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The Stars Themselves Technical Thread
« on: May 03, 2009, 05:45:29 PM »
This thread will cover some of the basics about weapons, ships, governing bodies, politics, and religions of the univers in the RP thread 'The Stars Themselves'.

Table of Contents:
1) Weapons Systems
2) Starship Classes
3) Politics / Governing Bodies of the Galaxy
4) Galactic Religions


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Re: The Stars Themselves Technical Thread
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2009, 06:21:00 PM »
Weapons Systems:

In this RP Universe there are a wide variety of weapons systems available. Most types can be used by personnel and vehicles, ranging wildly in magnitude. Some systems are designed purely to be solely mounted on vehicles or carried be personnel. Such Weapons systems will be classified as such.

Universal Weapons: Those that can be carried or mounted on vehicled:

Ballistic Projectile: AKA Slugthrowers, AKA Guns, AKA Bullets. These weapons utilize a projectile of some form proppelled down a barrel by an explsive charge. These weapons are widly available due to the fact that they are cheap and easy to make. These systems can range from the smallest 'hold-out' pistol, to massive 500mm Autocannons mounted on the decks of Destroyer-Class Capital Ships.

Laser/Energy Weapons: AKA Laz-gun, AKA Beamer, AKA Lancer. These weapons utilize a burst of electic energy, focused through crystal emmiters to focuse the energy into a composite beam, resulting in a destructive 'beam' of energy projected across the battlefield. These weapons are costly to make, and require constant maintinance, but the versatility and destructive power of one makes them indespensible in a fight. In the form of a personally carried weapon, they are powered by small, immensly powerful energy cells that act as magazines would in projectile weapons. Generally most Energy cells last several hundred shot before they need to be replaced, making them much more versatile then projectile weapons. In the aspect of Starship mounted Laz-Cannons, The weapons are fed from massive power generators, or in soe cases directly from the ships reactor core. These massive weapons are capable of sending beams of energy over several thousand miles in open space before they start to loose their focus and diffuse energy.

Missle Platforms: Most missle platforms are large and uneildy in the case of personally carried weapons. They require special computer systems and a large launching tube to fire the weapon system. But they are good for taking out any vehicles that present themselves. Most missle platforms are not designed for use against infantry,but instead are directed towards thir transportation, be it aircraft, armored vehicle, etc... Missle systems are designed to take out large vehicles with a well place, guided warhead. In the case of Ship Mounted missle systems, most missle tubes are designed to be used for Anti-Starfighter defense, as most missles are not big enough to post any danger to capital ships. That role is reserved for Naval Grade Torpedoes.

Rail Guns: AKA Mag-rails, AKA Nailers. These weapons use electro-magnets to proppel a projectile as supersonic velocities over long distances. They require, not only an ammunition magazine, but also an energy cell to power the megnetic systems of the weapon. These devices are, generally, designed as rifles, but there are several smaller pistol varients available on the market. In Naval Grade weaponry, Rail Guns are massive cannons, fireing projectiles up to, and including, 1000mm in diameter. These systems require vast ammounts of energy, more so then a laser cannon system, but their range is generally twice that of a laser in open space, even in the atmospher of a planet. And a Rail Slug can, generally punch clean through a Starship with a single hit if the enemy vessles sheilds are down, causing catastrophic damage.

Personal Carried Weapons: Such weapons designed to be carried by soldiers and personnel.

Flamethrowers: Though 'Flamers' are highly restricted, or even banned, on many planets, people still find ways to get their hands on them. These weapons use pressurized fuels and an igniter system to project a jet of flamible, semi-sticky Gel/Liquid from their nozzles. They generally have a range limited to 50-100 feet in their most powerful forms. It is rarely seen that any vehicled are modified to carry such weapons, but a strange few have been known to exist. These weapons are highly dangersous a shot to the fuel container generally ignites the contents, engulfing the wearer in a fireball of napalm.

Dart Guns: Dart guns have a very limited feild of use. Mostly used by assassins and spies, they are designed to be fired quietly and deliver a poisonous liquid into the bloodstream of the recipient of the dart. These weapons have a very limited effective range, generally 25-50 meters at maximum limit of accuracy. They are silent, and can be very deadly when used in the right hands.

Vehicle Mounted Weaponry:

MMA Torpedoes: Antimatter Annihilation Weapons are weapons deisgned to harness the power of the destructive force oif colliding Matter and Antimatter together to form an Annihilation Reaction. This reaction yeilds destructive kinetic energy vasty more powerful then traditional Nuclear Fission Bombs. 1 kilogram worth of matter and antim-matter colliding provides the yeild of a 47 metagon bomb, equal to the use of one hundred kilograms of Fission Materials. Most Fighter bases anti-captial ship missles carry a standard weight of 2.5 kilograms. This yeilds an explosion one 293 megatons of kinetic energy. Capital-grade Torpedoes, as fired from Cruisers, Carriers, and Dreadnaughts can have yeilds anywhere from 50 kilograms materials (in the case of cruisers) to 250 kilograms (in the case of Dreadnaughts). Such charges yeild destructive forces msot minds could never fuly comprehend (11,750 megatons of kinetic energy at highest yeild). Weapons such as these are highly regulated and govern and are restricted to use in open space only, space beween solar systems and and star clusters, due to the effect that such weapons can have on nearby planets and stars. Use of such weapons inside of a standard habitable planet could lead to the ignition of the oxygen particles in the upper atmospher of the planet. Though such cases have never been documented, the theory is cause enough to ban the use of MAA weapons within one hundred thousand miles of a habitable planet.

Boarding Charges: These are not, necessarily weapons, but more of transports. They are large Torpedoes designed to carry soldiers over to another ship for boarding actions. The front of the torpedo as a breaching charge mounted on instead off a standard warehead. These charges are designed to punch a hole through the Hull of an anemy ship, allowing the torpedoe's nose to enter the inner cavities of the ship. The torpedo itself seals the breech of it's enterance with specially designed sheild systems to stop the venting of the atmospher inside the ship once the torpedo breeches the hull. These torpedoes can carry several dozzen troops inside of each one and are generally fired back to back from all tubes to launch a formidable boarding party to another vessle. Other times, these devices can be used to distract an enemy captain, tricking him into think he is about to be boarded. Any Captain will send his crew to arms to repel boarders from a ship, leaving systems manned by skeleton crews in the middle of combat. Such actions are necessary, but leave the ship slow and slugish to the captains commands, making it an easy target.


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