to get down here and clean house.." He stated assertively and turned on a six pence to march out of the room and to his office.

{Back at Amps music store}

"You know what we're doing here won't mean a fucking thing to us if we don't get out of here alive right?" Wookie finally piped up, Emma had been riding him all day, driven by the fact that she was covering the story of a life time, the only thing seemingly important to her as ever was her career and right now he imagined she'd be off in her own little world, sitting behind some huge, oak news room desk with a small stack of papers sat in front of her that she'd occassionally shuffle to make herself look important and smart, next to her would be one of the most handsome men she could imagine up and they'd be chatting while the background music was playing them out. "Well it's a good job we can count onf these repribates for protection isn't it, I mean it's not like we're going to see any more action until they think of something to do about getting us to the station" Emma replied rather sharply. "You're some piece of work you know that?" Wookie threw back at her. "Look. You can either stick around and be the cameraman who filmed the event of a lifetime and work your way up the ladder to something more worthwhile than just following me around in this nothing town, or you can leave and jump on the happy town wagon with these fools and see your way to becoming nothing more than the cameraman who followed me around like a little lost puppy..." Her return serve had always stumped him, there was nothing in this woman's heart but money and success, everything else was just surplus to requirements and there to be used if needed. But Wookie als knew that he was technically a coward, he wouldn't back down from anyone but her because he knew she was right, his decisions during this ordeal would make or break his career and he knew Emma would be the one to take him up there with her because deep down she knew there was no one better in this town at how they worked and what they did to make things work so well.

"So what's the next move? I mean we can't just leave her here can we?" Witch began remorsefully.
"We have our orders and as much as I'd love to break them and take everyone back, there's got to be a huge reason as to why we had to check them out in the first place, the Cheif did tell us earlier that people were fine until shortly after they'd been bitten by those 'things' out there" Mason replied calmly.
"Although we did report that no one here had been bitten sir, we could sneak her in and stick her with the other patients?" Marine threw her two cents in.
"Too dangerous, it sounde like they have enough of them in there as it is, anymore, even just the one, might just tip the balance and hell, we saw what those things out there can do. Imagine a station full of people being torn apart from inside the one place they thought was safe, they'd be between death and suicide for options." Vermin piped up for the first time since knocking out David. Outside the kitchen Seth had been left with JD in the longue area of the staff room, keeping an eye on his team mate and the infected Marsha who hadn't yet shown any signs of illness. JD had fallen asleep despite the pain, knowing he'd have to get some rest before they got moving, Seth had been mainly stood over by the back window, looking out at the carnage riddled streets of Royse City, people swayed, shuffled and groaned out in the darkness, creating an extremely eiree atmosphere, he hadn't bothered opening the window, the dread might just have taken over some more and killed the morale of everyone in the room had he done that. However he hadn't given up, there was plenty of fight left in him and his team and so long as Emma Price and her Wookie in tow were still kicking, he'd make damn sure he wouldn't die before those two undeserving ingrates did.

A tap on his shoulder brought him out of his tunnel visioned trance and back to the rest of reality, he turned his head sharply to look at the assailant and then turned his full body to meet them square on. One of the employees, the greasy haired teenager wasn't much to look at, standing 5 feet 9 inches and sporting a thick head of light brown greased hair, with an overbite that suggested that beavers envied him. Seth waited now as the timid teen looked away for a second before returning the gaze and finally speaking. "I could get fired for this but I think there's something you need to see," the statement however underconfident it sounded, was laced entirely with intrigue. No one else had heard what had been said but the store manager looked up and started to seem very un-nerved all of a sudden, he never said a word as they walked past and towards his office.

"Jesus christ kid, how long have you known about this?" Seth stated in utter shock at what he was looking at.
"About twenty minutes now sir. Sorry I didn't bring it up sooner but I've only just got over the shock of it myself," The teen replied. Shortly after this came a horrified scream from back in the lounge area, the scream was female and it sounded like a younger female voice. Seth wasted no more time on this scene and darted straight out of the office and into the sitting area, gun raised, eyes down the iron sights. "You can't take me, I won't let you!" The store manager had seemingly waited till Seth had returned; over looking JD who had now been rudely awakened, to state his intention to get out of here without cuffs or a bullet somewhere on or in his person, Seth didn't know how he hadn't spotted anything concealed on this man before now and cursed himself for not seeing it before. A small snub nosed revolver was pointed at Marsha's head who now stood in front of the store manager with one of his forearms around her neck. "Sir, put the gun down," Seth calmly began as he slowly but surely took aim just past Marsha's head and noted that he'd be clipping this man's ear if anything, he didn't take the shot. The rest of the team came scrambling out of the kitchen with their guns raised and fanning out around him strategically. David didn't know what to do, it seemed that all the macho crap he'd tried earlier when he'd almost blasted JD in half, had disappeared when Lutokus had smacked him upside the head with the butt of his gun. He was noteably in shock and didn't want to do anything to jeoparidze his wife's safety and so, he just stood frozen still and waited for something to happen.

"I want outta this place now! And I dont' want any of- DON'T COME ANY CLOSER OR I'LL BLOW HER FUCKING BRAINS OUT! I don't want anyone to follow me..." He demanded and made Marine stop in her tracks. "Be my guest, you wanna join those things out there then feel free pal, but don't take it out on her." Mason began, still not knowing what the problem was. "No, I want a safe passage to the station like everyone else here, REGARDLESS of my condition," He added. This confused most everyone else barring Seth and the member of staff that had shown him the office. "Sir I don't under-" Mason began before Seth cut him off abruptly. "He's infected. The reason he's holding a hostage is because the sick son of a bitch decided to have a little extra-curricular activity in his office, just turned out that the kid happened to be infected and bit him." Seth explained, much to everyones bemusement and horror. "But I checked him over, he was clean" Lutokus piped up. "I'll bet he refused to take his pants off fully and show you because there would've been a tear in the pants had he been bitten on the leg right?" Seth responded, Vermin hung his head and scowled at himself. "Shut up, shut up, shut up! I mean it, I'll blow her head off," He sounded more anxious than before now... They'd reached a stalemate. There was only one way out, and the SWAT team were blocking it, but he had Marsha as leverage.


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Re: Ill of the dead
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On her back, staring intently at the torn out wires Adrian sighed, when the voices started coming through the static she'd had to reach up and turn the head set off, too intent on trying to figure out a way to get the truck going without the keys. She didn't hotwire cars, she'd never hotwired a car, but Cass had left her with clear instructions and she was doing her best to bring a spark of life to the truck, even if it just spluttered and died it would still be an accomplishment. Huffing, fingers reaching to the base of the stifling balaclava - esque head set, pulling it over her head and wiping her brow with a gloved hand. "Cass?" She called, wiggling her body away from the gear stick lodged in her lower back, putting pressure on the knots of her spine. Lifting her head up to look out of the open door, resting legs flat against the seat. "Cass, I can't, I can't get this shit to start". There was movement, she could fucking hear it, to the left and from the right, reaching for the head set, manipulating it so she could use the comms without having to pull the damn thing back over her head.
"Cassius, can you please come and help me?"
Nothing but static was the reply, wondering just how far he'd gone to be out of range. These headsets were good, top technology, they picked up signals from miles away, they were made for operatives, for teams that wandered off from each other, for teams that needed the long range communication. She huffed, reaching back to the tangle of wires, closing her eyes at every spark before giving up. She was either doing it wrong or this truck didn't want to be hijacked and driven away. They should have just kept the fucking SUV, all of this would have been made twice as easy if they hadn't have left their ticket to freedom parked up on a back street. Fucking Cass and his bright ideas.

Pulling the head set back on, moving to sit up, leaning her back against the drivers door. The night vision glowed green and her eyes had to readjust, that was before it was on her, scrambling at her boot, clawing fingers up her leg. The initial shock wore off, and she aimed a heavy boot at its face, at the gnarled lips and bared teeth, the rolling eyes and blood stained skin. The sharp kick sent it reeling back, but there were more of them, reaching through the open door, pulling at her feet. She curled an arm around the steering wheel, keeping herself in a sitting position. "Cassius where the fuck are you, assistance would be fucking useful right about now". Fumbling for her 10mm somewhere on her hip belt, ripping it from the holster and aiming, taking one face at a time, the shots ringing clear in the cramped cab of the truck.

Cassius had found a working truck, with keys. Which was a blessing. All the time listening to the messages being relayed from the Commissioner himself. "Unless you have a tank and a Gatling gun then no, there's nothing you can really assist us with that we haven't got ourselves. But listen to me, it's a waste of time calling anyone, especially the military, just humour me and don't fucking call them, don't relay this message, don't tell anyone you've been in contact with some guy." He paused, pushing the door of the cab open and sliding out onto his feet. "When we meet, then we'll help you piece the puzzle together, but for now, if anyone has been bitten, shoot them, in the head. Don't risk it, get rid of them while you have the chance. I'll hopefully be meeting you face to face very soon.." He didn't want to say 'if' we meet, for one if anything went totally tits up then this little rescue mission would be abandoned. The last thing they needed to do was to make their presence anymore well know. Especially if this guy was trying to call someone, anyone to help them. Umbrella had their hands in everyone


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Re: Ill of the dead
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The atmosphere was expectedly tense, neither side wanted to back down, this guy was determined to get out of the building and to the police station safely but was pushing for too much... Echo team weren't about to let him go anywhere, for the second the store manager let Marsha go and fled, he'd be tailed by any one; if not all, of the five able bodies trying to do their job. Although this had now become more personal for Seth, he'd had a daughter who'd gotten a raw deal, and to find that he was now in front of a paedophile with a gun just seemed like an insulting dare, a dare that would result in disastrous consequences if he jumped the gun on it. "Look sir, just put the gun down and we'll talk about this," Mason began. The store manager was having none of it, he knew full well that the second he put his gun down that he'd be mobbed by the officers. "No dice, you know what I want, now make it happen!" Came the demand in repsponse. "Sir I can't understand what you want us to do, you want to leave but not be followed, but you want a safe passage to the station... Maybe if you explained things to us we could-"


An almost welcome distraction... However the chaos that followed the window breaking, was defeaning and bloody and having created 2 deaths. Seth reloaded, saving the 9 bullets left in the previous clip for later. The shock of the last few seconds had hit everyone but had also disappeared for the team as quickly as it had come, Marsha lay flat on the floor, a thin line of blood trickling from her right temple where the bullet from the manager's gun had entered, a gaping wound appearing on her left temple where it had exited in violent fashion and was just oozing blood and brain matter. Behind her was the store manager who'd been hit in both knee caps, his gun hand and three shots to the head, the bullet holes the same size and all from the same angle, indicating that the shots had been fired from one gun. A bloody mess was now what best described this man and as Mason looked over the corpse he had in the back of his mind, his worries for Seth's mental stability.

Seth moved over to the offending object that had started and helped end all this madness and picked it up. A plastic bag with 10mm clip with a note attatched to it inside. "Mason, I think we got a radio frequency here," Seth informed his superior, knowing full well that it'd be passed to Vermin anyway but still following proceedure. This eased Mason's mind about Seth's mental state somewhat as he made his way over, flicking his head to the side as he looked at Lutokus on the way past in a motion to follow him. "Looks like whoever threw this in here knows we're in here and has short wave transmissions capability," Vermin started before taking out his ear piece and tampering with it a moment. "It should work now sir," He finished as he handed the ear piece to Mason.

"This is Lieutenant Arnold Mason of Royse city Police department, SWAT team Echo, who is this?" He asked and waited. In the mean time Seth had gone back over to the bodies of Marsha and the store manager, not sure what to do about Dave who was now cradling his wife in his arms and sobbing his heart out for her. The manager had gotten the first shot off through panic, the window had broken and he'd jumped; pulling he trigger in the process, Seth didn't have much choice but to take him down after that and admittedly he thought he could've done things less aggressively and admitted to himself that he let his feelings get in the way, but he also knew that no matter how many innocent people had lost their lives today through the madness out in the streets, he'd just ended the life of one sick individual who would've rotted in a prison cell for the rest of his days for his actions, instead of getting what he deserved. The worst of it had been sneakily caught on camera by Wookie who stood there still dumbfounded at the chaos, and Emma Price who hadn't missed a beat in getting back in shot to report...

"We have just witnessed a bloody scene here at Amps music store which has left 2 dead and shocked the remaining survivors. This tragedy occured not five minutes ago and was caught on- Hey! What're you doing? Get offa me- don't you touch-people have a right to know damnit!"
"Cut the fucking camera Wookie, NOW!"

Seth wasn't taking this, with the help of Marine and Witch he'd managed to stop the news feed, they'd taken Emma away in the most polite; yet forceful, way they possibly could and Seth took care of Wookie. That taken care of he now moved over to Emma and began what Emma thought was going to be yet another barrage of insults. "I agree, the people have a right to know, but for fuck sake you can't just wait till everything has calmed down can you? And what do you think this will do to anyone back at the station watching this? They'll think we've all gone mad and started killing each other... And we're supposed to go back to that station with them having seen whatever they've seen and not fear us?! Just think! For once in your ill ridden, parasite like excuse for a life, think about what the hell you're casting around the circumstances you're in. No one knows what's going on here and the last thing they need is more fear because a group of killers are on their way back to camp out with them..." He stopped himself before he carried on. Emma had been right about the barrage of insults, but she also noticed that he'd done it in quite a contained manner, it scared her simply becaue he'd just killed someone and didn't seem to be dealing with guilt, but more with sympathy for those around him and those back at the station. Seth walked away and checked outside, searching for whoever broke the window, he knew they wouldn't be around and that contact with them would more than likely be imminent, but he'd hoped to see something out there that hadn't lost it's mind or blown up.


Was all hope gone? He was close to believing it.

"Hey, how're you guys holding up?" Chatlotte and Marnie calmly stepped over to the remaining staff members, they knew it wasn't a great question but it was all they had as conversation openers. The general reaction was a lying "Fine," but it was a start, the young man who'd shown Seth the little girl's body had loved the attention and had been easily distracted by the recent events, simply because there were two beautiful young women asking him how he was. It seemed most like that no woman had really taken much of a interest in him.

{Back at the station}

Jacobson toyed with the idea of getting the army in, he really wanted to get back up from somewhere so he could help evacuate the town, and seeing as the mayor was nowhere to be seen he knew eventually he'd have to accept the fact that the town might very well be under marshall law. He looked back to the TV to see the new feed back on again and was horrified at the scenes that followed, this couldn't be good... This was one more problem he'd have to sort out amongst the citizens and police, though he didn't quite know what to say about it all, there was no control he had over the situation and there was nothing he could do even when they got back to the station for a debreifing. All he could do was try and offer some piece of mind to everyone watching the events and hope it went well. He moved from his leather chair once more and headed down to reception, stopping on the way only to look out at the scenes from over head on the upper floor, everything was scarily silent, the shocked faces said it all really and now he didn't want to go down there at all... He took the coward's way out and retreated back to the communications room to see if there was any more progress with their new friends...
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Re: Ill of the dead
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The shots had been far too clear, even over the rumble of the engine, the bodies hitting the sides of the truck and the pounding headache Adrian was fighting back. She


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Re: Ill of the dead
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The radio crackled a little and a transmission had come through, Seth hadn't heard it because he'd been wrapped up in his own depressing thoughts, the chatter had stirred him and his game face was back on. Mason looked slightly confused but was listening intently for what should have been the rest of the transmission, but it didn't come. Instead there was more commotion from outside, right near the window Seth had been staring out of just seconds earlier. The team rushed over to the windows on that side of the building and peered out into the street.

The van screeched round the corner of the building, Seth spotted a dark figure in the bed at the back of the van; shuffling around and trying to keep balance while the driver knocked into everyone in the van's path and had to swerve away from a couple of obstructions in the road, another sound, this time right next to them, it sounded like something scraping against the wall and trying to hit the drain pipe nearby, Seth couldn't tell whether or not it had hit the mark because the next distraction came very suddenly when the figure leapt from the van and attempted to scramble up the side of the building. He froze up for a second, unsure what he should be doing, he went for his gun but didn't draw it... Instead he just kept his hand there and continued to watch. Mason finally clocked what was happening and stuck his MP5 out of the window before pulling the trigger, trying to free up some room for their visitor, the rest of the team followed suit bar Seth who seemed to have other things on his mind. He took a step back from the window and surveyed the room around him, the staff and customers were still shaken pretty badly from previous proceedings, Emma Price and Wookie were still looking a bit sheepish as Seth looked at them. One person was missing... David, Marsha's husband. He didn't bother asking anyone and just took off around the floor searching for him.

He moved quickly, batting doors aside as he jogged around. The kitchen produced no results, neither did the manager's office, nothing in the toilet either. "Where the hell...?" He quizzed himself aloud, there was no quiet around anywhere so he couldn't have heard the shuffling and creaking from the stairwell behind him as he made his way past it, heading back to the lounge. He stopped for just a second as he noticed a slight change to do with the sound of the firing from upstairs, something didn't sit right. There was shotgun fire coming from downstairs, 'But why would there be?... David...' He thought straight away, drawing his gun and moving rapidly down the stairwell, most of the barricade had been moved and there was a buckshot hole in the door where the handle would've been. The fire continued but it seemed that some of the crazies he had been shooting at, weren't too interested in David right now and were heading toward the doorway to the stairwell. "DAVID, GET YOUR ARSE BACK HERE NOW, WE NEED TO MOVE!" Seth shouted after him in vain, he knew it wouldn't have mattered but he had to try. BLAM! One head shot as the first came through the door, Seth bailed out of this situation slowly, moving backwards up the stairwell with his gun trained on the doorway at the bottom. BLAM! BLAM! BOOOM! The first shot had hit a shoulder, sending it reeling, the second hit it's mark between the eyes, the explosion he couldn't put his finger on but right now didn't care. He shut the door at the top of the stairs the second he arrived through it and turned around to see a new scene, his gun was raised instantly at this new figure. He realised it was the figure from the back of the van but was still a little on edge.

She removed her mask; which seemed to surprise a couple of the team, what stunned Seth was her beauty; though that only lasted for a split second before he got his head back in the game. "I think it's time we left, and quickly, tell him to hurry his fucking ass up," Were the first words out of her mouth. Seth holstered his gun and turned to the door behind him again, "Stand up," He seemed to order the four people sat on the nearest sofa tot he door behind them. They followed suit and as soon as they'd moved, Seth dragged the sofa into place in front of the door, it wasn't much but it'd buy them some more time. Mason stepped forward to the newest member of their motley crew; handing the radio to Lutokus as he did so, offering his hand in greeting. Seth couldn't see it being met, not that she was arrogant, but someone who'd just jumped through hoops to get through a window to save a group of people wasn't going to waste time with formalities unless they could afford the time, and right now; thanks in large part to David's antics, the time they had was very limited. "Here..." Seth caught her attention before he threw the 10mm clip back in her direction "I'm gonna go ahead and assume this belongs to you, and with that being a 10mil clip as opposed to a 9 mil, that Beretta you're packing is custom. Which makes you either Mercs or a special forces unit, I don't care which-" He was cut off by Mason, rightfully so because Mason was in charge.

"Look, we know you're here to help, and I'd like to get some answers, we have a little time to figure out what to do and I think that would allow us some time for a quick Q & A sess-"
"Actually Mace, David disappeared not long ago and decided to go on a rampage downstairs, we've not got much time before those crazies batter through that door behind us, so we need to think of a way to get JD out along with us..." Seth cut in, it wasn't out of spite, it was for informative reasons only. "OK... Then I guess we'll have to skip the formalities and get the fuck out of here. Vermin, get on that radio and let her partner know we need out and fast." Mason order, Vermin got right to it, Seth just knew that who ever was on the other end of that radio would have to chuckle a little bit at the thick Russian accented Lutokus talking to them. "Gambit, Marine, Witch, close in around JD and we'll have ourselves a brain storm, you're more than welcome to share any plans you and your partner had in place Miss Parker" Mason ended and motioned for her to join their little circle.

Emma Price on the other hand went back on the air...

{Back at the station}

Jacobson had been sat in his leather chair, still struggling to find the words to say to make everything seem like it was under control to the townsfolk in reception. He ran a muscular hand through his shoulder length blond hair as if he was trying to sweep the frustration away, there was no brushing this situation away and the best way to deal with it seemed to be facing it head on. The TV hadn't been active since Seth forced the feed to cut after Marsha's death, no one at the station had seen Marsha being killed, the radio through the window had thankfully distracted Wookie long enough to leave that part out, but the aftermath had been caught and that was what had silenced everyone downstairs. He ran through in his head who he had left of his SWAT teams, trying to think ahead to where he may have to station them for any future plans.

'Alpha were the first point of contact at the barrier and have all been reported dead... Bravo and Delta are in with casualties, Echo are still alive but wounded out in the field, Charlie haven't been heard from since the barrier fell and can only be assumed dead and Foxtrot were the first team back with no casualties. This is gonna be one hell of a ride, potentially 4 teams left out of 6, plus the officers I have in the station, amounting to about 30, so I have about 50 officers in total at my disposal. There's only one way out of the city now and then I have to make sure these crazies don't follow... The mysterious man from the radio transmissions might be able to shed some light on what we can do, or at least what we're dealing with.' He finished thinking, standing up from the chair and moving back to the comms room where Rigg hadn't moved from, not even to take a break. "Rigg, I want communications brought back up with our new found friend, I'm getting impatient and want some answers." Jacobson ordered. "Sir I think you should take a look at the TV before you make any calls, something else just came up" Rigg pointed with a puzzled look on his face. Jacobson turned and took a closer look.
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Re: Ill of the dead
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Adrian had expected to come under suspicion, here was a person who literally got into town less than an hour ago, and yet she
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Re: Ill of the dead
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Everything had moved so fast since Adrian arrived, Seth liked knowing what needed to be done as soon as he arrived on scene; preferably beforehand so they didn't need to dawdle on any details, so to have someone come in and know almost exactly what to do was quite refreshing and seemed to lift the morale in the room. Some may have still been dubious as to who this woman was but their general mood seemed to lift when she started telling it like it was without panicking. What sold it for Seth was how she treated Wookie and Emma almost instantly, not bothering to hide a smirk when Emma looked in his direction. Seth was the last to arrive around JD's grounded and wounded body, flicking a glance down to him and shaking his head with a smile at him in advance; knowing what was shortly going to turn into the quickest kick in the arse that he'd ever received, but JD was relentless for it, the only reason Seth had shaken his head at his team mate was simply because this wasn't the time or place to be making crude innuendos. Their huddle didn't seem to open up many options for them, as Adrian had suggested there was the window she had come through that could offer them a little salvation, but it would be impossible to get JD through and safely to ground level with those things around. There was the gung ho option of opening the door to the stairwell leading into the store's main floor and fighting their way through there but that seemed like suicide, they might have the fire power for it, but had no idea how many they were dealing with in or outside the store and on their way back to the station. There was only one van which also threw another spanner in the works.... What else was there they could do?

"Your partner is in safe and sound, I have opened a channel through for you to listen into the conversation Mr St James..." Lutokus informed Cassius and knew he was being chuckled at over the line, everyone had to laugh at his voice simply because they didn't expect a Russian with a Dallas twanged accent hitting their ears, most were confused by it but most everyone that knew him; and most that didn't for that matter, just found it amusing. Lutokus himself just found it mildly annoying, he'd gotten used to dealing with the ribbing, day in and out, but when he'd had a bad day, the last thing he wanted to hear was someone mocking his accent. It had gotten him into more trouble than any of the team could remember but he generally got away with his actions because the judges an higher ups in the stations knew why he did it and that those that had been on the receiving end of his wrath had most likely deserved it, plus it was either take a hit from Lutokus, or o some jail time for discrimination. most accepted their fate at the hands of Vermin.

"So we're basically looking at the stair well if we want to get JD out of here... I don't know if I'm comfortable sending everyone to their impending doom but I guess everyone has their own free will..." Mason joked, they still hadn't come up with a viable solution, and it was getting darker outside thanks to a few gigantic rain clouds that had just recently appeared over the city, the rain hadn't begun yet but it was surely only moments away... 'The perfect setting for any horror movie' Mason thought to himself shortly followed by the more obvious 'when it rains it pours'... Seth broke off from the group for a second and headed toward the ginger employee that had informed him earlier about his boss being a paedophile. "Do you guys have roof access here?" He didn't ask with any kin of emotion in his tone, just as flat as that... "Errr... Yeah, none of us have ever been up there cause the boss said the door was permanently busted-" He was cut short by a look Seth had given him, suggesting that he was one: An idiot for still believing anything that man had ever told him that wasn't to do with his job and two: Suggested that they would more than likely find a few more nasty surprises along their way to the roof. Seth turned away from him and back to the team. "OK, we have a roof that I think we could use to get as close to the station as possible without too much hassle; it'd mean trying to find a couple of real sturdy ladders and some rope, but I think we could do it that way till we couldn't go any further, then we have fire escape stairs along the buildings to get everyone down and into the van group by group and ferry them that way?" The plan wasn't solid, it wasn't anything special, but it was something and so far seemed to be the safest one away from those walking monstrosities.

Mason thought for a moment, tried to come up with something better but in the end happily to conceded in the understanding that he had nothing better and assumed that neither did Adrian or Cassius. "Alright, if you think it'll work then we'll give it a shot. You can take point if you want Miss Parker but this is my team, I can imagine you know what it means to be in charge of their lives so I'll trust you to take the lead until you give a call that I can't agree with, in the mean time I'm going to assign them their duties before we hand over to you." Mason finished. He didn't want to put his team in the hands of a stranger, especially one that didn't seem to be with any organisation, but he knew as well as Seth that the Beretta she was packing wasn't standard issue, and with her giving her CV of previous jobs and current knowledge of the situation at hand, it seemed the best thing to do until they got back to the station.

{OOC}: (From this point on, feel free to make use of Lutokus 'Vermin' Vermilion, Charlotte 'Witch' Blair, Marnie 'Marine' Davis and good old injured JD. I made some adjustments to the characters we used to know (Aside from JD and Marnie) but they've been obvious ones, like Lutokus and his temper, but they're basically the same people. Going to give you a basic lay out of where they're going to be if you decide to move them. Also a bit of a character reference should you need it.)

"Davis, Blair, you'll be carrying JD out behind Vermin. Lutokus, you're gonna be the scout on this one, I want you to trek ahead and radio through to Mr St James of our progress, I'll travel in front of the civilians with Evers bringing up the rear. I'm not sure what you and your partner wish to do Miss Parker, but you know where each member of my team is now, direct them as you see fit but have the courtesy to clear shit with me first alright?" He ended and awaited her reply, he was aways very formal with everyone and that's what impressed management about him, he'd generally always remain in the same mindset when his team were sent in, kept his cool.

It annoyed Seth somewhat, he couldn't stand talking to people unless he really had to; but there again his daughter's death had done that to him, turned him into a very bitter person, making it near impossible for anyone but his team mates to garner a reaction from him with most anything. He'd respond to the chain of command, but with no emotion. Within the office he wasn't much liked simply because he was so antisocial, the best reaction that could be garnered from him really was a small noise accompanied by a nod if someone had held the door open for him, or allowed him to pass in a tight corridor. The rest of the time there was the odd nod to someone that had said hello to him and sometimes the random outbursts of rage towards any criminals in the vicinity that happened to say anything wrong while he was on his way by, but other than these simple reactions, he was almost like a zombie walking through the station most of the time.

But when he was out on the job, he became something else, as if shooting people was the only thing now keeping him happy. In truth it was, he had only to look down the ACOG scope that usually sat atop his G36C at a perp and he was almost smiling when he pulled the trigger. It was hi belief that if the world could be so cruel as to take away his daughter at such an early ages in her life, then why wasn't he allowed to take away a perp's life, the split second that decision was made and Seth was generally there. He didn't shoot anyone that he felt either hadn't deserved it or hadn't needed shooting, but he hated most people. Looking upon them with the disgust that only a parent can harbour after losing a child and seeing a healthy family walking around unscathed... For the most part he also blamed himself, his marriage fell apart during the ordeal and as hard as he tried to help his daughter, there wasn't anything he could have done to stop what was happening to her. But he thought he hadn't been strong enough or tried hard enough. Nothing would ever bring her back and as far as he was concerned, it was all his fault, his ex wife made plenty sure she'd drilled that one home before they parted ways.

Marnie had tried to look after him once she'd heard the news, she was like his little sister and they were rarely seen apart before it had happened. Seth's ex-wife Abby hated her because of the relationship Marnie had with Seth; she was jealous and always accused him of cheating on her with Marnie simply because she never saw the side of Seth that Marnie did, a friend. She always offered to baby sit should they want to go out for a meal or they were both out having a drink and she loved little Harley, but Abby hated Marnie for that too and several months before the time arrived, stopped Marnie from seeing Harley. There wasn't much she could do to stop her while Harley was in the hopsital because even at 2 years old Harley could string a couple of sentences together and was asking for Marnie when she wasn't there. Her passing naturally saddened Marnie but she knew she'd have to remain strong for Seth and Abby just in case they needed her. It turned out they needed each other more than they thought, Abby's moods finally deteriorated into verbal and sometimes physical abuse because she couldn't deal with the tragic loss and her paranoia. In the end they agreed to mutually terminate and both went their separate ways. Marnie had thought this would b good for Seth and hadn't expected him to take it the way he eventually ended up doing and now they were almost like strangers...

Charlotte had picked up on all of this and being Marnie's best friend in the force had been a huge help for Marnie at the time. There were jokes flying around the office that Charlotte had always had a crush on Seth, and only Marnie knew that there was some truth behind it, Marnie would always try and get them talking as a joke when they went out for drinks after work. Charlie always took this in her stride well enough and plotted some small revenge schemes in the office like removing her shampoo from her locker when it was shower time. Simply put, Charlotte did have a crush on Seth and picked the worst time to try and help him out, they got on just fine until she'd jump in on conversations between him and Marnie about how his life was going and what had happened, it would usually end up with Seth leaving for a while or him making some snappy remark and then leaving. He didn't want to dislike her but she hadn't helped herself in the slightest. She barely knew him and was acting as though she knew every last second of his life because she was friends with Marnie.

At least JD and Lutokus had the sense to leave those subjects alone, Mason had tried to open up talks a while ago, but figured that he'd best leave them alone when the only thing that stopped him getting a broken nose, was Marnie. He just stuck to telling him to get a grip whilst on the job and building a case to send him to a shrink when the time was right. There was a lot wrong with this team but they all functioned as one person. It's what Jacobson liked about them, so much so that after this assignment was over; granted it was only supposed to have been a small containment issue, not a full blown, citywide catastrophe, he was considering replacing Captain Rogers with Arnold Mason and handing him control over all the SWAT units the RCPD had, and giving control of Echo unit to JD Nelson. Knowing about these changes might have given them a little more incentive to stay in the game. But for now their survival was paramount, not the bonus achievements.

Seth nodded at the instructions and took a look outside one last time before pulling his head back in and heading with Vermin and the ginger teenager to the roof access door. "I don't think we have the keys on-" BLAM! Lutokus had shot the handle clean off with his Taurus Judge; a revolver that can fire .45 long Colt cartridges and .410 gauge shot shells, the shotshells were just for crowd control more than anything, their 2" target penetration wasn't ideal for stopping someone who wanted to attack you and was going to stop at nothing to get there, rioting crowds could at least be controlled with specially targeted areas on the body with .410 birdshot shells. This time however, the occasion called for the .45 calibre side of things to be used, the door handle didn't seem to want to offer any resistance after that and simply fell off the door. They headed through.

The night was eiree, the smell of smoke and death, the onmious song of the dead being sung throughout the city could be heard for miles around and a couple of screams in the blackness reminded Seth that there were still people alive out there, but they were fading fast. Soon they might be the only ones left out in the open, the only walking meal left advertised city wide, they'd be slowly hunted. He heled out for hope for once however, knowing full well that the station had officers and other survivors inside it, and that the commisioner could already have a plan of escape. He held out for all these things and had a little more hope now that they had seemingly been joined by 2 ex-special forces operatives who knew what the hell was going on. There was a chance, they just had to know how and when to take it. "Clear!" Came the call from Lutokus at the far end of the roof, he was looking over into an alleyway below them, thinking about pegging shots at every last one of the undead down there. Seth wasn't sure what they could do, but the night didn't seem like the best time to travel out there, they couldn't see too much of what they were doing, they were at a disadvantage. "What next Rambette?" He jokingly asked Adrian...
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Re: Ill of the dead
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"Sir... There's someone here that wants to see you, he's not taking no for an answer..." It was Rigg from the comms room, hitting the intercom button on his operating desk, channeling through to Jacobson's office. Jacobson gave it a few long seconds before he responded. He hit the reply button "What's he after?" and then released it with no smooth action on either part, deliberation in his movements suggesting he'd all but had enough already. "He wants to know what we're planning to do to help the civilians survive" Rigg replied sharply, Rigg himself hadn't had any other choice but to remain on the ball with communications, just in case the strange man from the radio decided to get back in touch, or Echo managed to link up with them, or even Foxtrot reported in.

"Tell him if he comes in to my office with an attitude that he's gonna end up tied to the American flag we've got waving off the outside of this building for all to see as an example and possibly lowered every now and again as bait when our snipers get bored" Jacobson responded with, hoping that this little speech would put off the would be spokesman for the group they had in the parking lot and reception. "He understands sir." Rigg replied before cutting the link between the two. Jacobson was surprised, normally most people would've taken an issue and either left, or gotten themselves arrested for their actions after those kind of comments. He perked up a little bit at the thought of having someone to talk to that was going to level with him.

The knock on the door said it all... Manners were hard to come by today...

"Come on in sir." Jacobson stated briskly.

"I thank you for your time commissioner." The man opened up the door and respectfully responded immediately.

"Take a seat and let me know what's troubling you, can I offer you something to drink?" Jacobson fired back, it was as if he was completely refreshed by this approach.

"No thank you, if it's all the same I'd like to keep a clear head today," He joked. "What's troubling me commissioner isn't just the state of affairs throughout the city today, but also inside this building. most aren't being looked after and whereas most understand that you don't have the necessary man power to tend to everyone all at once. However some; myself included, are concerned that while things are being done in the short term to ensure our safety and survival, there isn't much being done about the long run, like food, water, blankets-" He was cut off, this particular subject had just annoyed Jacobson a little bit, it was already bad enough without this kind of conversation coming up.

"I hate to use the cliched line of 'all that can be done is being done' but in this scenario we're really at odds with. No one in this town has ever experienced anything like this so we're trying to deal with things one step at a time. It might be taking longer than everyone wants it to take, but that's all we can do right now. It's not safe for anyone to go out there right now, as has been displayed over the TV by one of my teams who're still out there in the chaos. The second we figure out a plan to either get everyone out of here, or keep everyone fed and watered, we'll put that plan into action. however, right now, everyone is safe, so my main priority is trying to help anyone who's still out there, make it back to this station... Now if we're all done here?" It was a snap back, it had completely changed the tone of the conversation, simply because Jacobson felt like this man was treating him like an idiot, like he didn't know what he was doing.

The man gracefully took his leave, there was no come back argument or any kind of response. Jacobson now couldn't sit down, he was restless... He needed to think of something to change the tide of these affairs, and fast... He hit the communications button on the phone on his desk with purpose and got through to Riggs in the radio room. "Patch me through to Foxtrot unit Rigg."

"Done sir."

"Foxtrot team, report to the comms room ASAP, I've got an assignment for you." He didn't even wait for a response from them and hung up, once again running his hands through his hair... This was going to be a long night. He moved quickly out of his office and headed toward the radio room and waited there with Rigg for Foxtrot team to show up.

<Foxtrot team>

It had been a busy day for Foxtrot, Xero had finally gotten over his hang over; albeit through numerous anti-inflammatory tablets and lots of coffee, but either way he'd had more time on his hand than he'd expected to have today, in between shooting he'd had time to head to the staff kitchen and make himself coffee and finally kill off the hang over once and for all. The only problem he had was that his head was still a little sore from all the gunshots ringing out around him.

They were just like all the other teams out there, though they were specialist sharp shooters and had been held back as close to the station for that reason alone, they were able to provide superb covering fire for the incoming crowds of people flooding into the station, it hadn't been easy but they were highly accurate and had saved a lot of lives, their captain pushed them to their limits all the time, but that's what made them so good, and the only reason he hadn't previously responded to Xero's communications mishap was simply because Xero was the best of the snipers he had under his command.

His team never really did any field work simply because other teams were better suited to the tasks, not only that but there was rarely any major trouble in Royse City, it was all situated further into Dallas and that meant that the specialist teams did a lot of travelling and filling in where extra support was needed. This left Foxtrot at home most of the time, responding to the major crimes within Royse, which often left them very bored. So when the call came for them over the radio for an assignment, Foxtrot's captain became a little excited but also concerned. He understood why the call had come for them; they were the only team still left completely intact from the altercations earlier in the day, but surely they wouldn't be going anywhere outside the station?
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