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Revak's Profiles
« on: April 28, 2009, 11:24:28 PM »
I gotta start posting something sooner, or later!

10:50pm April 28 2009

Still uploading and editing profiles. I'm trying to get accustomed to the layouts so my profiles are a little dull. Not to mention I need to upload pictures and such. I'll be getting to that soon.

2:10am May 2 2009

Just posted a two more profiles. Some profiles that I post that looks smaller or shorter compared to some of my others is because I never got around to finishing them, but I still enjoy using them in various RP's. That and I need to start posting more so there!
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Re: Tact's Profiles
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2009, 11:27:43 PM »
[Name]: Leiko Torishu
[Age]: ?
[Age Appeal]: 24
[Height]: 6'3"
[Weight]: 145lbs
[Race]: Unknown Entity
[Martial Status]: Single
[Sexual Preference]: None
[Weapons]: Fists
[Appearance]: ((Picture still in search.))
[Affiliation]: None

Not remembering how she grew up only that she was born not human. She never cared for anyone other than herself. Being extremely selfish, she has made a living only enhancing her own abilities. Remembering back only to when she was a little girl of 7 years old. She learned she was not human by grabbing the hand of a child molester and crushing it with a light sqeeze, then launching him through 5 inches of concrete at the age of 7. During this entire ordeal she didn't shed a single tear, but she smiled after she killed the man. It was hard to believe she was a child. With the decades gone by and her mastering her powers. Now shes a deadly woman traveling the world looking for kicks and anything that would please her. But throughout the time she has been alive there has been no account of some remembering to see her. So was she actually there or just something else. Was there a different entity that had caused the death of countless people. Why has there been no record of her? Who killed those many people...

[The Story]:
Leiko's consciousness came too when she became 7 years old. Having no memory of anything before that age. She wandered the streets of villages. No one cared about her at all. One day while she was sitting down in an abandoned house a man came in for her, "Hey kid, you wanna place to stay?" he said. Leiko made no emotion, but ignored him and remained seating doing nothing. "Hey! You little brat I'm talking to you!" he said running over grabbing her long black hair lifting her up by it. Still she made no emotion other than a grunt and flinch. She stared at him as he turned her head around to face him, "Hehe...your fresh though." he said to her. She didn't understand anything her was saying, but the more he spoke the she began to learn the language. The man then went to touch her, but she moved her hand instantly grabbing his hand crushing every bone in his hand. "AAGH!!" he yelled out dropping her. She landed on her feet. Cringing her teeth she spun around lifting the 200 pound man of the ground and launching him through 5 inches of solid concrete. She stood there watching the man lay in a pile of rubble and blood. She did nothing but grin. Walking out of the house she continued walking through the town listening to the conversations of many people. Soon learning how to speak they're language within a few hours. She spoke perfectly. "Hello little girl, do you need help?" a kind stranger said. She glared at him then said, "F**k off! You old hag". The stranger shocked looked at the girl and walked over stunned by the language she had. Leiko left the village going into the forest to learn the ways of fighting by anything that she could see or learn. Soon in a few years she had grown to the age of 17 and was now a total B***h. She traveled around seeking more knowledge of power to strengthen herself even more, not that she wasn't already powerful. She was too much engulfed in her own mind.

One day while walking through a forest road just traveling looking for more power, a few demons jumped out and attacked her, "Hey Bi**h" one of them yelled. Leiko did nothing, but narrow her eyes at them. Without even apparently moving a muscle each one had their limbs all broken and their skulls cracked into their head. She just simple walked away. Walking into a nearby village entering the Tavern to stay there a few days to sleep on a bed rather than outside in a tree. Upon sleeping there that night, the men that owns the Tavern sought to take advantage of Leiko while she slept, but they didn't realize she was a very light sleeper, upon entering her room, each man who had entered which was 5, were completely, killed without mercy. Eventually a few days later a warrant was put up for her arrest for over 500 billion dollars. They apparently discovered she was the cause of over thousands of deaths throughout the lands. Soon many bounty hunters and mercenaries came for he. Laughing as she easily disposed of as quickly as they saw her warrant. Leiko didn't care about others, only herself. While going through the world looking around and stuff she learned more about herself. She finally understood the reasons for her powers. Not because she was just strong but because of what she is. She could not be kill by any means. Was she immortal, or does she even truly exist...?
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Re: Tact's Profiles
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2009, 11:40:09 PM »
[Name]: Kamuro
[Age]: Unknown
[Height]: 5


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Re: Tact's Profiles
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2009, 11:46:32 PM »

Time Waits For No One

In the beginning, there were two levels of existence. The Angelic Plane, ruled by the High Archangel and inhabited by immortal beings of pure ideals...and the Demonic Plane, ruled by the Supreme Devil and inhabited by those immortal beings whose ideas were corrupt and twisted. For many, many millenniums untold, the two levels knew not of one another. However, as their powers grew and they became ever stronger, they gradually became aware of one another. The Demonic Plane, once they had the full grasp upon the Angelic Plane's existence, launched an invasion. The Angels, though masters of an extraordinary amount of magical abilities, could not win, and were slowly being pushed back. This is when a faction of their group made what was considered quite the sacrifice....they turned their back upon the peaceful mandate of higher thinking and took up weapons from fallen Demons, then used a complex ritual to take parts of Demon intellect, and parts of Demons' souls to place into themselves....they became berserkers, and charged into the front lines, shielding the spell casting Angels from the more physical line of Demons. Now the Angels, imbued with the strength that new hope can bring, began to push the Demons back, until they were locked in a stalemate...neither with any gain, neither with any loss. The war raged, until the High Archangel and Supreme Demon became personally involved. The two leaders met in battle, and the sudden explosion of raw magical energy and conflicting power of the entire war with the leaders within spiraled out of control, creating two additional Planes of Existence. The Mortal Plane, and The Death Plane. In a bout of frustration, the Supreme Devil sent his best troops to assassinate the High Archangel. The attempt was foiled, and the High Archangel responded in kind...the Supreme Devil was slain. The Demons, suddenly facing an opening in the power structure, ceased invading, instead turning to fighting amongst themselves and withdrawing. Eventually, a new Supreme Devil emerged, but there was a gap in the war while both sides re-adjusted themselves for the addition of the new Plane....naturally, with the Demonic Plane invading the Mortal Plane and the Angelic Plane defending it. the modern-day(medieval) times. Humans are the dominant race in the Mortal Plane, despite the superiority of races like Elves, Drow, Dragons. The Angels always have at least three of their beings in the Mortal Plane to foil the invasion attempts of the Demonic Plane.

Plane of Time

The Plane of Time. It has been in existence before any other plane has come to be. The seers of time overlook the creation of the universe, and see the progression of each plane. The entities that exist on this plane possess the ability to travel between each of the planes that they view from their own plane. The Seers or Entities peer through the windows of time simply for amusement, and knowledge. They also not only have the power to travel through time, but they have the power to control it by will. They can control the flow of time through simple will. It is a part of their way of life. The seers although possess great power, do not tamper with the natural flow of time. They merely use it as a tool of knowledge, or amusement. They will by all means never change the outcome of events to reshape the current future. The Seers are well known to be pacifists as to anyone to have any knowledge of their actual existence. The ability to travel through the flow of time, also allows them the ability to travel through the different planes. Although their ability to control time is powerful, on their own plane, they are as normal as a human on The Mortal Plane. The Plane of Time is a place where only one who has come to exist on that plane, may only be the ones to exist on the plane. There is no others means to reach this plane. The Seers themselves do not know precisely how their powers or existence came to be. They simply know that they exist, and their powers are for their own personal uses. A code of conduct has become a natural guide to the Seers and how to use the extent of their powers. Although they are peaceful, their groups of entities take on physical forms, but do not possess the ability to reproduce. They simply come into existence. Every few millenniums or so, another group of Seers will come into existence, although recent events have caused a strange shift in the basic flow of time. Seers who enjoy venturing into the different planes, have often been overcome by the power of the beings who exist on these other planes. When a Seer is killed there is no coming back, and they completely fade away from the existence of the planes. The Seers have the ability to turn back time, but the events of death could never be changed. The ones to die will die. It is the events of nature, and cannot be changed. The Seer
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Re: Tact's Profiles
« Reply #4 on: May 02, 2009, 03:04:43 AM »
6678 Years 46 Days 5 Hours 23 Minutes 14 Seconds and counting


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Re: Tact's Profiles
« Reply #5 on: May 02, 2009, 03:09:17 AM »
[Name]: Chiaki Oe
[Species]: Human
[Age]: 26
[Height]: 5'11"
[Weight]: 96kg
[Eye Colour]: Maroon
[Hair Colour]: Black
[Marital Status]: Single
[Profession]: Traveling Martial Artist A.K.A: Freeloader
[Armament]: Hunting Knife, Staff, Throwing Daggers

Large Brown Hooded Cloak
Large Brown Duffle Bag
- 10x Instant Noodles
- Large Blanket
- 5x Small Books
- Pillow
- Tinder Box
- Flints
- Small Pot
- Small Portable Stove
- Tea Pot
- 5 Tank Tops
- 3 Pairs of Black Lower Gi
- 8 Pairs of Socks
- 3 Bottles of Dish Soap
- 4 Sets of Chopsticks
- 1 Bottle of Soy Sauce
- Sleeping Bag
- Large Bandage Wrappings
- 4 Water Canteens

Small Snack Pouch tied to waist.

4x Throwing Daggers

Never knowing who his parents were. He was raised in a monastery by Shaolin Monks that taught him many martial arts techniques. Although as he grew older the monks learned that he had very strong talent, but they could no longer teach him even while he was only 13 years old. They had told him to go on a pilgrimage and learn about the world outside. Traveling to many places he learned even more techniques further enhancing his abilities. After Ten years of traveling he returned to his monastery only to find it had been raidied. The monks were gone, and there was no sign of anyone left. He did not feel grief so much as simply lonely-ness. He stayed there for a period of time before deciding to see the rest of the modern world again.


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Re: Tact's Profiles
« Reply #6 on: May 26, 2009, 02:55:55 AM »
Hyon Magangryoung


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Re: Tact's Profiles
« Reply #7 on: June 02, 2009, 02:24:46 AM »
Verasia Linuisus
Vera Linus
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