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Why I Laugh
« on: June 14, 2009, 12:57:37 AM »
(OCC: An older first-person piece. Feel free to comment, if you want.)

Lets see here, how do I start? My name is Exon Sage, and I'm probably one of my the most unique and unsterotyped Angel your gonna meet. Before I continue, lets get some facts out of the way. One is I'm the next Seraphim in line, meaning I get to stand back, look important and have alot of power at my disposal, the poltical kind anyway. This also means, I have a bit of a limited freedom in terms of some choices. For one, I won't be able to choose my wife...We'll I Can its just she has to be an Angel and most of the ones at Blight City I can't stand. Secondly, I'll have to live in my pops shadow and be known as "Norphues" Jr. stuck in a postion I don't need or want. When I do finally die, I want to be know for me Exon Sage, not as Jr. I don't care if it makes me a nobody I just want someone to say at my funeral, "Hey remember Exon? Funny guy huh?" Or, "Naw, he sucked and tried a bit to hard."

Either or I'd be happy with.

Blight City itself isn't so bad, in fact its actually nice. Problem is almost everyone here is so uptight and serious all the time, its drives me crazy. Would it kill you to smile a bit more or laugh? Life's to short, even to those who don't age. The females(most of them) act as they weren't serious all the time, then they would explode in a completely inlogical gory mass of flesh. Its gotten a bit better, but not much. The male Angels of Blight City, are a bit better not much either. Their thing is they liked talking about things that completely uninterested me(Who the hell really wants to know about a theory that if upset the greater balance things would get screwed over?) I was one of the few that wasn't uptight or super-serious. It was like I was born in a diffrent time being completely out of place.

Most people didn't apperciate my humour when I tried to share it with them. One time I remember telling a joke and they took it literally. You know, for a race thats renknowned for their intellgience almost as much as Dragons, us Angels can be dumb as rocks to. My mother was diffrent though. Strong-willed, and very beautiful with silver hair(both my parents had silver hair, how did I end up with the blonde look?) I loved her to pieces. She was serious but not overly so and relaxed and besides my dad, was the only one who seemed to laugh at my jokes. She would be sad at times, but no matter how depressed she was I could always make her laugh atleast a little. It was a good thing, I think I was one of the things that kept her going besides my old man. I didn't know at the time, but my mother suffered from a disease that not even Angels were immune to and only our race caught it, but it wasn't contagious atleast. The name isn't in my short term memory right now, but to put it short-it slowly drains on our holy energy until it sucks us dry eventually causing the victim to die. My father and mother didn't tell me this. And I'll always remember the day she seemed more depressed then usual. I did the usual but it wasn't enough, I only got her to smile a little, she said something to me and then left to her room.

The next day my mother died.

Her death was expected by everyone who knew, but their was a heavy atomosphere of sadness and mourning that even myself couldn't shrugg off like I did normally. Me being the naive-little kid we all were at one point didn't completely understand what had happened. All my dad said was that she wasn't here with us anymore but where she went, he never answered. Its often assumed that because of our origins and the fact we Are Angels that we know more about what happens after some one finally kicks the bucket. Truth is, we don't have a damned clue either. If anyone would know, it would have been the Very first Seraphim but he had disspeared, going off on some journey for some unknown purpose. Want to know something odd? After my mom died, I actually began praticing my craft a bit more on making people laugh I don't know why I just had a strong urge to do it. Stranger was the fact that afterwards, people became alot more accepting of my little acts and actually spared a chuckle or two, and were less uptight. I think my mothers death reminded us that not everyday we have is guaranteed, that any moment out life could be cut short by something, it made them live a bit more.

Kind of sad to think the only way for them to loosen up was the death of my mother. She was one of those people that was just geuinely warm, their was no material motive or anything. She was the type of person that would give her blood to complete stranger who moments ago threatend her with something. I still wonder were she is right now, but probably in Heaven. I've always wondered if someone were to get into Heaven, would we have to be uptight and rightous all the time, would we have to worry about always doing the right thing with fear of getting thrown out of "Paradise"? I don't know. I wish I knew. If thats really the case though, I think I'd have better time in Hell(Atleast their I could always pick up demon chicks. Eon's of doing nothing must have made them kinky)

Their's still alot I don't know, and I'm ignorant on alot of things but I try. No matter how much I progress though, I honestly don't think I'll ever be as wise as my father..his wisdom is way beyond his years and he's really, really old. Like Dinosaur-age old. How old I don't know, Angels male or female are a bit sensetive about their age. I think in a way, my pop's know's this because he never really harped on me about the Seraphim thing. If I decide to go though with it, it will be a while. I kind of what to get away from it as long as possible. I've had the displeasure of possible wifes to go with my title, and all of them were ugly. Not phyiscally, they all could have made anyone give a second glance or two. I mean they had a Really ugly spirit, if their inner beauty showed on the outside they wouldn't just crack mirrors, they make their reflection scream in horror before the glass shattered.

So as it stands, I don't have myself a girlfriend, and on really further thinking about it I find I don't care. Countless years have passed with me being a lost soul wandering around Halzara trying to fine my place, one were I would just Know it was for me. No matter were I went though, I still never really felt at home like I used to or had any real solid friends. Course, that changed by mere chance when I got into a battle with a strange unknown entity, lets just say it more or less handed my ass to me and knocked me out. When I woke up, I found myself in a castle of some kind. Their was a female dragon by the name of Radja and a Celestial by the name of Shiroma who lived their. They nursed me back to health pretty much. It turns out I ended up on a backwater planet called Earth, pollution, lack of variety among races, and add the fact it was so small didn't make me think any good thoughts about it.(It was like comparing a village to a large city)

I stayed their for some time, since like Radja she was from the same place I was from. Only problem was, our power to travel to any realm we wanted was messed up for what ever reason, she to had run into what ever it was I had. Radja and Shiroma were the first real friends I had since..we'll forever. Shiroma was done to earth and was pretty genial, though she was so clumsy she could trip going in a straight line, which off sets her title called "Death Bringer". Not to mention her cooking skills are more like a deadly art. (I often wondered if she was skilled in various posions). It turned out she's just really bad at cooking for what ever reason, it was like trying to feed Super-Man a bowel of Kryptonite cereal. I get along with her well enough and can make her laugh so hard that she'll make this sound.(Or she'll shoot milk out of her nose)Its funny because it doesn't look like it would come from a Celestial, a supposedly "Flawless" race of beings.

Radja on the other hand, is a diffrent story.

Getting along with her isn't the problem, she's actually a very mellow and easy-going person. Just as long as you don't mess with Shiroma, otherwise the Dr.Jackal Mr. Hide thing starts going and get pissed.(Who invented that term? Did someone get so angry that they lost control of their bladder or something?) I liked Radja because she was always(Or almost always) cool, calm and collected. She didn't usually let her anger get the better and she often anaylzed things, planning one or two steps ahead of our game plan. If it wasn't for her, me and Shiroma would have died. Clumsyness mixed with an Angel who didn't know what he was doing half the time didn't go we'll together. The problem is, I can't get her to laugh. I mean I can the most I can but most I can get from her is a light laugh, smile or maybe a breif chuckle but thats it. If I can get Radja to laugh her ass atleast once, that will be another thing to scratch off my list of the things I want to accomplish before I die. Speaking of which, here they are:

1: Get Radja to laugh hard enough to were she snorts(Hopefully she'll be drinking something so some of liquid shoots out of her nose)

2: If/When married, make sure I can stand said woman before making Exon Jr.(If we can get through a weekend with just the two of us, with out thinking of how to dispose of each others bodies, thats a good sign)

3: Have a mind-blowing sexual encounter with a vampire girl(Has to be good-looking)

4: See three

5: The next time I see a ugly a girl wearing a shirt that says "Sexy" or "Cutie" I'll tell them to replace the shirt-thats false advertisement after all.

6: Tell the High Elves their bunch of wheenies(Actually I have, so I'll have to do something bigger)

Now back on track. All three of us have somehow roused the anger of a deity named Serintheus, known by few feared by all. I don't fear him, in fact I wonder why anyone would. I mean the guy's the most generic villain since Skeltor, sending his minions to do the work to die a bloody death while he sits on his ass until the last second. Though, Serintheus is another ball-less pretty boy, I do know he packs a mean punch(or slap). Joking aside, he's pretty dangerous but I don't fear him the worse he can do is end my life right? Not to mention I'd get to see my dead mother and maybe my dog to if they go anywhere. People often ask me why I like to laugh and make people laugh. For a while, I had no answer. I later realized I liked to laugh because at times people are way to serious and life is short and then you die. Any second you or you loved one's could be ripped violently away from you, and your going to wish you spent some more happy moments with them. I like to laugh because if you don't, who will? Take things to seriously and you'll go nuts, life will eat you up. If I managed to make you laugh or smile..even a little I guess I'm all right atleast I know my mother is proud of me. And if you don't like me, then I don't care.

I told you why I laugh, and if your not laughing your not living. Its up to you to figure out why you laugh though. We'll its been fun and thanks for listening to me ramble on. If your ever feeling a bit down, look me up.

-Exon Sage
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