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History in the gray
« on: March 09, 2009, 10:16:13 PM »
From an early age Jedi are taught in the ways of the force, how to control it, connect with it, use it, put quite simply some believe that the Jedi are taught to be one with the force. Once they are training for combat they are provided with a saber, however once the training wheels are removed, they are instructed to build their own sabers, usually their crystal is either blue or green, in the rare occasion such as with Mace Windu, the saber can be violet. Or in Plo Koon's case the saber was yellow before changing to blue.

For a Sith it is said that they call upon dark crystals from suns within the galaxy and are rewarded in just for this drawing feat frequently with red crystals, however sometimes they are gifted an obsidian black crystal. Most Sith are believed to be former Jedi, minds twisted by the dark side, tricked into believing something that may or may not be real and as a result they always pledge themselves to the dark side. On rare occasions they have been found as children and stolen from their homes without second thought. However sometimes they are born into the Sith ranks and, like the Jedi, have their own academies hidden away to train in.

For force-users in between they have come from either side and sit somewhere in the gray area of the force, choosing what to do with their lives as they see fit, only instructed by themselves whilst retaining traits of their former alignment. Two particular beings showed more of their former side than most rogue force users had done and for this they were considered dangerous by one side, however were wanted to return by the other. A pair of young ex-Jedi knights were the source of all this commotion, however hiding out in their newly acquired home on the planet Hypori, had kept them safe for years.

Ruan Amente and Xero Harvey were the young adults in the frame, their antics whilst with the Jedi order had not gone un-noticed and many a time they had been threatened with expulsion from the order. They had not been seeking to leave the order, however they were in search of something more... More than what the Jedi way of life offered, but a life with a vision away from Sith territory. Their service to the order was another factor that had not gone un-noticed, their ability to listen intently to their masters made them valuable assets; though under Mace Windu and Plo Koon there wasn't much they could do wrong, countless missions had been successful because they had listened carefully to instructions.

The two had been seen as bad influences towards each other and as a result of this they were kept separate at every given opportunity; one would be taken on a mission while the other would either be kept behind or taken out on a separate mission, though they always managed to find time for each other. It was only during the clone wars that their moods really began to deteriorate, being only 2 in the 212 strong Jedi task force that took part in the battle of Geonosis wasn't the problem they had, this was just the kind of thrill they had been seeking. However with the Jedi order, everything had to try to remain peaceful and emotions were to be turned off at all times seemingly. It had been difficult to maintain while friends were dying in front of them and after the battle subsided the two left without saying a word; amidst all the chaos and anarchy, the two turned their backs on the Jedi order and the galactic republic, everything now was in their hands, nothing could hold them back from doing what they truly believed they wanted to do with their lives.

Explore the gray space between black and white...
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Re: History in the gray
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"You ever wonder what they'd look like in any other colour?" Xero began a conversation that had been his topic of choice since they occupied the old droid factory, Ruan had become sick of it within the first few days. "Yeah I have, unlike you I can actually picture what they'd look like in any other colour... It's not difficult, you just close your eyes and-" Ruan mocked his friend "Shut up" Came the instant response.

They were talking of course about their light sabers, like most Jedi they'd adopted the blue crystals and it seemed like they wouldn't be changed... Ruan never really saw the point in changing the colour but knew full well that Xero would be on about it for hours on end if need be. Since they had arrived on Hypori and discovered an inactive droid factory Ruan had done nothing but explore their new home, Xero had been on the outside more often but the two seemed to differ in matter such as this all the time; strangely it was the sole reason they were able to co-exist so well, though no matter how much they sometimes appeared to dislike each other, more often than not they always eventually found themselves agreeing with each other. This was something that only these two understood.

Ruan knew however that if he gave in to searching for new saber crystals that they'd run out of one more thing to keep them occupied; as much fun as it had been trapsing around the 2 mile long base and discovering every little thing before going back to it the next day and recognising where everything was, there wasn't a whole lot else to do other than figure out which droids still worked and then what functions they performed when they did work. They had to find something that would keep them constantly occupied within this place because neither man wished to leave something as rare as this behind simply because they didn't have anything to do... It had occured to Xero that they'd need jobs to sustain themselves and in turn that had given Ruan the fuel he needed to remain content within the factory. Though jobs would be easy to come by for ex-Jedi knights, it was finding one that they could both become involved in and would quite happily continue on a regular basis. The subject now changed along with the attention of Xero.

"I've just thought, we're in a droid factory... The place is two miles long and let's face facts, we're not going to need every droid in here, so we could sell them, offer reprogramming, repairs, upgrades, everything! With the money we make from that we can bring in new parts and keep a cycle going, it means we'll be able to put that ship to good use finally and we'll be doing it regularly...?"
Ruan spewed out all at once, now the problem with this was that once Ruan got started on a plan, he spoke very quickly and sometimes had to repeat himself for Xero; it was a rare occurance but it happened. Xero looked at him sideways as if he didn't understand a word that was just said; possibly because he'd spoken so quickly, and then returned to a normal angle before nodding in agreement. This agreement meant that now instead of looking all over the planet for food, they might be able to get their food dispensor working with payments to which ever company might own the damned thing these days, it also meant they'd spend the next few days hunting down anything and everything they might have been able to sell.

Several hours later had produced a very fruitful search, after sifting through the droids and determining which ones worked and which ones didn't they'd come up with two separate piles right away, shortly after that they moved onto functions and made separate piles for those too; removing two medical droids, a repair droid and a couple of battle droids for their own uses, the end reult seemed rather thin on those that worked and very thick on those that didn't. "Ok... We can work with this... We just need to activate the repair drones and set them to work on the others right?" Xero stated knowingly, he just awaited confirmation, Ruan nodded.


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Re: History in the gray
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(Three years down the line...)

It was cold, cold enough to freeze in this room. A loud hiss started up from one corner and was shortly followed by several others close by. A click indicated that something had opened and the mist in the room quickly bgegan to carpet the metal grating that made up the floor, then coughing was submitted by one figure and again was followed by another. A droid zoomed into the room and it too was paired off a split-second later by another.

"Good morning sir," Started a shrill robotic tone. "It's been one year, seven months, one week, five hours and twelve minutes." It answered an unasked question in advance. "That long? Well I doubt we missed anything anyway. Still, a status report couldn't hurt," Ruan muttered groggily to the medical droid at the side of his cryo-chamber. They were handy things these, it meant they could sleep for weeks on end and not age whilst inside; Xero had found them almost 3 months into their tenure here and studied up on their workings before revealing their existence to Ruan, they usually stayed awake for one week; sleeping in the chambers for a few hours every day, and then slept for one full week in the chambers to preserve themselves. A process which meant they aged at around half the normal human rate; something Ruan had found rather odd yet comforting as it allowed him to continue his training and search for the one person that could match him in saber combat, it was how they'd maintained their youth for so long. This time however they were on a test run to see how long they'd be able to sleep for, along with how much rehabilitation they'd need to do once they awoke; the original plan was to sleep for a year and a half and work their way back from there, however a random planetary storm had hit and sent their systems back a month or so and as a result they'd over slept by just the one... Ruan was definately feeling it.

Xero simply rolled over and kneeled up, figuring something out in his mind before coming to the assumption that rolling over hadn't been such a great idea after all, shortly after this he threw up and stumbled out of the chamber. "Little longer than we planned I'm figuring?" He asked and was answered by a nod of Ruan's head. "Beats listening to you and that damn saber crystal question over and over though", He half joked. Ruan hadn't just agreed to enter the cryo-chambers simply because Xero had been asking day in and day out about going on the hunt for new saber crystals, it was because he was curious of the effect it would have on their bodies. Would it hinder their mobility for long, would it hamper their force abilities, would they need to re-learn anything once they were out? All questions were going to be answered soon enough, however today was not the day to do it. Today was for nutrition, nourishment and stretching out a year and a half's worth of kinks and cricks.


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Re: History in the gray
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(a few weeks later)

Xero sat in a small room he had found just before the cryo-sleep, he had promised himself that he would get round to fixing some droids by hand, as it reminded him that droids weren't always there. "are you tinkering with those things again? you always make them worse off, just leave to the repair droids". Xero smirked and carried on with his work, Ruan started to leave to the room when a droid leg hit him on the back of the head, Xero burst into laughter before jumping to his feet a running away still laughing "ill get you for that Xero" ruan laughed to himself, it had been so long since they had any fun.


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Re: History in the gray
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(Somewhere a few months down the line...)

The bar had been busy all day, it usually was so it was nothing spectacular really. A glass containing a flourescent blue liquid sat in front of Ruan, whereas a glass of something containing black liquid sat right in front of Xero. This was their usual bar, away from their newly adopted home planet it was a nice little run down place where pirates and traders usually ventured to take a break from their business, or even to construct new business relationships. All in all it wasn't a bad place so long as Ruan and Xero weren't bothered by any of it's patrons; there was also the small factor of being employed as bouncers on a part time basis, whenever they were around they had been hired hands if any trouble built up. The barkeep's name was Enzo, a man from Aleena they'd been known to have been nicknamed Amanaman in some regions, are large aliens that have long arms and a broad body. Their heads resemble a hooded cobra's head, but with a humanoid face. They prefer to travel in the trees, using their arms to swing among branches, but their shapes also allow them to curl into a ball and roll at incredible speeds. This was a different Aleenan, instead of following his people to war against another Aleenan tribe, he boycotted the whole thing and found a job as a bartender, right about the same time the place was going out of business. Ever since then he'd been considered to run the place simply because he was the only one who ever showed up to work there and no one else came to collect on money unless it was tax time.

Sometimes Enzo would inform Ruan and Xero of previous happenings, simply because he wasn't able to sort anything out himself and the only hired help he had here was usually flat out drunk within the first two hours; and as a result was obviously useless to him. And although the Abyssin race were known to be easily angered, this bouncer hadn't had the time to be angry and didn't react to anything but hitting the floor should he fall off his stool whilst asleep.

Now Xero's idea of fun usually fell within three categories. 1. Fighting: Anywhere there seemed to be a punch up about to happen, Xero would usually sit there and watch, gleefully in hope that the fight staggered his way and then he'd 'have' to get involved, which usually ended badly for all three parties. The two original fighters ended up on the back end of a beating and Xero usually ended up getting himself thrown out of places. 2. Drinking: Pretty much what they were doing here, only this was one of Ruan's shared passtimes too. 3. Women: Xero liked his women, however as much as he would've loved to have acted upon some of his urges, he knew he couldn't take them home, that would require a bit of a journey in the ship and then revealing their whereabouts to anyone who happened to enquire about them. This usually ended up in a lowend hotel while Ruan stayed on the ship or joined in this pleasure on the odd occassion. All of these things Ruan normally dreaded when they left home to hit their regular watering hole.

Ruan on the other hand enjoyed not talking to anyone but Xero and Enzo; again occassionally he'd try to pick someone up but he was rather fussy about his urges, it wasn't that he didn't like being social, it was more to the point that they were still trying to lay low and not attract any unwelcome attention. As a result of this he set himself some precautions for when he was heading out, one of which was obviously barely socializing and then when he did, being picky about what he said. The main precaution he always took was never to carry either of his sabers with him, he'd trained with a blaster before and was a pretty good shot. This was again because they were rogue Jedi and weren't exactly wanting to be found by anyone looking for them, a saber would alert anyone that force users were around and then alarm bells would start ringing, Ruan also liked to at least look like a trader at times, carrying a blaster helped things along and made sure he was prepared for the worst should anything happen.

Today had just been a rough day for Ruan, not only had a trade deal fallen through, it had ended in a shoot out which earned him another few lazer burns to go with the collection forming on his legs and chest; the only reason he'd ever been clipped by them (Not properly shot) was because he hadn't seen the first shots coming, everything had seemed so calm as per usual and as soon as the price was being discussed all hell broke loose. Needless to say it would be the last time he tried to negotiate with an Abyssin. Xero wasn't normally around for trade deals, usually because he was off buying spare parts to work on or droids to fix up and sell and usually laughed at Ruan when he came off a little worse for ware...


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Re: History in the gray
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The usual night in their watering hole; a fitting name for a bar Ruan thought, he admired the modesty of the place, didn't try to be something it wasn't and still tried it's best to keep a low profile on what it was, after what it was spilled into the street however it ceased to be an issue for Enzo. Ruan enjoyed the banter with Enzo, he was the one thing that kept people from talking to Ruan unless they absolutely insisted; which more often than not ended up out in the street, and generally the drinks were cheaper even without the mind trick. Ruan of course knew Enzo was a sleaze ball who wanted nothing more than profit, though he made sure he looked after most of his regulars, they were all just walking credits...

Ruan took a seat at the bar next to Xero and ordered his usual, however he halted part way through his speech and usually knew to get out of his seat and leave the bar should he ever get a bad feeling, but this was different. Xero felt it too; something Ruan was actually pleased about, it meant that Xero's train of thought hadn't yet led him to the fine figure of a dark haired woman standing just off to his left at the bar. She wore a cloak to hide her features and looked very shady, as if she was watching someone, she stood on her own with a luminous blue drink in her right hand while her other rested upon the bar. As she lifted the glass to her lips, not even the liquid inside wanted to light up her features, almost as though it was afraid of what it might find underneath. Another ripple... This time to Ruan's right, this one not human, he could sense that already, no, this other was Zabrak in origin, she too wore a cloak and all of a sudden the room got smaller. It was too late now to cancel his order and walk away without drawing attention o himself, he might already have done that but thankfully Xero had snapped him out of it by pushing the drink into his hands; some quick thinking from Xero just spared this bar and possibly them a lot of trouble. The best bet right now was not to alert these two mysterious visitors and get on with their night, leave later so as not to arouse suspicion.

Five drinks later and Ruan was still feeling uneasy about the situation, they were still here and the shadowy figures hadn't budged once but to order more drinks. "Come on, it's not like they're even looking at us." Xero pointed out, knowing full well that wouldn't cut it with Ruan, Xero too knew they were being watched but was trying to lighten the mood. Ruan simply glared at him and suddenly felt naked without his lightsaber, whether or not he might need it was irrelevant, better to have it and not need it than be stuck up shit creek without a... He dragged his thoughts back to his drink, knowing that the ship wasn't far and if he could make it there without any trouble then they could get their sabers and be a hell of a lot safer. Xero shrugged it off and made his way over to an anti-gravity pool table near by where a group of wookies looked to be placing bets on each other, the only way Xero would win that game was by using the force and now that he knew he had to try without it because of the force sensetive women watching them, that it would be an entirely different game all round. One at which he wasn't very good.

Ruan felt a series of taps on his shoulder only seconds after Xero had left for the wookie table, they felt almost human but the finger felt larger than any human he'd ever come across in the galaxy. He knew where this was going already and that three possible scenarios all ended the same way unless he was really precise and accurate with his planning. Ignorance would only provoke matters further, cockiness would only make things worse too and being polite would get him nowhere against this species. Rakatan from what he could sense, 4 of them, all with their tempers turned on full. He ignored them for another moment longer while he took another swig from his drink before another series of tapps assaulted his shoulder, this time harder and more aggressive. "I wanna talk to you human" Came a deep and menacing voice from behind him, Ruan insantly assumed this was from the shoulder tapper and sighed, he turned to face them and stood from his stool. "I believe you were looking at something that belongs to me" He began, whatever he said next Ruan hadn't hear because his mind was still on the two women watching him and Xero, though he also knew he had to ocus on the matter immediately at hand and thus focused his attention back to the gang stood in front of him. "You hear me? You look at either of them again and I'll tear you limb from limb... Got it?" The leader prodded his finger into Ruan's chest to make his point. Ruan thought now, he hadn't looked at any women since they'd arrived aside from flicking occasional glances at... Now he knew and as much as he'd liked to have done, he couldn't hide the smirk that over took the right corner of his mouth and only served to make matters worse.

"What's so funny human?!" The tone was raised now, more anger behind it, probably feeling as though he was being mocked. "I'm not interested in them, take em'" Ruan replied in a manner that could very well have been perceived as smug and knew that if he turned his back now that'd be the end of him. instead he waited a moment, holding their glares and then took a step back before turning back to his drink at the bar, downing the rest of it just in time to side step a stool that had been thrown at high velocity from behind him. The stool smashed into the bar and broke in half, Ruan reached for his blaster.
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Re: History in the gray
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The small A-Wing fighter landed casually in a hanger somewhere in the dark recesses of Coruscant, the clearance had been granted only half an hour ago and there had been no communication with the ship thereafter. Several soldiers had been informed of this and as such had been suspicious, most other ships responded to any hails coming from planetary docking control, even after the clearance to land had been granted and those that didn't were always inspected upon their docking completetion. There was no exception this time round either and the two figures that stepped out from their craft were instantly approached by three docking guards. "Papers?" The captain asked. There was no response verbally but the papers were held up, they weren't legitimate but with a wave of the hand from the second shadowy figure and they were allowed to pass, disgarding the false documents instantly.

They entered out into a street and joined the flowing crowd, their black cloaks not long enought o touch the floor but long enough to just trail out behind them with the gravity. As they walked they could feel eyes on them the whole time, not eyes that searched for the nature of their being, but eyes that searched for some sign of facial features underneath their long hoods and the shadows they created over their faces. Vestara Khai and Luna Fey simply disgarded these and moved further into the crowd, preparing to disnegage from it as soon as the force told them they were close. Close to their prey. They had been hunting for over three months for the their targets until finally yesterday they had picked up their force signatures heading toward Coruscant. They'd kept their distance from the planet until a few hours ago and then began their approach; it was really a lucky guess that they'd stay there for longer than a day, but their intial idea was stay and wait for them to leave Coruscant, the last thing they wanted to have to do was go down and get them, they had been previously warned that while this was their initiation task, they were outclassed in every way and that they weren't supposed to do anything other than survey. The sith mentality of course over clouded their judgement and they gave in to their egos.

After ten minutes of walking they finally arrived at the bar, a bar they hadn't known that their targets frequented but their force signatures betrayed them to be in. It was the perfect hiding place but even without use of the force, Vestara spotted their targets right away and with a quick nod to Luna, continued walking through the bar. Their targets however had also noticed them instananeously which was unfortunate for them simply because they hadn't known that their force signatures had given them away, they were out classed the second they entered the bar...

Ruan side stepped the stool that shattered against the bar and reached for his blaster, turning a split second later to fire upon the 4 Rakatans, their leader taking a shot to the knee and buckling under the pressure of his leg failing. The second to be hit took two hits to his shoulder, leaving that arm useless for gun fire. The third had been luckier and Ruan had taken his assailant's blaster apart in two shots directly to it, the first to the barrel and the second to the powercell that chagred the gun to fire, he hadn't been lucky in the sense that the gun had left his firing hand smouldering and smoking with the blaster painfully melted to it. The fourth had actually managed to draw his blaster but was shortly felled by a pool cue through his gut, the blaster dropping harmlessly from his hand and hitting the floor before the recovering Rakatans froze instead of attempting another attack. "Anyone else curious?!" An angry sounding voice came from the direction of Xero, still rising from a slightly hunched over stance; it had been he that had thrown the pool cue through the final alien, thankfully he hadn't used the force and this had been the only thing keeping their hunters guessing about them all night. Not once had they used the force and this had confused Vestara and Luna, at first they had obviously though that they were masking them deliberately because they were in hiding and didn't wnat anyone finding them, it would make sense and the breifing they have been given would've supported that theory, but to not even use the force in a fight and no sign of a lightsaber either, well this was just unheard of. Maybe they'd been tracking the wrong men.

The silence surrounding the bar once again became the drunken banter filled piss hole it normally was after Xero's outburst and he now moved over to Ruan, a look of concern etched across his face. "What the hell was that about?" He asked Ruan. "That my friend, was a combination of the usual Rakatan attitude and those two force sensitives that have been watching us all night." Came the reply, they both knew they had to leave but they had to do it in such a way that gave them a head start to the docking bay and then they needed the distance to get away from Coruscant and then back to the plant Elom, somewhere along the way they needed to lose these two force sensitive females. "By the way, completely unrelated, but they're both female, one of them just knows how to mask herself in almost every way, barring the most important way," Xero pointed out just because he'd been right and loved correcting Ruan at every given opportunity, simply because Ruan corrected him all the time. "Yeah, I'm sure that's really important right now. We need a quiet way out of here, whether they're watching us or not. I wonder if Enzo can get someone to bother them while we slip out," Ruan quizzed Xero back but he hadn't needed to say anymore, Enzo had heard the whole thing simply because he was coming over to throw the pair of them out for the previous ruckus. Things had been bad in here, but never so bad that blasters were discharged, everyone had started to feel a little on edge since they'd witnessed the chain of evens that preceeded the present. It wasn't that Enzo disagreed with their methods; hell only one of them died, Ruan just fired disabling shots before Xero killed the fight before it got any worse. It was more that if they didn't leave, then his customers would and even though when Ruan and Xero drank there, they put a lot of credits behind the bar, they still couldn't compare to the rest of the general clientelle.

On his way back to the bar, Enzo had quietly spoken to a couple of human pirates and promised them some credits if they could win over the affections of the two cloaked women, naturally these half drunken pirates fancied their chances and egotistically rose to the challenge. Ruan had spotted this and prepared to speed toward the door...
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Re: History in the gray
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"You're gonna give us 300 credits to sleep with those women?" The pirate asked, seemingly astonished. This was a group of men used to looting, raping and beating any under armed/prepared trade freighter, to celebrate they always hit some watering hole and tonight was this one, they'd been used to going into dives such as this place and taking home any woman that dared frequent the place, but these were pirates, bounty hunters, mercenaries or simply just thugs that came into this place, so any woman that went in there, was under no illusion that they'd be safe from male attention, and they were just as bad as the men in these places. So for this group of 6 pirates to have received a challenge from Enzo as easy as this one sounded and to get paid for it, was an offer they couldn't refuse. The first man tried.

Dressed in a half blue, half black jump suit, blaster pistol attached to his right leg, typical eye patch coming over the left eye and the scar leading from underneath that patch, down the length of his cheek and stopping a quarter of the way through his thick black beard, the man known as 'Odin' stepped forward and was just about to begin his opening line when Luna just ignored him and walked by him, Vestara wasn't too far behind her. They had both begun to move toward Ruan and Xero, both men knew this and hoped they wouldn't have to make a break for it. Odin didn't take kindly to his presence being ignored and grabbed Vestara's shoulder, she stopped dead as she'd felt it on her cloak and then the grip got more intense as his annoyance began to show even more when she made to shrug it off, these women were really not interested in these men, only in their goal. "Hey lady, you must not know who I am, but I'll give ya a heads up... People don't generally walk right past me and make like I'm not here when I wanna talk to them, they're usually smarter than that and listen" He began, Vestara wasn't interested, Luna however was getting more and more annoyed with this man and was about ready to fold him in two. Vestara made to move forward again, out of his hold but once again his grip tightened. "You deaf in there? You hearin' me at all lady? I said people don't-" His arrogance was cut off by a sharp kick between his legs, Luna Fey had heard enough. Vestara prepared herself for what would inevitably come along next, the 5 other men would surround and try to attack them, they would fail their objective, but they would try none the less. She was right, the largest of them stepped forward and launched a huge fist at Luna before she moved and landed a punch in his gut that barely phased him. Two smaller members of the group advanced on Vestara, who simply used her force speed to get behind them before they landed their attacks, pulling their blasters from their holsters and pulling both triggers without hesitation, she threw the blasters to the ground and turned to the 2 remaining members of the group in time to see their blasters leveled at her head. She wasted no time and drew her light saber, the red beam lifting quickly from the hilt and finally illuminating her face. The men stopped for a second, taking her in, she was beautiful, long jet black hair accompanied a young, slender and pretty face, they pulled their triggers but it was the last they would see of her as she deflected the blasts uncontrollably around the bar before moving forward before they could get another shot off and with 2 quick slashes, both men fell to the ground in two pieces. Luna had been struggling with this man since the beginning of the battle now and just as she was about to draw her saber, was knocked backwards and the saber skidding across the floor. She reached out to it, pulling it weakly with the force, hoping it would reach her in time to save her life before... A thin, red streak of light protruded from the man's stomach, originating from somewhere behind him. Luna didn't need to ask herself the question, she already knew Vestara had saved her life again.

The shadow hand that was Vestara, had saved Luna; merely an acolyte, on numerous occasions, however she had always wondered why she had been given an apprentice when she herself was still under tutelage as a shadow hand, she had held this title for a couple of years now and it remained to be seen how far she could actually go, she resented her master, as he was reluctant to teach her anything more, seemingly through fear that she would one day surpass him, however she was trying to teach Luna all she knew about the dark side of the force, everything she needed to keep herself alive on such occasions when Vestara could not be there to save her, and so far it was a trying task. But Luna was showing slow signs of progression in her development and as such, Vestara vowed never to be like her master and hold anything back from her apprentice, she would try to mold Luna in to all that she could be, then maybe she could rise to be a master one day.

Luna nodded to her master in thanks before being helped up and looking at the bewildered faces all around them, the looks were that of either shock of terror, no one dared move lest they be struck down too by these saber wielders. Luna force grabbed her saber from a few feet away before clipping it back to her belt again and looking around for the two they'd come here for. "Damn..." Vestara muttered under her breath as she knew exactly what had just happened and instantly made for the door.

Ruan and Xero had broken into a flat out sprint as soon as they'd slipped out of the bar during the second fight, they still didn't want to use the force as it would've given them away instantly, but they weren't slow anyway so they hadn't really needed it. The rain pounded down hard outside, bouncing off Ruan's leather waist jacket and long sleeved red shirt underneath, he didn't even notice it he'd been running that hard and even as it assaulted his face, he didn't slow down or falter. They were nearly at the ship now and all seemed to be in order until Xero tripped. Had he let himself fall to the floor and just take the blow, they might have got away with no issues, however his instinct had told him that he didn't want a busted nose or bruised ribs and instead, he force pushed himself just before he hit the floor and got back into sprinting position, only afterwards had he realised what he'd done. Ruan kept on running till they got the ship and punched in the door release code, the cockpit opened and Xero stepped in, hitting the rear loading doors 'open' button before hitting the 'cockpit close' button. Ruan had made it to the back just in time to force grab his saber and turn it on, turning and slashing viciously downwards as a large crate came heading his way. It simply fell in half and revealed the less than amused look on Ruan's face to the figure that had just thrown it at him, one half landing at the side of their cargo ship, the other half landing inside the cargo bay doors as the blue blade from his saber hummed menacingly. His look just dared them to attack him and they looked as though they wished to oblige him, but hesitant.

"I'd seriously suggest going back to wherever you came from and telling your superiors to leave us alone, you will only find death at our door step..." Xero warned through the ships outer-com as Ruan stepped into the cargo loading bay and hit the switch to close it behind him, turning his saber off lastly. The ship fired into life shortly after that and slowly took off, the figures that had followed them simply stood there and looked on helplessly. However a smirk played across Luna's lips as she watched them enter the planet's atmosphere, she motioned to Vestara as if to say she'd got the job done and they clambered back intothe small A wing star fighter they had arrived in, speeding off in another direction from Ruan and Xero.
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