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The Black Queen Saga
« on: June 10, 2009, 03:09:57 PM »
        Far away from the world of Man, there was a royal adviser standing in the Elvin King’s throne room, waiting patiently for those white oaken doors to open. He traveled far, very far to tell the king of his vision. He was an ordinary man with graying hair, and he was wearing a white satin robe with gold trim. He did not care for riches, as most Royal servants did, and for that, the king tolerated him. He is an old soothsayer and he held unto his great ivory staff proudly for this staff alone stated his status among his tribe.
        Mikhail is a wise and powerful elf. He holds mystery in his entire person and he is an exceptional king. However, his queen was quite the opposite of her King.
       The adviser looked up to see her majesty leave the throne room in quite a sour mood. He took it as a sign to be weary of Mikhail’s current mood. He bowed to her majesty as she passed.
        The Queen Wren barely acknowledged the adviser as she stormed down the hall.
         The adviser heard his king sigh and stifle a vile curse from his lips.  Then he saw a sentry approach the king’s throne and kneel in front of him.

   “My King, Chief Royal Adviser Solon wishes to see you.”

   Mikhail rubbed his eyes in frustration and raised his voice so that Solon could hear him.

   “Solon, you had better have good news or you will pay for disturbing me.”

   Solon assumed he had permission to enter and approach the throne. As he was the King’s most trusted adviser and had humorously provided counsel on the king’s personal affairs; the king allowed him to be at least five feet in front of the throne. Solon bowed, and then said.

   “My king, I have had a vision that may be of great importance to you.”

   Mikhail removed his hand from his eyes and looked around him.

   “Guards,” At his word, his personal guards immediately approached the throne and knelt before Mikhail.

   “Yes, Sire!” All had replied at once.

   “Leave my adviser and I alone.”

   Reluctantly, the sentries left the throne room, but Solon knew they would be outside if needed.

   When all the sentries left, Mikhail looked at Solon.

   “Please tell me this vision is of my wife’s demise.”

   Solon chuckled, and cleared his throat.

   “Do not worry, your majesty, you are allowed to take mistresses as your wife does take lovers. Though congratulations, I hear she has given you a son.”

   “If he is my son, the birth mark has not shown itself yet.”

   “Yes, the royal birth mark, the mythical Star of Tri. Do you know if your ancestor is the champion of the Tri-Goddesses?”

   “None have seen her for many a century.”

   “Ah, so she still lives.”

   “So tell me what is this vision that I must know about?”

   “My memory is not as it used to be. I have written if you wish me to read it.”

   “Go ahead.”

   Solon removed a parchment scroll from his sleeve.

   “Deep within the forest of White Oaks, there is a woman with red hair and gold eyes. There in her home, this woman lies upon her bed in the midst of childbirth as the village priestesses’ chant to the Mother. It is the woman who gives birth to Halfling who bears the mark of Tri.”

   “‘The mark of Tri.’” Mikhail repeated. “Is it the royal birth mark?”

   “Yes, Sire, this child is born for a great purpose, the next champion of the Tri-Goddesses.”

   “But she will be born with the star of Tri, which makes me the father of this child.”

   “Yes, sire.”

   “When will meet this women?”

   “I do not know, Sire.”

   “Do you have more of this vision?”

   “Yes, sire.”

   “Then continue.”

   “It is a daughter of the White witch who will come from the village of the White Oaks. It is she, my king Mikhail, who will be the next Queen of Legend.”

   “The destined queen, the one that the scriptures prophesied about?”

   “Yes, the Black Queen. Of course, the scriptures do not say what she look like, but I do believe, my king, that she will be your daughter.”

   “I will have a true heir.”

   “If I may continue, the prophecy only says that the queen is ruler of the land, the waters, fire and air, and a woman of peace not war. It also says that a demigod will aid her as he did your ancestor.”

   “True. Kali, the hand of Malke, is a very helpful warrior.”

   “That is true, but forgive me for saying this, sire, I’m afraid you may have misunderstood me.”

   “I said that the queen is ruler of land, water, fire, and air. This means that she is a very powerful witch who can do unspeakable things. But that does not mean she will make a good military leader.”

   “So a good king should be on her side?”

   “Possibly, in order to add balance to the throne. I advise splitting the throne between your children.”

   “Point taken. Is that all, Solon?”

   “Yes, sire.”

   “Then you are dismissed. I have pressing matters to attend to.”

   “Yes, sire. If you have need of me, I will stay in the palace.”

   “I will remember that, just be sure to speak of this no one.”

   “What if they try to pry my mind for this information?”

   “Then it is best if you leave the palace. No word of this must reach the Queen. There’s no telling what she’ll do if she knows that someone may threaten Merrick’s chance to the throne.”

   “I will leave immediately, Sire.”

   “Then I will see you again, Solon.”

   “Fare thee well, O righteous King.”

   Solon left the throne room, and immediately made his way to the stables to retrieve his horse. Upon walking there, he felt a sharp pain in his chest, as if a dagger had been thrust viciously through his heart.  Solon looked down at his chest to see just that sticking out of his chest. Someone had heard their conversation, and was not very happy about the news. Before he could turn around to see his murder, death took him into her cold white arms and Solon was no more.

   The sentries found Solon’s body within the main hall. Mikhail found it strange that no one had seen his friend murdered. He inquired about any items found on Solon’s body, and nothing was found. So now, the scroll was stolen, and his advisor was dead. Mikhail was furious and had immediately ordered his floor to be sealed and for the guards to find the fiend who did. But later, the murderer was not found. How dare them. How dare they commit treason in his house! If it was his wicked wife, he would send her to the dungeon to rot in her own filth!

   King Théoden’s foreign Prime Minister had hurried to king Mikhail’s throne room. His presence was sorely needed since the king Mikhail was certain to convict Princess Wren of High Treason, which may not do well for the treaty.

   He wasted no time greeting the king and getting to the matter at hand.

   “Your Majesty, please allow King Théoden to handle his daughter. Send her back to our country, there is no need to execute her.”

   “That is not what I had in mind, but if Théoden can discipline her than so be it. But this had better not cause any complications.”

   “No, your majesty, Théoden’s laws are for everyone, even his own children. Adultery committed against any king is a crime.”

   “Good, send word to your human king that his daughter has committed both murder and adultery.”

   “What of the treaty, your majesty?”

   “Our treaty was not bound by my marriage to his daughter; I will hold nothing against Théoden or your country. The treaty is still intact unless it is violated.”

   “Théoden would never violate a treaty that agrees with his country’s needs. I assure there will be no violation.”

   “Then take the women and her son back. But if he is mine, if the birthmark shows, then return him to my palace. I will not deprive my son of his inheritance.”

   “Of course, your majesty, I will see to it myself that the child is checked, and if he is yours, word will be sent immediately and the boy will be returned.”

   “Go now, before she does more damage to my kingdom.”

   With this, the prime minister bowed, and left the throne room.

Fifteen years later

   The White Oaks was a beautiful sight to behold. Mikhail almost felt peace and solitude except he could not stay for long. His time here was well spent; his dear friend Solon would not be disappointed as his last prophecy was now fulfilled. He held the young babe in his arms. She was a true sight to behold. She had his jet-black hair and the unmistakable red eyes of his blood. She had these profound almond shaped eyes and thick black eye lashes. Her lips were a rosy red, the exact image of innocence. She almost resembled Raven, the first Queen of Elves and the chosen Champion to the Goddesses.  That would be her name, Raven of White Oak, Princess of Elves, and daughter of Mikhail and Rhiannon.

   “My Raven, I will let no one take you from me.”

   She only stared at him, she such a calm child. But then that sweet quiet child suddenly cried, the Rhiannon woke from her nap and came to his side.
   “Is our little queen hungry?”

   “I believe so,” He gently handed Raven to Rhiannon.

   Rhiannon brought Raven to her breast to feed her. Raven wasted no time eating.

   “Mikhail, what is her name to be?”

   “Raven, after her ancestor.”

   “The champion, I like it, the name suits her.”

   Mikhail bent down to kiss Rhiannon’s breast and Raven’s forehead. He sighed.

   “Darling, I must leave. I have to go back the palace for Merrick’s Coronation.”

   “Would it be too much trouble to show the young prince his little sister?”

   “He will disappointed but I’m sure when she is old enough to travel, he will love seeing her.”

   “That’s right; he is only a boy in human years. What is he? Is he fifteen now?”

   “Yes, and when Raven is six, I fear that Raven may not be able to travel to Ellismere.”

   “Well, I don’t mind, but will we see each other again?”

   “Of course, we will. If not for the brewing strife between Ellismere and Falkner, then it would not be so difficult. If only there were no threats now."

   “Do not worry; it is best that Raven and I stay here. To stay with people who could protect us from your enemies would be best for us.”

   He looked into her gold eyes, and caressed her face with his hand.

   “One day, you will be Queen of my people. I don’t care if they hate me for it. I love you too much to be without you.”

   “I love you so much, Mikhail. Would you want a wife who ages and grows old?’

   “I would have a daughter to love when that times comes. Though I will miss you, but we have this time to enjoy.”

   Rhiannon flinched.

   “Ouch! She bit me.”

   Mikhail laughed and took Raven from her mother’s bosom.

Six years later

   Raven was racing through the halls of her wing, giving her dear older brother a very hard time catching up with her. Or at least she thought as she ran around the corner and there he was taking her into his arms as if she didn’t weigh a pound.

   “Big brother, big brother, you’re so strong.”

   Merrick chuckled.

   “No, little Raven, you are naught but a bag of soft feathers.” Merrick put Raven on his shoulders.

   “Big brother?”

   “Yes, Raven.”

   “I want to go see Father. Is Father busy today?”

   “I don’t know,” He rubbed his chin with his free hand. “But let’s go and see.”

   “Yay!” Raven began to cheer as she and Merrick started to walk down the hall.

   Mikhail had not expected his former brother-in-law to return to the palace, ever!  He was sent back to Falcnor and Mikhail had hoped that he would never have to see him again. But Théoden had died and the throne was given to him!  He thought the old man at least had the sense to exile his only heir before the snake got his hands on the crown.

   “What do you want?” His tone and posture showed everyone in court that he was truly annoyed and he stroking his sword had made his sentries a bit uneasy.

   “I wish to change the path of this scrimmage that our countries are having.”

   “Scrimmage? You call a war a scrimmage? And what might I ask do you want to change?”

   “I want your elves out of my country.”

     Merrick and Raven, despite the protests of the sentry guarding the throne room, managed to hear only enough of the conversation to enrage Merrick enough to send his sister to her room. Merrick burst in his father’s throne room.

      “What about your nephew, Uncle?” Merrick said with some much pain and hatred in his voice that he sent chills into all the witnesses in the king’s throne room.

      Drake turned around to see Merrick standing behind her.

    “Merrick, what are you doing here?” Mikhail was almost certain Merrick had persuaded the guard to let him in. He would have a talk to that guard later. But now, his son had put himself in a situation he didn’t want him in.

   “I’m sorry for intruding, Father.”

   Mikhail waved it off.

   Merrick stood there staring down at his uncle, who seemed to not have aged as humans do, but that did not hide the cruel demeanor hidden underneath that fair and masculine creature.  Merrick sighed heavily, disappointed that his uncle had nothing to say to him. He left the throne room, and headed toward Raven’s private rooms.  There in her bed, he found his little sister yawning constantly.

   Mikhail let out a sigh of relief. He was glad his son didn’t do anything that would have made the situation worse.

   “You were saying, Drake?”

   “When the elves leave our land, the riots will stop. I will surrender to your demands. That is all.”

   Mikhail thought about his proposal for a moment. He looked at his advisers.

   The advisers looked at each other and then at Mikhail.

   "We believe it is time to the end this, your majesty." The adviser Marl said.

   Mikhail sighed. "Alright, from now on, King Drake’s people are hereby banished from our lands, both sides will withdraw their troops and if the Northland Council agrees, I propose that we build a wall to keep the Falcnorions out of the North. Advisers, do you agree?"

   "Aye." The advisers agreed.

  Drake nodded his head. "So be it." he said, then he left the Elves palace without saying any words to Merrick.
   Merrick and Raven lay down in her lavish bed. Merrick stared at the moral on the ceiling. He saw a paradise fit for unicorns and much other fairy kind. Father and Rhiannon had specifically requested a landscape of serene forests with unicorns, maidens, and countless other fairies celebrating the coming of spring. Raven always woke up with nightmares; he supposed this was Rhiannon’s way to give Raven peace. It did help her, she stopped coming to his room at night and wetting her bed. She was only six, but she acted so mature. It scared him sometimes, especially when he would try to talk to a pretty maiden and his little sister would point out every lie the girl’s would tell him. As a half elf, he could read minds, but he wasn’t that keen until puberty.

   Was it possible Raven was really as powerful as a full blood elf? She was destined to be the next Black Queen, the Champion of Assyria; the mother, the Earth Goddess that was power. She was fit for the throne but as long as he was around, no evil consort would be able to sit on that throne beside his sister. It seemed odd to him, but prophecy was prophecy. It was destiny.
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Re: The Black Queen Saga
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The Black Queen Chapter 1

   "The raven's virgin blood will bring everlasting life to one who has saved its life many times, and to another who can take and give life, and who treasures the gift of life more than any in the world."

   Far south of the Elvin lands, past the Barren Plains and White Oaks, lays the land of Falcnor. After the Elvin King Mikhail called all his elven brothers back home, the dying King Theoden ordered a ban on all Magic in Falcnor. Shortly after, Princess Wren disappeared from Falcnor the Falcnorian Council had no choice but declare Wren's younger brother, Drake, the throne and as his first act as King, Drake ordered all his subjects to worship him and not the gods of their faith. Outraged by the declaration, many of the Falcnorians had decided to rebel against the King, they formed a rebel army but was only scared out by Drake's army.

   But that did not satisfy Drake, as a way to squash the rebellion and all hopes of his people, Drake sent his general, Darius, whom Drake knew his people loved more than he, to slaughter all who were involved with the rebellion. Darius, who wanted nothing but the safety of his family, foolishly followed his king's orders. Until he grew tired of the bloodshed and the people's ghosts that began to haunt his dreams. He spared the rest and they left Falcnor. When his next orders came, Darius refused, and suffered greatly for it. This is where Darius' story begins.

      For his own amusement, Drake tortured his general, trying feverishly to convert him to his wicked ways. But Darius would not falter, and when Drake had tried everything, he brought forth Darius' two daughters and their mother.

   Darius screamed, he ranted madly while Drake tortured and murdered his general's wife in front of him. Before she died, she screamed her last words at Drake. A curse.

   "A true king is no tyrant or god! He is a Champion for his people and his country! May the Goddesses hear my plea! I pray the Hand of Justice shall send thee to the Hands of Death! May the Goddesses have no mercy upon you! I curse you, fiend! May Fate's plan bring you to turmoil. May the Goddess of Death keep your soul in her Domain for all Eternity!"

   Enraged by her curse, Drake struck his final blow, and Darius' wife died.

   Numbed by the death of his wife, Darius stared grimly at his king.

   Drake grinned, and came to his stupid little general. He grabbed Darius' blond hair, forcing him to look him in the eyes.

   "Will you do my will?"

   "Nay. I would rather burn in Death's raging fires, than do your will."

   Drake released him, his nostrils blazing. "So be it. Then your children will suffer the same fate as their mother."
   With that, Drake beat the girls, bathing Darius in his daughter’s innocent blood, and laughing as Darius screamed and fought against his chains.
   Drake laughed as he quickly slaughtered the girls, their whimpers quenching his blood-lust. He threw their bodies on the floor, next to their mother's corpse.

   "Now, what to do with you?" He looked Darius in the eyes.

   "Kill me or do whatever you wish to me, there is no worse pain in the world that can match the pain you have already done to me."

   "But what about all those people who you spared?"

   "I don't know where they are."

   "Liar!" Drake yelled, as he slapped Darius. "You dare leave a forth of those rebels alive! How dare you endanger me!"

   Darius laughed. "Now, their numbers will grow, they will gain allies and they will do what so few were too scared to do. Kill you!"

      He turned around, grinning menacingly as a thought came to him. "I banish you, without food, weapons, or clothes. I will leave your fate to the plains and leave you to live with the ghosts of your wife and children."

   "Those ghosts will be a god send compared to all the innocent people who died because of you. Banish me then, but I warn you," He spat his swear with contempt. "I will save my fury for you, and by the Hands of Justice, as is bestowed upon me, I will slay you and I will kill all who get in my way."

   "Such wonderful devotion. That will be a fight most worthy of a god such as myself to fight." Drake chuckled.

   Despite Drake hiding his fear of his former general's vengeance and the woman's curse, he did as he had promised. Darius was banished, left in the plains naked, and without food or arms. But a week later, a kind priestess and her adopted son and pupil, had found Darius, unconscious and naked while traveling to the Sacred Order's hideout.
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Re: The Black Queen Saga
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The Sacred Order
(The Order of Shai, Malke, Nekhbet, and Assyria)

   Darius awoke to the healing chants of a one young priest and a priestess, begging the Goddess of Death to spare his life, so he may fulfill his destiny.
   He groaned, thirst taking it's toll. Through chapped lips, he whispered. "Water."
   The priestess shook her head and continued to pray.
   Darius had forgotten, that they must finish their prayer or else Assyria will not heal him. He closed his eyes, feeling Assyria's warm magic healing away his pain and bringing him new strength. He silently wept and whispered a thankful pray to Assyria and Nekhbet, the Goddess of Death, for sparing his life.
   Saying the last of the prayer, the priestess said her thanks to Assyria and Nekhbet as their prayers have been answered.
   Oriel did the same, and then he poured cool water into a goblet and gave it to the stranger's lips.
    Darius felt cool water reach his lips. Eagerly, he grabbed the goblet from the youth's hands and drank it quickly.
   "You must be careful, if you drink cold water too fast, it will cause chest pain." The priestess chided.
   Darius sighed. "Thank you for your concern, fair priestess. But I have bore much pain, and a little will not faze me." Darius sat up and looked at both of them.
   The priestess had a fair complexion, with soft pale skin, red and bronze as if she had been out in the sun a little too much; and her furious red hair hung loose in luscious tame curls. Her eyes were green like the earth, swirling with hazel. She was donned in white robes, with gold vines embroidered in her robes.
   The boy barely had any hair on his chin but Darius knew it was shaved, unlike the priestess, his hair was a pale blond almost as silver as the moon. His eyes were a deep blue, but his skin was pale, with a small hint of freckles. His hair was long and straight, bathing his white robes in platinum silk. Beside him, was a tall white staff, the very symbol of his status, a Priest of Fate and a Seer.
   Darius looked at him puzzled.
   The boy titled his head. "Is there something wrong?"
   "I heard that only the oldest and wisest were considered the Priest of Fate. How is that a boy is given that title?"
   "Oh, it is no title for the Order to give but the God of Fate himself."
   "Oh," Darius sat up, ignoring the pain.
   The priestess flinched.
   The priest of Fate put on a gentle hand on the priestess. "Forgive her, she can feel your pain."
   "Oh, it is only a little pain, the rest of my wounds have been healed by Assyria."
   "Wounds? You have no physical wounds that we can see but you do have some wondering emotions that the Priestess Ariel can feel."
   Darius examined himself. "I had open wounds from the shackles not to mention the torture wounds."
   The priest looked at him. "Believe me, I was expecting to see you. I have forgotten my manners, I am Oriel." Oriel held out his hand to Darius.
   Darius shook his hand. "I am," he paused, unsure whether he should use his real name.
   "I assure you, if you lie, I will know."
   Darius chuckled. "My name is Darius, and the only thing that I fear is whether or not those who care for me will be in danger."
   Ariel patted his hand. "Do not worry, the Order left Falcnor before Drake declared himself the Ultimate God. He can hurt us all he wants, but it is our duty to serve and protect our Goddesses people with our all hearts. If death is to come to me by healing you, than I will accept it."
   Darius paused, and smiled wearily. "That's very gracious of you but if my king knew I were alive, he'd burn the plains to the ground and slaughter all of who resist him."
   "Well, then." Oriel handed Darius a meaty soup. "Eat and bathe, we will discuss this with the Elders and see what they have to say about that." With that, Oriel got up and left.
   Ariel pointed at some clothes laying on a chair next to her. "These are the only clothes that we could find that fit you. If Elders will allow you to stay, then others can be made. Farewell, Darius Craven."
   Darius sighed, he concealed every essence of his pain from her and placed a gentle kiss on Ariel's hand. "Thank you again, you and Oriel have done enough for me." He looked up at Ariel. "I was a general of Drake's army, but I am a warrior first, the tolerance of pain is second nature to us."
   "Forgive me, I am Priestess of the White Oaks, only devote to Assryia, I do not know the ways of warriors. Fight well, Darius. Farewell."
   Ariel left Darius' quarters.
The Elders Meeting Room

   "Keeping him here will lead Drake's army right to us!" A tall cloaked Elder argued.
   "Elder Oris, please have peace. The Priest of Fate, Oriel, has seen the man in his visions and he theorizes that Drake has sent Darius to the plains for his death, he may not even know that Darius still lives."
   "If this is so," Oris said. "Then what should we do with him? What do we do if Drake burns our temple and stronghold looking for him?"
   Ariel paused, not knowing what to say.
   Oriel stepped in front of her. "We help Darius."
   "What! That is outrageous! We are not obligated to aid anyone in a personal vendetta, not unless it is deemed by Fate."
   All the Elders gave such a resounding agreement, making it difficult for Oriel to protest.
   "Enough!" Oriel rose using magic to show his impatience. The Elders were silent. "Forgive me, Elders, for seeming to intimidate you. But he has a purpose and sometimes the duties in fate is slow to finish." He looked at Elder Oris. "You are right, we are not obligated to help anyone who has a personal vendetta against someone unless Fate deems it so. But Drake has slaughtered this man's family, his wife and children. The Hand of Justice only aids those who have a right to take vengeance not for the benefit of themselves but for the benefit of others. Drake will kill many, he will enslave many, and he will still mock our beloved Goddesses and their father, Fate, if we stand here and do nothing. Justice has heard his cry and she has brought him to us to aid him. If you wish to ignore her wishes, so be it. But I will not." With that, Oriel lowered himself, landing silently next to his teacher, Ariel.
   The meeting room grew silent as every elder absorbed Oriel's words. The High Elder Akeem spoke.
   "It will be as the Priest of Fate has said. We will house the banished general, we will pray to Shai and Malke for guidance. May the god of Fate and his daughter Justice provide answers to our prayers."
   "Aye." All the Elders said, as Oriel and Ariel left the chamber, to check on the new ward of the Order.

   "What have the Elders decided?" Darius asked.
   "They have decided to house you until they hear word from Fate and Justice to determine your path." Oriel replied.
   "What will I do until then?" Darius asked as he examined the clothes in front of him.
   "I suggest that you cleanse yourself in the holy waters of the shrine and pray as well. For you are now in the hands of Fate and Justice. They may reveal what they have in store for you much quicker than they would the Elders."
   Darius looked around puzzled. "Where is the bath house?"
Months Later,
   The Elders had not determined what Darius is meant for, however, he had bathed himself in the holy waters of the Sacred Temple, seeing only three things, a black haired maiden, a sword, and a field of burning plains. Immediately the Elders were informed, many were distort but Oriel had dismissed the burning plains as an omen and deemed it as an event meant to occur regardless of the Elders fears. During his visit to the holy waters, the mark of Malke, the Goddess of Justice appeared on his left arm. Signifying her purpose, the Elders have concluded that his vendetta against his king has been accepted by the Goddess, and so the sword known as Agrona came forth to him. Darius had fainted during the ritual, saying that the goddess came to him, saying that Agrona was the spirit of a great female warrior, who will give him the courage to go into battle against his enemy and his minions, fearlessly. With it, he is only to slay his enemies or else Agrona will make him feel the pain of the innocent of whomever he had foolishly slain. This was absorbed by the Elders also, and taken as a sign of hope for those of whom had prayed that the evil King Drake would meet his end. However, Darius still has no path to take to reach that goal until this day.

The Sacred Temple

   The oracle stood still, as Shai whispered his prophesy to her. The Elders had begged and begged for Shai to answer their prayers. Shai had only this to say to them.
   "It is not your fate to ask for, hence, you will not know the answers you seek. Only the one who's path needs my guiding light shall receive my guidance."
   At this, the Elders deemed this as Shai's way of asking them to leave the temple so that Oracle may continue.
   When the Elders left, Darius was puzzled. He bit his lip as was his habit when he was nervous and then asked.
   "Oracle, is the god Shai here now?"
   "Yes." The Oracle said. "Many are calling upon him, he grows impatient."
   "Well, may I ask him directly about the path that I must take?"
   Shai laughed and said to the Oracle. "I like this one. He is bold and straightforward. But tell him, when we meet again, he may ask me anything. For now, he must know this. His path will be long, but it will start with a black haired half elf, of whom he must swear his sword to. For she will bring down Drake and his evil."
   "Shai says that one day, you will see him and you may ask him whatever you like. Until then, you must find the black haired maiden and swear your sword to her, and she will help you avenge your family."
   "So I am to protect her in exchange for her help?"
   "Yes." The oracle replied.
   Darius furrowed his eyebrows and paced the temple floor. "Where am I to find her? Who is she?" Darius asked.
   Shai smiled at the oracle as she looked at him. "Names are not important, you will know who she is when you see her. You must go north with Oriel. Your kingdom will soon be a threat to the North king. Go to him and you will find her. Remember to swear your fealty to her and not the king or else you will stray from your path. It is she who will make you strong enough to take Drake's forces head on. But be warned, from now on, you will not be Darius Craven, you will be Trillian Agron, the bearer of Agrona."
   The oracle repeated everything that Shai said.
   Darius was surprised and gleeful to be given a new name by the god of Fate. He bowed to the oracle and knelt down before the statue of Shai, unaware of his presence.
   "Thank you, Shai, for giving me a new name and a new purpose." and this he said to Agrona. "Thanks to you, Malke, for giving me Agrona. I will use her well."

   So Trillian Agron left the temple with Agrona in his hand, smiling.

   Trillian repeated everything that had happened to the High Elder, Oriel and Ariel, who were all waiting outside the temple for him.
   "So," The Higher Elder said. "Oriel must go with you. Did Shai say why?"
   "No," Trillian replied. "He did not say why. That is up to Oriel to figure out why."
   Oriel smiled. "Shai can be tricky like that. He is as much a child as I can be sometimes."
   "Yes," Ariel said. "But you must go. When your purpose is given, making Shai wait can prove to be unlucky."
   Oriel sighed and lightly hugged Ariel. "As you wish, wise teacher. But first, we will need horses and food."
   Ariel patted Oriel's shoulder. "I'm sure that can be taken care of quickly." She looked up at the High Elder. "Can it, High Elder?"
   The High Elder smiled. "Certainly."

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Re: The Black Queen Saga
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2009, 10:01:33 AM »
The plains

   "So, how old are you, Oriel, Priest of Fate?" Trillian asked.
   "According to your previous culture, I will be eighteen in two months and then I will be a man."
   Trillian laughed. "It takes more than age to make a man."
   Oriel frowned at Trillian. "What do you mean?"
   "I mean, in my previous culture, you would be in the army, and you'd also have to have had kill a man before you were deemed a man or bed more than one woman."
   "How barbaric! I'm a man of peace and I am not allowed to kill any man unless he is fated to die by my hands." Oriel was appalled.
   "I know, young friend. That is the old way. A way that I do not follow anymore."
   "Oh?" Oriel raised an eyebrow. "What are your ways now?"
   "I swore that I will only kill Drake and those who dare to save him."
   "Oh. That is why you can not swear fealty to the King of Elves."
   Trillian unsheathed Agrona from the sheath strapped on his back. "This sword is only meant to spill the blood of my enemy and his pawn. Unless, Agrona, you will allow me to use you to serve this girl as well."
   As if the spirit of Agrona could hear him, the sword shimmered and glowed; revealing the runes inscribed on her blade.
   Trillian furrowed his eyebrows. "Oriel, can you read this?"
   Oriel looked over Trillian's shoulder to catch a glimpse of the inscription before they faded. "It says, 'I am Agrona, the hand of Justice, the protector of the innocent and the executioner of the unholy.'"
   "What does it mean?"
   "The hero Agrona died protecting those who needed her help and slaying those who preyed upon the weak. If you ever used this sword for anything but that purpose, you will suffer her *curse." Oriel explained.
   "Hmm, this sword is a gift that is worthy of someone who's hands are not soiled with innocent blood." Trillian sheathed Agrona.
   Oriel elbowed him. "If you were not meant to bear Agrona, then she would be on someone else's back. Now let's go, we are wasting time."
   For three days, Oriel and Trillian pushed their horses to the north, only to stop to eat, water the horses, and rest. Everyday, they left before the sun rose. On the third day, they reached the North Hold. The fortress the elves built with high walls as far as a man could see, meant to keep the elves protected during the war with Falcnor.
   Oriel stared at the walls in awe while Trillian rode from both sides, trying to find a way inside.
   "I give praise to the elves for building this. It's as if the wall comes from the ground and reaches the sky. How in the world do you get inside?" Trillian got off his horse, and started examining the wall for an opening.
   "Trillian, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to pry the wall like that. The elves may think we're trying to break in."
   Trillian waved Oriel's concern off. "Don't worry, I can't climb the walls. I'm not harming anyone."
   A sentry looked down from the wall to see a young man examining the wall. "You there!" He yelled down. "What business do you have here?"
   Trillian and Oriel looked up to see the sentry yelling at them.
   Oriel could barely make out what he was saying. He frowned at Trillian. "I told you." he chided. "I guess I'll go up there and see what he wants."
   Trillian shrugged as Oriel summoned Air and flew up to the sentry. "If he could fly, how come we had to travel all the way here?" Trillian complained to himself.
   The sentry was startled by Oriel's flight and drew his sword. "Who are you!"
   Oriel put up his hands while still levitating in the air. "I am Oriel, the Priest of Fate, my friend and I were sent to the Elvin Kingdom."
   The sentry looked at Oriel. "You're not a Falcnorian, are you?"
   Oriel sucked in his breath, cursing his profession. The priest of Fate could not lie no matter what circumstances he was in. He had no doubt at all that the sentry knew the same thing.
   "Yes," he said gleeful that Trillian could not hear their conversation this far up. "I am orphaned all thanks to King Drake and his edicts."
   The sentry blinked and the elven image shimmered. As the image dissolved a blue haired boy with white cat ears appeared, about Oriel's age, who was at least 6 feet tall. He still hadn't sheathed his sword. He held it to Oriel's chin. "Why are you here, priest?"
   Oriel swallowed his fear. "I am here to accompany my friend so that he may serve the elven princess." He spat out each word, wishing he were not born as the Priest of Fate.
   The sentry looked down at Trillian. His ears twitched.
   Oriel tried to stifle his laughter but a chuckle escaped him.
   The sentry glared at him. "Ugh! Laugh at me all you want, priest. I have no time for this folly. I will capture you both and take you to my commander." The sentry sheathed his sword and raised his hand to cast a spell.
   Before Oriel could run or even warn Trillian of the threat, his body froze and was soon being drawn to the sentry.

   Trillian had been pacing back and forth for what seemed like an hour or two. Two bell chimes had passed in the city of the fortress, he did not like waiting when so close to a military force. It was bad luck to have to wait in such a place.
   Where did Oriel go? He thought. What is taking that kid so long.
   Then on Trillian's left side, a man appeared. He was tall like the elves but he had no pointed ears, and eyes that seemed oddly familiar. A haunting feeling came over Trillian as he knew that moment he saw this man's face, he was looking at his former Queen's alleged first son. Merrick.
   Trillian removed Agrona and his dagger, he placed them in front of him, kneeling to Merrick as a sign of surrender.
   "I mean no harm." He said carefully shielding his amber eyes from Merrick.
   "Oh?" Merrick replied raising his eyebrow. "We'll see about that." Merrick kneeled on one knee in front of Trillian. "Who are you? If you lie to me, I will invade your mind and spare you no mercy."
   Trillian swallowed the knot in his throat. He had no choice, he had his mind invaded before, it was not a pleasant experience. He closed his eyes and said.
   "I am known now as Trillian Agron and I was the general Falcnor's army, Darius."
   Merrick was not stunned, he only laughed. A general, here on his knees, at his mercy. This is marvelous. He forced Trillian to look at him, eye to eye. He bellowed an order to the guards. Tonight, he would interrogate this general and his friend, the priest.

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Re: The Black Queen Saga
« Reply #4 on: September 04, 2009, 02:34:43 PM »
Northland Fortress-Merrick's Hold
Lower dungeon

   Oriel and Trillian were both in shackles but this time, the shackles were lined with leather, which was a relief to Trillian.
   Oriel was pale with fright but Trillian was hard and cold. Oriel observed Trillian, he had seen Trillian's past, he had looked at this moment as if he expected the elven prince Merrick to treat them as Drake would. Oriel's hand slightly twitched as the horrifying recollection of Trillian's memories came to him.
He shuddered, no man could ever stay as cold and sane as Trillian is. How his mind survived, the gods only knew.
   Merrick walked into their cell with the cat eared boy that Oriel unfortunately met earlier.
   "Kail, did they have any papers?" Merrick asked the cat eared boy.
   "No, sir, they only had some food, robes, some armor and that sword the tall one was carrying." Kail handed it to Merrick.
   Merrick examined the sword but noticed nothing special about it. He touched the sword, whispering a spell to reveal hidden runes. The spell revealed a rune that
all too familiar to Merrick. "Agrona," He said the sword's name and the Nekhbetk of Justice on Trillian's arm began to glimmer. Agrona's energy became vibrant and the sheath began to shake. "You don't like being handled by anyone but your bearer, don't you?" He laid Agrona on the floor, pointing her tip at his feet. "Agrona," his magical aura rose. "Great warrior of Justice, show me who your bearer is, and he shall go free."
   Agrona quickly swung around to face her tip towards Trillian. His mark burned feverishly in response.
   Merrick frowned and cursed under his breath. "Let him go!" He growled. "But don't let him out of your sight until I decide what to do with him."
   Kail released Trillian from his shackles. "What about the priest?"
   Merrick looked at the priest, and then at Kail. "Question him, and I'm sure he'll tell you everything that you want to know." Merrick turned to the prisoner's guards. "One of you take that prisoner a cell in the higher dungeon, the other, stay with Kail." Merrick ordered.
   The two guards saluted as they uttered a 'yes, sir' under their breaths.
   Merrick turned to leave.
   "Kail," Merrick said over his shoulder.
   "Sir?" Kail asked.
   "Report to me when you finish with the priest." Merrick said and then he left.

   Merrick returned to his chambers only to find his second-in-command sitting at his oak desk.
   Merrick sighed. "Hello, Ramos. How does the wall fair?"
   The brown haired warrior grinned. "The earth masters are doing an outstanding job of the wall. Every root and plank of wood past it's prime has been replaced already, and they've used the old wood to build more targets and test dummies for the soldiers."
   "Ah, I'm glad I didn't miss that, inspecting the wall was always my father's way of tormenting me." Merrick pulled out his chair and sat down.
   "So," Ramos said, beaming with curiosity. "Who were those idiots that Kail found?"
   "The newest Priest of Fate and the bearer of Agrona."
   Ramos stared at Merrick. "What are you going to do with them?"
   "The priest will be escorted to the palace but the bearer was a former general in Drake's army." Merrick looked at Ramos. "Go to the palace and inform my father. Come back as soon as he has a solution to our conflict."
   Ramos nodded. "Mikhail will be want to know how you treated the ex-general. What should I tell him?"
   "Tell him, the general will able to eat, sleep, and bathe in comfort. I will not treat him as a prisoner until told to do so."
   Ramos nodded again and bowed to Merrick. "I will fly as if Death were on my tail." With that, Ramos opened the tall window in Merrick's office and summoned his falcon form in mid-air.
   Merrick slumped down in his chair and put his feet on his desk.
    "This is going to be long week."
Upper dungeon
Trillian's quarters
   Trillian laid down on the feather down bed in the upper dungeon, thinking about Oriel's statements earlier.
   He sighed and turned to his side.
   "What am I going to do know?"
   Just then, there was some noise in front of his door. Not sure of what to do, Trillian sat up and stared at the door.
   The door opened and the boy called Kail walked in with Oriel behind him.
   Triilian heaved a sigh of relief as he saw Oriel boundless and carrying his staff and Agrona.
   Kail grabbed a chair and sat down in front of Trillian.
   "Enjoy your rest." Kail asked dryly.
   "This is a suitable accommodation for a guest." Trillian replied hiding his frustration.
   "Well, get some sleep. You're friend here," Kail looked at Oriel. "Will be leaving the first thing in the morning. As for you, we'll be waiting for a messenger from the palace." With that, Kail got up. "I'll leave you two to converse before the lights go out."
Kail walked out of the room and waited by the door with the dungeon guard.

   "I don't know why I get an escort straight to the palace and you don't." Oriel said as he took the chair Kail used to sit in.
   Trillian laid back down. "You are the Priest of Fate. I heard that the last one, Solon, was Mikhail's friend." Trillian turned his head to face Oriel. "Maybe they think that Mikhail will want to meet you more than me."
   Oriel scoffed. "I would think that throwing the formal general in his palace dungeon would be more satisfying than meeting a young and inexperienced Priest of Fate."
   Trillian sat up and knocked Oriel on his head.
   "Ow! What was that for?" Oriel cried.
   "That is for doubting yourself. I've read the tales about Solon in the Order's library. Every Priest of Fate is born into his title. How can you say you're inexperienced?" Trillian chided.
   Oriel sighed. "True," he agreed. "But what if Mikhail compares me to Solon?"
   Trillian rolled his eyes and quoted on of Solon's journals. "'No seer, healer, mage, king, or Priest of Fate is going to be the same as the one before them.'"
   Oriel smiled. "The wise Solon is right," his smile faded. "Let's hope the king has the same philosophy."
   Someone knocked on the door.
   Trillian looked at Oriel and whispered to him. "Show no fear when facing your enemy, Oriel."
   Oriel nodded.
   Instead of Kail's voice interfering, it was a woman's voice.
   "Priest Oriel, I am Elle. I will serve you your food and show you to your room." Elle said as she entered.
   Oriel and Trillian stared at her as she entered. They were expecting an elf but instead, Elle was human and she was wearing leathers from Falcnor.
   Elle froze as she saw Trillian sitting on the bed.
    Trillian cast his eyes down, refusing to show his shame in front of the guards.
   Oriel looked at both of them, shifting his gaze from Trillian to Elle. Then he partially understood what may have occurred. Kail had not wasted any time informing Oriel about Trillian's past and all of the slaughters that he no doubt committed on behalf of a king of whom had murdered Trillian's family. Oriel stepped toward Elle and placed a hand on her shoulder.
   "If what I am about to say means anything to you, then please listen. General Darius Kraven is dead, the man you see before you is now called Trillian. I will tell you more if you wish to hear it. Shall we go?" Oriel made his way towards the door and bid Trillian good night.
   Elle seemed to regain some part of herself and left with Oriel.

   Trillian watched them leave his room. He sighed and turned over on his bed. He wished this night would end.

   The next morning, Trillian was awake before the guard came into his room. He had his belongings packed and he was washing his face.
   There was a knock on his door.
   "Enter," he said as he rinsed his face in the basin provided for him.
   Kail entered and watched Trillian was his face.
   "What?" Trillian asked when he finished washing his face.
   "I thought you weren't a military man anymore. Why are you up so early?"
   "Old habits are hard to break." Trillian replied, donning the robed tunic he'd been given since he left the Order.
   "I see, well, here's some food and a change of clothes you'll need when we reach the palace." Kail threw a bag at Trillian.
   "I'm going to the palace? When?" Trillian asked.
   "Now, the king wants both of you there as soon as possible." Kail turned to leave. "So let's go."

   Trillian, Oriel, Kail, and the girl Elle were all making their way to the Elves Palace. They followed the river called Arindale. Merrick and his guard called Ramos were following by air, as Trillian was told by Kail, as it was easier for them to fly in a hawk form than to ride horses. Kail was on foot but that didn't faze the boy as he was built to run.
   "Why are we not sailing on the Arindale?" Trillian asked when they finished making camp for the night.
   "Because I loathe water." Kail hissed. "I was ordered to escort you all to the palace, and it would be painful to all of us if we were to sail."
   A brown hawk flew down next to Kail and playfully pecked his ear.
   "You mean for the person carrying you in the boat, kitty." The hawk teased.
   Kail hissed and muttered a numerous amount of curses which was obviously directed toward the hawk, who shifted into a laughing brown haired elf.
The party had stopped to rest by the river.   
Trillian and Oriel were gathering more kindle for the fire.
   Elle was preparing a soup of lentils and herbs for the elves while occasionally glaring at the game that Kail caught.
   Oriel caught the glare, and looked at Trillian.
   "I think she needs help skinning the rabbit." He said while looking at Elle.
   Trillian shrugged the concern off and continued gathering fallen twigs and logs for kindle.
   "Trillian!" Oriel said in a harsh whisper.
   "What?" Trillian said as he looked at Oriel.
   "Why not help her and show her that you're not that man anymore? Was she one of the few that you saved?"
   Trillian bit his lip. "I suppose she was, given the frightened look she gave me when she saw me."
   "Well, here's a chance to redeem yourself." Oriel took Trillian's load. "We have enough kindle for the night anyway."
   Trillian frowned and handed his load to Oriel. "I can't believe I'm being chided by a boy who hasn't had his first women yet."
   Oriel blushed and replied. "How would you know?"
   Trillian stared Oriel in the eyes and whispered. "It's obvious." Before Oriel could defend himself, Trillian turned around and walked towards Elle.
   He bent down more to Elle's height. "Do you need help skinning the rabbit?"
   "Umm," Elle said nervously. "I just don't have the stomach to skin an animal."
   Trillian picked up the rabbit's carcass and the knife laying next to it. "I'll take it away from the camp and skin it so that you don't have to see it. Would you like it in small pieces for the soup?"
   Elle relaxed a little. "Yes, please, general." She put her hand over her mouth and looked at Trillian. "I'm sorry." She said, afraid of how he would react to the title.
   He smiled at her. "My name is Trillian now. I gave up my past when my wife and children died."
   "Oh," she replied, somewhat puzzled by his reply. "Thank you, though, for sparing my brothers and sisters."
   Trillian patted her on the shoulder. "Your welcome, Elle." He turned to leave the trees. "I'm sorry that my actions left you and your siblings without your mother and father." He said sorrowfully. He left to hide in the trees and started skinning the rabbit.
   Kail stared at the two talking and tilted his head to the side. He looked at Merrick.
   "Sir, what was that all about?" Kail asked, curious about the words said between Trillian and the refugee Elle.
   "It's up to them to tell you. But I believe that Trillian was once ordered to kill the girl's parents," Merrick paused, he looked toward the trees where Trillian was skinning that animal. "Or worse." He looked at Kail and pointed at the trees. "Keep an eye on him and make sure that he buries that animal's remains."
   Kail nodded and leaped towards Trillian.
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Re: The Black Queen Saga
« Reply #5 on: October 05, 2009, 08:54:34 AM »
   Trillian was squatting on the forest floor, skinning the rabbit and began deboning it. He heard a noise behind him, he didn't flinch. It was probably one of the elves trying to test him, to see if he'd been plotting his escape.
   Kail came to stand next to him and squatted down to him.
   "What happened between you and Elle?" Kail asked, his tail swaying back and forth to and fro.
   "I murdered her parents in the name of the Falknorian King." Trillian said bluntly, not halting the deboning.
   "Why?" Kail asked.
   "Because my men and I were ordered too." He threw the rabbit's bones in a pile with the fur.
   Kail handed him a small shovel.
   Trillian took the shovel and looked at Kail. "What's this for?"
   "To provide the animal with a proper burial so that predators won't eat what's left."
   Trillian put the shovel on top of the pile. "Okay," He said as he looked around for something to wash the rabbit in.
   "What are you looking for?" Kail asked watching every move Trillian made.
   "Something to watch the rabbit in before its flesh is torn and cooked."
   "Why not just eat it raw?" Kail stood up.
   Trillian rolled his eyes. "Because we humans have a delicate body that isn't strong enough to fight diseases especially those that come from raw meat or vegetables."
   Kail tilted his head. "You don't eat raw vegetables."
   "Not if they weren’t washed first." Trillian continued looking for anything to wash the rabbit.
   Kail shrugged. "Well, I'll get a large bowel and a small one for me so stay put."
   Trillian sat down and waited for Kail.
   Kail came back with two bowels, one of them big enough to rinse the blood off of the rabbit.
   "Here," He handed Trillian the large bowel. He went to the river and rinsed his hands off before he helped himself to a small portion of the rabbit.
   Trillian walked towards the river to gather water to rinse the rabbit off. When he came back, he saw Kail devouring a handful of raw rabbit meat. He rolled his eyes and grabbed the rest of the rabbit and started rinsing it off.
   Kail saw Trillian roll his eyes at him.
   "What?" Kail said after he finished his meal. He wiped his mouth with his arm.
   "Why didn't you wait until everyone else was ready to eat?" Trillian asked as he finished rinsing off the rabbit.
   "Elves think it is offensive for anyone to eat raw meat or any kind of meat in front of them." Kail replied.
   "Oh, so we'd have to eat in our tents?" Trillian asked.
   "Yep, that or Ramos and Merrick might just leave the camp for awhile." Kail got up. "Are you done?"
   "All I have to do is get rid of the water and bury the rest of this rabbit." Trillian said as he wrapped the rabbit in a leather rag he kept for that purpose.
   Kail and Trillian worked together to finish up, Elle and Oriel were probably starving anyway.

   Merrick and Ramos finished their bowls of soup that Elle had made.
   Trillian was sitting with Oriel staring at nothing.
   Kail was still curious about Trillian so he stalked next to the older man.
   Trillian woke from his daze and stared at Kail who was standing in front of him.
   Kail raised his eyebrows. I'm going to have to study this man carefully. He thought as he noted Trillian's posture. Trillian sat straight, his muscles firm and alert, his breathing was normal, but Kail could sense Trillian's fear. Kail grinned and squatted so quickly that Trillian's hand went to Agrona.
   The camp grew silent, Oriel's crystal blue eyes observed Kail.
   Kail opened his mind and touched Trillian's mind, breaking each of his barriers without difficulty. What do you have to fear, mortal? He whispered inside Trillian's head.
   Get out of my head, Kail! Trillian demanded.
   Why? It was so easy to invade your mind. I was chosen to watch you and test you. Do you think that you'd be able to walk into the palace and face the king without a test? He laughed. If you can't protect yourself from me, how do you expect to stand a chance against his elders?
   Trillian sighed, and looked at Agrona. You're right, what good am I if I cannot protect my mind from the prying of others?
   Trust in me and you shall gain wisdom. A smooth feminine voice whispered to Trillian as a silent force cut off Kail's intrusion.
   Kail stared at the sword as Trillian caressed the hilt.
   Thank you, Agrona. Trillian whispered in his mind, sending his gratitude to Agrona.
   Kail who was still curious about Trillian, asked aloud. "So were you the reason why the Falcnorians came here?"
   Trillian stared at Kail. "Those refugees?" He sat up. "Those people came here?" Trillain asked.
   "Kail gestured towards Elle, who was mending a rip in her cloak. "Did you think she was the only one?"
   Trillian furrowed his eyebrows.
   Kail frowned. "Fifty humans, twelve of them were retired soldiers from the Falcnorian army. Eighteen farmers and ten women and children." He flicked Trillian's forehead. "How can you overlook fifty men, women, and children?"
   "I didn't overlook them." He corrected Kail. "They were hiding in the forest. My men only encountered forty of them. The woman must have been well hidden." Trillian sighed.
   Kail frowned. "So you were ordered to hunt them down. Why?"
   “Because my mission was to eradicate all rebels and threats to Falcnor. At the time, I thought they were the threat until I relived who the threat to my country was. At the beginning of that campaign, we knew nothing about the women and children. There were never children involved with the rebels before."
   Kail carved some runes in the dirt, and then he looked Trillian in the eyes.
   "What did you do?"
   Trillian kicked a rock with his foot. "I ordered my men to follow our orders. So we fought them until I encountered my mentor among them." He swallowed a lump in his throat. "As expected, we were unable to defeat them so I ordered a retreat." 
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Re: The Black Queen Saga
« Reply #6 on: October 05, 2009, 05:54:05 PM »
Woohoo! was Jonesing for the next installment!

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Re: The Black Queen Saga
« Reply #7 on: October 12, 2009, 12:33:41 PM »
Jonesing? Well that's all I have written so far, I have a lot of cleaning to catch up and i'm barely getting used to the new computer's word processing programs, but my muse keeps pumping ideas through my head so I'll eventually have something.
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Re: The Black Queen Saga
« Reply #8 on: October 13, 2009, 04:55:14 PM »
         Kail’s blue eyes stared at Trillian. “So you never helped them escape? You just ran away?” Kail asked in disbelief.
   “Yes, I was reported to the High General and arrested for treason.”
   Merrick walked over to Trillian, standing in front of him.
   “Your mentor, what was his name?”
   Trillian looked up at Merrick. “Cain Barrett.”
   Merrick rubbed his chin. “Cain Barrett was the one who led the Falcnorians here with Drake’s army on their trail.”
   Trillian gasped and his skin paled.
   “What happened to Cain and the others?” He asked, shocked.
   “Merrick allowed the women and children passage into the fort.” Kail replied. “But we could not help the men fight Falcnorian soldiers. They are with their ancestors now.”
   Trillian cradled his head between his hands.
   “We gave them a proper burial in the Arindale meadows, there woman and children live now.”
   Oriel bowed his head. “May they be reborn in happier times.”
   Merrick turned around to leave.
   “Prince Merrick?” Trillian asked.
   Merrick turned. “What?” He asked impatiently.
   “If time permits, may I visit their graves to pay my respect?”
   Merrick smiled. “You may,” He paused. “But not without escort.”
   Trillian bowed. “Thank you, your majesty.”
   Merrick looked at Kail. “You and Ramos have the first watch. The rest of you, clean up and get some sleep. We’ll be facing the King and the court of Elders tomorrow.”

   Trillian and Oriel lay on their pallets in front of Oriel’s tent.
   “I’m surprised, why did you give up your luxurious tent to a fair maiden.” He teased. “I don’t know many who would do that for a girl of her status.”
   “She was ill and she needs proper sleep to heal.” He turned over to face Trillian. “The Falcnorians are crueler than I thought.”
   The silent woods shook with a terrifying growl. Oriel sat up and grabbed his staff.
   “What was that?”
   “Kail,” the elf Ramos said. “Relax, he’s hunting for his midnight snack. It sounds like his meal got away.” Ramos chuckled.
   Oriel laid back down with a sigh.
   “I take what I said. You’re no man but a scared little boy.” Trillian chuckled.
   Oriel shoved his staff into Trillian’s side. “Hold your tongue you big oaf, or I’ll do it for you.”
   Trillian stifled his laughter and he rubbed his side before he drifted off to sleep.

   The next morning, the party headed out before dawn. Kail, Ramos, and Elle walked while Merrick, Trillian and Oriel rode horse back.
   Kail looked over his shoulder to see Elle looking wan and dragging her feet. Kail walked toward Elle, held her head between his hands and placed his forehead on hers.
   “Hey Merrick,” Kail yelled to Merrick.
   Merrick stopped his horse and turned it around. “What?” He yelled back.
   “Elle has a fever!” He replied.
   Merrick clenched his jaw. “Ramos, fly Trillian and Oriel to the palace. Kail, get her to the human’s village now. I’ll meet you there with the horses.” Trillian and Oriel dismounted as Merrick uttered a few words, and the horses started moving towards him.
   “Yes sir!” Ramos and Kail replied in unison as they went about their orders.
   “There’s only one way to get her to the village in a timely manner.” Ramos said to Kail as he passed.
   Kail sighed and looked down at Elle. “I’m sorry, Elle.” A blue light grew on Elle’s face where Kail’s hands were. Soon the two were enshrouded by the blue light and then they disappeared.
    Ramos stretched and took a few breaths. Trillian blinked, still staring where Elle and Kail were until Oriel grabbed his arm and pulled him away from Ramos.
   As Trillian and Oriel watched, elfish runes surrounded Ramos, creating an aura of magic to hide his shifting form. They watched as Ramos the elf became Ramos the Dragon.
   “Wow,” Trillian whispered as he gazed at the brown dragon in front. “This is going to be a fun ride.”
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Re: The Black Queen Saga
« Reply #9 on: January 01, 2010, 12:54:12 PM »
Black Queen Chapter 3: The Dryads and Trillian’s Trial

“Ye who harm thy tree, shall suffer thrice as thee.” Queen Malena of the Dryads

Arden, the House of Mikhail (Palace)
   A young girl with soft jet black hair danced in the forest. She danced to the song of the Dryads, their soft gentle hymns echoing through the forest.  The leaves and branches swayed to and fro as if the shy guardians of the forest were dancing along with Raven. Raven did not know why they were singing or why she could hear their song, but to her, it felt as if the children of Assyria were embracing her. Is this what is was like to Assyria when she walked the earth? Or is her Mother Goddess the earth’s spirit itself, singing her song and the dryads are singing with her? Oh how she wanted to know.
   She laughed, dancing with the female dryads changing into their walking forms. They sang and danced with her, each waiting their turn to swing round and round with Raven. Then the dryads stopped as a young man came forth the largest tree. Raven stared as she had never seen a male hamadryad before let alone one so fragile. She recognized the boy’s features immediately, the slightly pointed ears, the elfin like eyes, she gasped. He was half elf just like she was! That fine brown hair, that skin tone, is this boy related to Sir Ramos?
   Before she could speak, the boy bowed to her and held out his hand as her father did when he wanted to dance with her on her birthday. She curtsied and took his hand.
   The young man stood to his full height, only a few inches taller than her. But to Raven that didn’t matter, holding his hand is what puzzled her. She felt she belonged here and not at the palace at all. As their fingers entwined and his arm was around her waist, he lead them in a slow elegant dance. Raven felt like she was sleeping in the hallow of the willow tree in her mother’s garden. Safe, sheltered and in gentle arms, she thought it was like sleeping in her father’s arms when she little. Except her father’s love for her was like a warm blanket. He was different, she could sense that he too was confused and he felt unusually drawn to her and she seemed to be too.
   It was only a dream, that Raven knew, but this dance feels so real. She smiled to the young man, who’s name she did not know. He smiled back as they danced and the dryads sang once more. Except this time, they used words and all they said was.
“Two have come together as is our Mother’s will. O beautiful Mother, bless these two and the path they walk together.”

Warm sun rays bathed Raven’s skin as the dryads and the boy turned bright and vanished. Raven sighed, as her peaceful dream vanished with the night. She opened her eyes and got up to stretch. Her birthday was in two weeks, this would mean that she had to purify herself in the Crystal Lake, the purest of all water in the Northland. She wondered, purifying was part of her training but she couldn’t stand it. No one was allowed to touch her because of her empathy but now the rules would be even stricter because of the purifying. Seven days she’d be in the crystal lake, it took four days to travel there on foot but Father suggested using air magic since this was a journey that she had to do on her own. So first she would practice her air magic with Kail and then she would have to get her things ready. Raven threw her pillow on her bed, she’s not even going to be a priestess and yet they want her to go to the Crystal Lake.
   A soft knock on the door alerted her. “Yes?”
   Raven’s mother opened the door. Rhiannon put her hands on her delicate hips and her green eyes glared at Raven. “Dear daughter, you are not dressed. Do you expect to greet your brother in your nightgown with your hair uncombed.”  Rhiannon chided.
   “I’m sorry, mother. I had the most wonderful dream and I am displeased that it had to end.” Raven said as she took her brush and combed her hair.
   Rhiannon sat down on a bench set next the largest window in Raven’s room. “Oh, please tell me what kind of dream was it? It wasn’t one of your horrible prophetic dreams that used to give you nightmares, was it?” Rhiannon asked.
   “No, this was no dream of war and death.” Raven ventured towards her armoire and picked out and picked out a white gown with ruby trim, her ruby slippers and a red corset to go over it. She went behind her wooden dressing screen and as she dressed, she told her mother her dream about the dryads and the young man who she thought was related to Ramos.
   Rhiannon was silent.
   Raven finished dressing and went over to her mother. She stared at her. “Why are you so quiet?” Raven asked, reaching for her mother’s hand.
   Rhiannon stood up suddenly and turned towards the door. “I had a dream with that boy in it too, but Raven, you must find out about him on your own.” She said before leaving Raven’s room.
   Raven dropped her hand and dropped to her knees. “If my fate is my own to know, then why do I not know it?” she said to herself.

   In the feasting hall, it was only Merrick, Mikhail, and Rhiannon. Raven had not appeared at all.
   They ate leisurely afterwards Mikhail ordered one of the servants to send a plate up to Raven’s room and to find out why she did not show.
   Merrick looked at his father and his stepmother. “Is she ill? Why is she not here?” He asked, hoping one of them would answer.
   Rhiannon put down her cup of milk. “I said something that might have confused her.”
   Merrick looked at her. “What did you say to her, mother?”
   Rhiannon carefully explained Raven’s dream to him, and repeated her dream as well.  Then she asked who Raemere was.
   “Raemere? Raemere is Ramos’ half brother. He’s the son of Queen Malena of the Dryads.”
   “That is true. Raemere is fathered by the Elemental High Priest, Reinen.” Mikhail looked at Rhiannon. “In your dream, what kind of flower did he give Raven?”
   “It was three flowers. A globe amaranth, the symbol of unchanging love with heliotrope and tulip. In my dream, he was both declaring his love and devotion to her.” Rhiannon explained.
   Mikhail got up and turned to leave.
   “Father, where are you going?” Merrick asked.
   “To visit her majesty Malena. Merrick, please stay here and wait for the maid to return. Wife,” Mikhail turned to Rhiannon. “Inform the Elders that I will not be present at the Trial this afternoon.” Mikhail left.
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Re: The Black Queen Saga
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You returned! Welcome back!  :yahoo: :party: :dance1:

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Re: The Black Queen Saga
« Reply #11 on: April 22, 2012, 01:01:43 PM »
Thanks, I'll make some calls and work on this saga asap.
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Re: The Black Queen Saga
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There, all of your BadChi1 posts are now attributed to you again!

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Re: The Black Queen Saga
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woo  :clapping:
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Re: The Black Queen Saga
« Reply #14 on: December 06, 2012, 03:56:03 PM »
Please send comments to my inbox! Thank you~Demented P.S. A new BQ series is coming soon!
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