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My Characters
« on: February 21, 2009, 02:00:53 PM »
((NOTE: There are some aspects of these characters I have not noted because, well, then there would be no surprises.))

Name: Laohs L'am'shamri



Age:Approaching 500

General Appearance: Being a drow, Laohs isn't very tall. His figure is dominated by lean, slender muscle. He has an affinity for expensive things, including clothing and furniture. As result, his attire is dominated by black, accompanied by royal colors such as gold, purple or silver. In the field, for practicality, especially on missions involving stealth, he cloaks himself in all black, including a mask that lacks mouth, or nose openings. His starch white hair is short, and shot through with strands of brilliant silver.

Pets: An orange tabby kitten. The animal is entirely normal, save for the fact that it has perpetually been a kitten. He's owned the thing for around three hundred years.


Company: The name stems from a legend that Laohs almost fanatically believes, a story of a large, god-like demon king, that was destroyed near the beginning of time. The story is probably false. His goal was to obtain various ancient artifacts, that he attributes to this, and several other old legends he heard as a child. Due to certain circumstances however, the company changed from trading, to pirating, and then again to 'military contracting'. In it's first years, many ventures were unsuccessful. The company remains a very successful mercenary band. It is frequently called upon to parcipate in activities considered criminal, though the occaisional noble or king may need their assistance. Laohs still keeps the goal of obtaining powerful artifacts in mind. As a result, the large amounts of money the company obtains are frequently thrown towards attempts to garner more items of power. The company is run with Laohs at the head. He recruits into it's ranks through watching people of interest, and subsequently contacting them. There is an 'inner circle' of the company, and those who are not inside of it generally know nothing about what goes on in there. The 'inner circle' contains these valuable 'oddity' characters. Laohs rarely puts himself into the field. Most contracts are filled by those below him, except for occaisions that Laohs deems special. Or, simply when his bloodlust is truly insatiable. The company accepts all types of contracts.

Markings: A faint branding scar that runs from his left cheek, to the left collarbone. It is in the script of the low drow, and reads: the Massive. A tattoo accompanies it in white ink, spanning across the dark skin of his chest. it says the same thing, but in the language of gray dwarves.
Special Abilities: The drow posses several abilities that most dark elves do, such as levitation, or summoning globes of darkness. However, the traces of shadow dragon blood have given him almost halved reaction times, and minute increases to his speed and physical strength.

Weapons: Two large black swords. The weapons are carved from a material he claims were the 'bones' of the Massive creature. The first sword is double edged, and has a jagged blade that makes haphazard and messy cuts. The result is blood and pain. The other is beautiful, perfectly shaped, and single edged. The two have proper names, but for simplicity, Laohs refers to them as Butcher and Surgeon respectively. Laohs claims that the butcher can summon ghouls, in the presence of long-decaying bodies. The surgeon has been seen to deflect the occaisional spell, though not often. These two blades are accompanied by two simple black khukris. He also owns a variety of wands that he rarely uses.

Personality: It is said that a single, brief, meeting with Jarlaxle of Bregan D'aerthe impacted Laohs forever. Laohs is eccentric. In conversation, he often changes the topic, or makes completely unrelated comments. He has proven to be slightly sadistic in nature, and enjoys large amounts of blood. He is simultaneously silly and clever, and waits years making plans, only to execute them quickly and violently. Laohs loves rare items, especially those with historical or mythological significance. Almost everything he does is to obtain items that fit this profile. Also, he is intrigued by otherworldly or creatures that he considers oddities or rarities. Ancient vampires and rarebreeding terianthropes are included in this. Psions, dragons, giants, demons, devils, and angels too. He frequently makes attempts to recruit those who fit his model for rarity into his company. Laohs also feels an inexplicable familial connection between himself and any drow he meets on the surface. Has a dislike for surface elves.

Family: He hails from the house of Jaezred Chaulssin, but no longer has any contact with them. May have produced a half drow son. Also holds contempt for a devil named Quez'arel, whom he refers to as brother.
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Re: My Characters
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2009, 05:17:01 PM »
(I should acknowledge that yes...this is a bit lengthy, but in sixth grade when I thought these characters up, doodling in the back of earth science class, I was more than a bit of a nerd.  Read what you'd like. ;) I like to try to capture a lot of character in stories, so backstory is important for me. Also, there are more characters I have, I just don't really feel like typing this crap out until it's really needed. *Shrug*)

Name: Falzheim

Race:Possesed/Afflicted Human

Alignment: Human-True Neutral, Demon-True Evil

Gender: Male

Age: The demon is upwards of three centuries old. Depends on the game, because I place the stories they appear in in a sort of mental timeline...usually 19-22 yrs. old range. (For Shadow Hunter, He's about 19. For Blood money, Twenty-one. Any other threads, hes in that prieviously mentioned age range.)

General Appearance: A myriad of black, gray and white tattoos that line his arms, neck, and what was visible of his chest. The designs are easily visible against his light, cappuccino-brown skin. They creep up until they stopped mid-throat, the swirling lines coming together to form a large arrow that points upward towards the underside of his chin. The designs could easily be writing, and Laohs has a vague suspicion that they are inferal script.  He wears two normal rings, and an enchanted necklace that holds what appear to be barracuda teeth. Lightly lime tinted eyeglasses sit atop his nose, an attempt to mask the orange hue of his eyes. Some of the ends of his wild pitch black hair are stained a gray color, the same gray as some of the tattoos. His hair, in some places, seems to stand up on it's own, as though he'd used something to create tiny short spikes.
The demon's appearance is a cross between a glabrezu and a pit fiend. It stands at least nine feet tall when hunched over, it's usual posture. It has two sets of arms, the first set are large and powerfully muscled, ending in clawed hands. The second set of arms is much smaller, but still muscular, and also end in clawed hands. Below the powerful legs are raptor-esque taloned feet. His entire body is covered in dusky reddish brown/black fur. His underbelly and forearms of each set of arms are covered in deep black scales. He has no tail, but a set of ram like horns on his head, that coil loosely before ending in a wicked point. Only on of these is whole though, the other appears to have been snapped off, and has not yet grown back. So at mid length of this left horn, it ends in jagged fragments, possibly more deadly than the sharp point of the other. He had rows of uneven, sharp, blackened, teeth.

Pets: A demonic riding worg, a slave of Falzheim's demon. It is bound to a tiny glass ball, from which the animal emerges when broken. The worg is nearly the size of a horse, so two people can comfortably fit on it's back.

Background: Falzheim is, at his roots, a human. At a young age, he was abandoned by parents who were too poor and already had too many children to care for them all. Laohs found him, and is essentialy his father figure, boss, and best friend. Eventually, Falz proved to be very strong spirited, but was constantly afflicted by bouts of illness. He died, but was mysteriously returned in order to form the union that he is today.
Before this, Laohs had done battle with a demon-devil offspring, who was banished to the Nine Hells until Laohs called him back to fulfill a contract. After hundreds of years he was finally allowed to return, on the premise that he perform a single task. Laohs wanted to use the demon as a 'bodyguard' of sorts, and forced the creature to swear that it would never part from Laohs' new adopted apprentices side. The demon grudgingly obliged, though he and Laohs had a different idea of 'protecting' the boy. Laohs demanded that the demon posses his body passively, after retrieving the dead boy's soul, and dwelling inside the child. As a result, the body was forced to contain two beings, his, and a demon, and the resulting person was dubbed Falzheim. From then on, Falzheim worked for Laohs, with the boy appreciating what Laohs had done to bring him back, but hating his bodily counterpart. The demon still reluctantly fulfills the contract, which will persist until the utter destruction of the two, or until Laohs says it is over. Though they are effectively one creature, there are two different sides of awareness. Despite it's large, hulking, appearance, the demon-devil hybrid is very intelligent, and very fast.

Markings: Tatoos as described above.

Special Abilities/Weapons: Form transitioning. The two can agree to utilize either the body of the demon, or the body of the boy. Most remarkably, the demon's sort sense for detecting emotion or weakness, as skill that, in his natural environment, makes luring souls easy for the creature. Inhuman strength and speed, and resistances to many things, like poison or ice. The demon does have as many weaknesses as strengths. To name a few: holy spells, and an almost crippling weakness for lightining. Also, corrosive chlorine gas (like that from a green dragon) is very weakening. A terrible fear of being bound again, after completing his current contract.
As a partial demon, many of his attacks stem from breath weapons...
Being engulfed in flames has also been known to have unsual effects. Also, being a higher demon, he can enslave lesser ones, like manes, hellhounds, imps, or others. His skin and inner core are unnaturally warm, a constant sensation that the unified entities describe as 'burning'. Unlike Laohs, he carries only two magical trinkets. The first is the necklace of barracuda teeth. The second are the gloves.

Personality: Generally, the human is fun loving, strong-willed, and carefree. The demon expresses an extreme hatred for every other living creature, and at the top of his list is the boy with whom he shares a body. He hates Laohs secondmost, for binding him to this plane. Because the boy is passively possessed, he largely dominates the actions of the body, though whether he knows it or not, the demon has considerable influence. The two are constantly having internal debates, over anything, such as body language, the proper way to speak, or battle tactics. As a result of these arguments, Falz has been known to stumble over words while speaking, because holding two conversations is confusing. Whle the boy only speaks the common language, the fiend is versed in hundreds of languages. Because the two oft mesh together in daily life, the result is a generally friendly boy with violent tendencies, and the occaisional urge to to consume a soul. They claim that because of the union, life inside the body is constantly marked by a dull, throbbing pain.

Family: The fiend was born of a demon and a devil, a glabrezu and a pit fiend respectively. He is unconcerned with family. The boy has many brothers and sisters, none of which he knows. His adopted father is Laohs (though he never states this), and his adopted brother, the lycanthrope Draglas. Other than those two, Falzheim has no trust for anyone else in the company.

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