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Hige's Portfolio
« on: February 19, 2009, 09:59:23 PM »
This is where I'll be storing all of my Character Profiles. I'm sure there'll be a lot of them. But- it is what it is :).

I'll start off with my typical older ones for stock reasons, and for familiarity... Then probably put more on as i come up with them.

Typical Template
Code: [Select]

[[b]Eye [/b][b]Color[/b]]:
[[b]Hair [/b]Color]:

[[b]weapons or special items[/b]]


[[b]Special Abilities[/b]]-
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Re: Hige's Portfolio
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[name]: Kaito Inuzuka
[Alias]: Honorable Son, Kiba
[Age]: he's in his early 20's
[Race]: Half "Demon"
[Gender]: Male
[Eye Color]: Blue and gold toward the pupil
[Hair Color]: Black
[Weight]: 145 lbs
[Height]: 5'11"

[Appearance]:Kaito is a good looking dark haired male, not big, but lean and thin. He was born in Japan, but looks more caucasian than japanese, considering his mother's english heritage. He usually still wears a black suit, or nice designer clothes, collared shirts, the like [slightly metro, if you will]. He enjoys dark colors, and expensive clothes. He is also a casual smoker. Kaito also has slight incisor 'fangs'

[Personality]: Despite his past, Kaito is a level headed individual. He is open to conversation, and is rarely rude. He's very polite, and people often say that 'his tail always wags around the girls'. He is confident,but not loud and boisterous. He understands the ways of the world well. He fights when he needs to, and helps others if he see's a certain benefit to something that's for the greater good of himself, and the people around him. A natural born leader, bu doesn't see himself as a commander of any sorts.

[Temperament]: very mild. almost seems lax and lazy.


Kaito is the son of the old Demon yakuza's family leader. His father is a full dog demon. Kaito's mother was something of a mystery to everyone, only a few knowing her racial heritage.

Kaito grew up in fights, being in the Yakuza. He is an expert in hand to hand and melee combat, as well as a very proficient marksman.
The demon yakuza was one of the smallest groups, but one of the most powerful. Incluing demons, vampires, and werewolves of sorts. There weren't any humans. This group mainly stuck to its own business running gambling rings, and black markets.

Kaito's father was initially a placid individual, but his lust for power had him warring with the demon Triads, Triads, Russian Mob, Italian Mafia, Irish Mafia, American gangsters, Hessian mob, and even other yakuza. All the violence was spread from Kaito's 15-20 years of age.
Kaito had no like of polotics, so he requested to lead a gang of some of the best, and youngest members. This was a sort of mod-squad.

 A Fox Demon, another half Dog Demon, two vapires, and a Werewolf. This group were guardians of the Family Heads, as well as assassins, and soldiers. They were given a Mazda Dealership as their black dealing, and business front. Each one of hte members were given, or rather, gave each other nicknames. Kaito's had been 'Kiba'.. given for various reasons, including his slight fangs, persistance, and ferocity.

At the war's end, Kaito's group was sent to the demon triads compound mansion to kill Shiro(triad leader), his guards, and his entire family. Incredibly hesitant on taking the mission, they saw no other alternative so they undertook it anyway. They arrived, only to learn they had been set up, facing the entire household of demon triads. After a quick firefight, they all escaped, and vowed to gather again in time.

When Kaito arrived home in a rush to find out who set them up, his father had been assassinated. He found his mother dead, along with six demon triads, pointing their weapons at him.... It became apparent that someone had set them up. Not just his mother and he, but his entire squad, who were treated like family. They were sent to be eliminated... He escaped death, jumping out a window, taking a handfull of bullet wounds.....

Kaito has recently returned after being out of country for 10 months, and is ready to search for his old comrades again. He Has his old office, money, and many ties in the city still.   

Concealed .45 Jericho 941 handgun.

situation depending [or in his car at all times]
Black Kodachi [short katana]
.9mm baretta threaded for a silencer, and a silencer

Has a multitude of abilities his half demon blood grants him.

--Iado- Able to draw and slash out with his sword at a blurr's speed. Often unable to be seen.
--Focus- This allows him to focus energies to limbs and be able to run and stand on different surfaces (ir: walls, cielings, water, etc.)
--Stamina- he has incredible stamina. able to take normally fatal blows. Due to the fact he is part demon...... his wounds heal quickly, as well.
--strength- Kaito has the stength of a half demon. Easily able to lift a full grown human with one hand.
--Speed- His demon blood enables him to run faster than a horse [once he is at a sprinting rate]. This also enables him to jump far distances.
--Jumping- He is able to jump to great heights. Allowing him to scale buildings easily in combination with his focus abilities
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Re: Hige's Portfolio
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2009, 08:20:36 PM »

[name]: Nariya
[Alias]: Naya, Abyss Walker
[Race]: Dark Elf
[Age]: Unknown- Appears to be in her mid early twenties.
[Gender]: Female
[Eye Color]: Gray
[Hair Color]: White [can be seen dyed black with streaks of violet]
[Weight]: 130 lbs
[Height]: 5'8"
[Occupation]: Abyss Walker [scout/assassin]
[Appearance]: Nariya has strikingly beautiful features about her. She possesses a sensual dark style, typical of most dark elves. One of the first things people notice is her tattoo on her forehead, given to her in the academy- notifying her as a telekenetic. She has a multitude of clothes and simple light armors, though typically wears a lightly armored top, and a long loincloth/tail combo. She wears plate forearm protectors, and her boots are thigh high. Her hair is typically silvery white, though it can often be seen dyed black, with violet braids. Her hairstyle is usually half up, or all down.

[weapons or special items]
Her boots are enchanted with a rare magic that allows her to walk on different surfaces, and surface angles, such as water, walls, and cielings. This isn't permanent, however- and they will lose power after being in use for so long. They will gradually recharge on their own.

She often wears a black cloak [looks fairly more like a very long zip coat] that allows her to hide in the shadows a little easier than she normally could.

In Special occasions, she will wear a black katana, the wrap on the handle being violet. Or a thin scimitar.... Usually only when she goes somewhere expecting full combat.

She always carries two near identical daggers- the only difference between the two is the hand-grip color. One being ivory, the other ebony in color. The blades are intensely sharp, and single edged- slightly bowed.

Naria was born a dark elf. Her skin is a silvery/gray- blue color, and her natural hair color is White, though she has been know to dye it every once in a while to black, with violet streaks.

She has lived in an underground city under a mountain for most of her life, and preferrs the dark to being in broad daylight. She was orphaned at the age of 3, both parents falling on the battlefield of a long arduous war with the elves of the light. Due to her apparent aura the temple noticed upon her as they were gathering the children of war, they tossed her into an academy. She, her 8 year old sister, along with two young boys, one merely two, the other 4, were taken under the Temple's wing.

[The temple worshipped their deity "Shillien", the goddess of the underworld. Appearing with a snake's lower body, and a beautiful humanoid upper body, eyes covered, and had four arms.]

They were raised in special academies, strictly for warfare purposes. When they were old enough to hold a wooden sword, they were placed into the Training Courses. Training day in and day out, learning, and studying the arts of battle, and combat. Though, they were also grouped in certain talent centered clinics, where their natural abilities were tended to individually.
Naria's natural ability was mild Telekenesis. So aside from physical combat and infiltration, she was heavily instructed in controlling her 'power'. She became like a family to the Temple, and the Temple's Academy staff. Her brothers and sisters were her classmates. The academy's enrollment was small, though. Being merely 30 or so students for the entire country. The rest of the younger soldiers were placed in camps.
Just like every family, there were cloesr members, and more distant ones. Naria's closest friends, and what she considered her brothers and sisters, were the four chosen the same night to enter the academy.
Her blood sister, Eria, was an extraordinary Telekenetic, and telepath.
Her 'little bro' Rude, a hot tempered Scout,
and her "Big Brother", Ryuhou , a masterful Shillien Templar.
years passed, and their little family grew tighter. Naria was protective of her family, as they were her, and each other. Though as per usual, the elder ones played the more sincere guardian roles, as the youngest was treated and teased as such. Naria, being the middle, got a bit of both.
As they all became old enough, they were considered 'completed' with their courses, but free to come and go to the academy as they pleased.
Nariya was promoted and achieved the status of an 'Abyss Walker'. She was a trained assassin and scout... and very gifted. She is pursuing the next promotion, to Ghost Hunter. The legendary achieved this status, and Naria definately has what it takes, given a few more years under her belt.
 They all stuck together for the most part, though Eriya had obligations to the temple, as did Ryuhou. Eriya was a high seer, and a top class Phantom Summoner, where Ryuhou was a captain of a group of Templars. Younger Rude and Nariya were in the same company, but had their own individual duties to tend to.    

[Special Abilities]-
  • limited clairvoyance [can sense people, and her surroundings to a limited radius as a '6th sense']
  • Limited telepathy - Can project her thoughts to another [only with people she has made a close bond with. Must be within a mid ranged radius]. <<Can't read others' thoughts.>>
  • Telekenetic Blast- Can fire projectile shockwaves that can be condensed into more fine, or wide teleketic blasts[difference between bullets, blasts, and waves]. can greatly affect physical matter. [depending on the strength, this may leave her strained, and physically and mentally exhausted]
  • --much stronger than she looks, though not superhuman--
  • incredibly acrobatic, and has great agility. is very dexterous, and possesses the dexterity and agility of that of an olympic gymnast, or better.   

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Re: Hige's Portfolio
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2009, 10:46:48 AM »

[Name] .. ? ..
[Alias] Jack Kappa
[Age] 24
[Gender] Male
[Eye Color] Gray Blue
[Hair] Dark Brown
[Height] 5'11"
[Weight] 155 lbs
[Appearance/Attire] Usually wearing a white or black collared button-up shirt, and dark gray or blue trousers. Black calf-length boots. Depending on the weather conditions, or if he's traveling, he wears a black zip leather coat.


[Attitude/Temperment/Brief Personality Description] Well educated, friendly, and polite. Not easily provoked to anger, he seems to gave a problem with feeling most base emotions. He's friendly enough, but there's always something separating him from everyone else. He has a big problem with the Alliance, but he really doesn't know what it is.

[Weapons or Items] Carries a  multi-tool, and a sharp, black folding knife with a 5'' blade.

[brief history] Taken before he was old enough to remember, he was placed in an academy to learn how to become an operative of the Alliance. Operatives are high-level agents of the Alliance government. They report directly to the ruling Parliament, and are called in to deal with particularly threatening situations where absolute secrecy and swift action is vital. Their training has instilled in them a belief that upholding the principles of the Alliance(and protecting its secrets, no matter how unsavory)is paramount, and they will ruthlessly attempt to fulfill their mission no matter what the cost, even if that means wholesale mass-murder. Attempting the students to strip them of their emotions, and put full faith into the Alliance, and all they were trying to do. None of the students had names, ranks, anything. They were meaningless, yet, very meaningful to the Alliance. Learning the ins-and-outs of the Alliance, and the 'verse.  Strenuous physical training. Several Piloting courses. Stealth measures and discretion. Throw in good basic education, some politics, history, and everything else, and these kids were training to become something of an "Alliance Templar"... or even an Alliance Assassin... Though of course, since they didn't really exist- the Alliance wouldn't admit to it.

After he had 'graduated' and placed as an Operative, his first mission was a failure. He was supposed to make sure that some of the Blue Sun's secrets did not leak. A band of younger kids spied the operation of a few 'Hands of Blue', and he was supposed to take care of the kids, and anyone associated with them. He didn't, because 'they were only kids'... The Hands of Blue themselves ended up massacring the kids, 8 of them, none older than 14. The mission was an overall success, but 'His' actions did not look good upon the alliance's reputation.... He returned to the Alliance parliament and reported his mission.

"Jack Kappa" woke up a few days later on a mildly populated planet, having no idea where he was, none the less... who he was. He had dogtags in his jacket pocked that didn't have anything but the Greek letter 'Kappa' on it. He ran downstairs from the small hotel he was in, to the bar downstairs... The bartender asked, "What'll it be, Jack?"- which is where he got his name. He didn't have any money, so he just left, and wandered out to the planet. Stowing away on a few mid class freighters, knowing the layouts of some of the vehicles without knowing why... Landing on Osiris, Jack found himself wandering into a black zone, about to be jumped, robbed, and killed... Four men came at him at once from an alleyway, and, moments later found themselves sprawled about the alley floor- unconscious or unable to get up... learning his lesson, Jack decided to stick to the more alliance reputable areas... Though confused how he knew how to take down those four thugs in the street with barely any swear broken. It was instinct for him... He gets brief flashbacks in his dreams, of classes, things learned...

This is how he knows so much about how the alliance works, and he takes advantage of this. Stowing away on Alliance Freighters, and stealing from said freighters, and selling things to some black names for a good price... He found himself traveling around for a few months like this, never getting a ship of his own. He is extremely intelligent, but talks like any other guy native to the dirt- though doesn't find himself swearing too often. He's very sneaky, but is also very straight forward and open, at the same time. He's got credits, and a new identity stating 'jack kappa', age 24, home to Osiris. Now, he's sort of looking out for clues to his real identity, and his purpose... and why he has problems in social situations.....

[Special Abilities]- nothing 'special'. though he seems to be very well trained in martial arts. knowing where and what exactly to hit displays good knowledge of the human body. Seems to be a pretty good shot, and pretty brutal with that knife he carries around.


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Re: Hige's Portfolio
« Reply #4 on: March 05, 2009, 05:12:32 PM »
[Name] Zeven 'Zev' Shaheen
[Age] ~
[Gender] Male
[Race] Human
[Eye Color] dark brown, later: Gold
[Hair] Black
[Appearance]  He has black hair, parted in the middle, but the rear is raised and feathered- coming into feathery spikes that seem to defy the laws of gravity. Almost as if he had perpetual rear bed-head, or giving him a 'duck-tail' look... He is an average height and a decent weight- he's built thin. He is in great physical condition, due to his master pressing the issue of not relying on the force, or substituting physical exercise for strength in the force.

In his Childhood years, he wore typical simple clothes. The jedi provided him with the clothes that he wore. He enjoyed the darker natural hues.

Growing up- he started wearing dark browns, and blacks. Navy blues and dark burgundy. His first lightsaber was constructed with a blue blade. As he got older, and did the grooming policy of the Jedi, he got a little more creative.

As a young adult [padawan]- he shifted to a pure white thin tabard with long front tails, and one long back tail. Under this he wore a neutral warm gray and black sleeveless leather spacer shirt overtop an off-white thick longsleeve shirt with a hood. He wore warm grey pants with a black belt, with off-white boot covers over black boots. He wore off-white arm guards over his arms, and part of his hands. His obi style belt was long, and black- wrapping several times around his midsection, and still dangling on his left side after being tied- the same length that his tabard hangs. His lightsaber is linked to the left side of his belt, right after the tie in his obi-style belt. He had an Aqua Blue Lightsaber [referencing the Jedi Adventurer robe:]

As a fallen jedi, he wore something that more resembled the attire of an assassin. Black over-robes with a tattered, long black scarf covering half of his face. The black over-robe bloused into his forearm guards at his elbow. His forearms had tight leather armguards on them, a single thick leather 'plate' running the length of the forearm, and folding comfortable over the back of the hand, sewn and meshed into a black thin flexible cloth garment. Under his over-robe, he wore a black mesh shirt, only seen at the chest. His obi belt was tied at his left waist still, though this was more of a dark gray color, the ties unkempt and dangling to his left knee. His pants were the same color black as his over-robe. They were long, and they bloused into his knee-high black boots. He occupied an Aqua Blue lightsaber, as well as his main red lightsaber

As a rogue jedi, he would wear a white, short [or long flowing] sleeved thick cotton 'jacket', opened at the chest, collar up, and tucked at his waist with the black overcoat tied around his waist under his obi. His pants are black, and tucked into black knee high black boots.  He would often wear a black cloak with long sleeves that buttoned up the front with covered buttons. His lightsaber color was then Light silvery Blue. Basically, he would be wearing his same Sith assassin attire, only modified and adjusted. [Reference]

[Attitude/Temperment/Brief Personality Description] He has grown over the years to appreciate his life, and has embraced the life The Sith and Jedi stole from him. His eyes, once so determined to prove himself, now are the more dispassionate eyes seen more often in moments of peace, which reflects his inner peace. However, he still lives with some inner turmoil, despite having no regrets about the way he
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Re: Hige's Portfolio
« Reply #5 on: May 11, 2009, 01:20:53 AM »
Shin-Ra Electric Power Company.
Public Safety Maintenance Subject #901213

--Investigation Division of the Department of General Affairs File: Vollo,Silva.


Password Encrypted, Please Enter Passcode: _*********
.....Accepted. Loading File> IDGAD\Turks\SOLDIER\Ranks\c1\vollo_silva


[name]: Silva Vollo
[Alias]: Vampire
[Age]: 20
[Gender]: Female
[Eye Color]: Mako Blue
[Hair Color ]: Silver and black.
[Weight]: 140 lbs
[Height]: 5'6"

[Occupation]: ShinRa's SOLDIER 1st class

[Appearance]: Silva is a petite looking girl, who like most 1st class SOLDIER candidates, does not look nearly as strong nor capable as they are.

She has pale skin, and spiky jaw-length hair that seems to disobey the laws of gravity in the rear, and is parted to her left. Her ears are pierced with a stud in both ears, and a ring in both cartilage. Her eyebrows are thin, and her eyes are almond shaped and sapphire blue, lined with black makeup. Her smile is mischievous, though often times her face is covered by a comfortable breathable metallic fibermesh half facemask- with a skeleton vampiric looking upper jaw designed into it. Her slender figure is covered by a large collared navy blue sleeveless shirt, that has a calf length wide rear tail, and a knee length thinner front tail/loincloth, with a faint imprint of a skull near the bottom of the front-tail in a dark gray. She wears a thick leather belt around her waist, that droops slightly.

In the belt is her weapon of choice- a short sword. It's got no hand-guard, and has a curved blade (photo). It has about a 13" blade, a black handle, and fits nicely in a hard black sheath on the back of her belt.

Her arms are covered to the mid-bicep by black form fitting gloves. Her right hand has the fingers cut out of the glove, and her left hand is covered by a forearm guard, and a thin navy blue glove overtop her black one, having a metal plate on the back of the hand, and has retractable claws on the fingertips to assist her in fighting, or climbing.

She wears very short spandex style black shorts, and mid-thigh length navy blue boots that seem to be of some sort of flexible material. It appears to be cotton or spandex, but acts more like hard leather. Her boots have a raised heel.

On her right thigh, she has an elasticy band that holds a handful of throwing knives

[weapons or special items]
Her special weapon is her short sword/dagger that hangs behind her. It's a customized blade with a new technology involving electric pulse, and vibration. Also known as a HF Blade, or High Frequency blade. It uses a mako energy cell that makes the blade resonate at ultra high frequencies [unable to be seen nor heard] that immensely increase the blade's cutting power when activated.
--Board of Directors, Department of Weapons Development:

She also has four knives she uses as throwing knives, they are thin and scalpel sharp. They can also be used as traditional knives.

[Psych Evaluation]:
Ms.Vollo is, despite her career choice and specialties, a nice young woman. She is quiet and bashful, and seems to be sort of naive at times (whether or not this is genuine is unknown). She is incredibly intelligent, and seems to display a stubborn determination to accomplish her goals. Her fears involve failure and big spiders. Displays deep loyalty to her superiors, friends, and family- to her loyalty seems to be supreme. More to come upon further analysis of the subject.
--Board of Directors, Board of Science and Research:
Professor Hojo

[Other info]:
 Despite being a Rookie 1st Class SOLDIER, she is still capable. She may not be on par with the veretan 1st Classes alongisde her, but she is indeed a close quarters combat expert. She has shown great capabilities in stealth, infiltration, assassination, and other operations that don't, and can not use full forward force tactics- like covert operations, black operations, and special operations. Several of the people she's killed didn't even realize that they were in the same room as Silva. She uses intelligence, finesse, speed, and technique to get the job done. Candidate for Investigative cases, Intelligence, Recon, and Covert Operations.
--Board of Directors, Department of Public Relations and Public Safety Maintenance:

She is nicknamed Vampire for several reasons. She's mostly seen on night operations, she's a natural at hunting down her prey, and she's a swift merciless killer when she has to be. Not to mention her pale skin and darkly made up eyes sort of adds to the mysticism.

She's been assigned to a senior 1st class officer for the time being.
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Re: Hige's Portfolio
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[Name]: Nathan Paul Pierce
[Age]: 24
[Gender]: M
[Eye Color]: Hazel [blu, aqua, yello]
[Hair Color]: Dk. Br.
[Weight]: 155
[Height]: 5'11"
[Occupation]: Resistance Soldier

[weapons or special items]
-Radio and personal Communication Gear
-m4-a1 carbine- ris integrated. Has a flashlight mount as well as a NVG supporting EOTECH sight. single point sling.
-m9 tactical side-arm in a hard drop-down holster.
-mp444 handgun- usually in the rear of his pants, or elsewhere... tertiary weapon
-m67 grenades.
-WSK wilderness survival knife.
-basic medical supplies
-one or two MRE's
-Lucky Bandana [ xD ]

 Nate's your typical resistance fighter. He had a family once, now he doesn't. He had a job with the government- now he doesn't. He was a sergeant in the united states army national guard. Within a few months, he's learned to live off the land better than when he did on a few day hunting trip, or from the military. Even in Iraq there are things to kill around Balad AFB. Food is scarce, but he and his buddies are holed up inside for however long they can last.

He used to live in Texas, though he caught a jet ride from fort Bragg to Ireland, to Germany, and finally to Balad. He met with the resistance folk after his third week in hiding... His life was saved during a "Crab" raid at Fort Bragg... His military experience was longed for- so they took him, and all the others they could manage to keep alive...

His troupe is one of the largest in the resistance, where he and his squad have been on several missions together to try and figure out what these.... "Crabby Critters".... are after.

Under him he has a squad of a handfull of good fighters. Most of which joined with him as he was in flight to Balad. Nathan's lost a lot of friends, but it seems that his closest ones are still alive- fighting beside him.... often times literally. He spends his time with them, as well as some of the pilots, and higher-ups in the resistance. They act more like a family at times, than a guerilla fighting group. They are really all they have left.... Other than the few settlements they are aware of.

For now- they're stuck in Balad- only a few aircraft is available, though their food and supplies are great. We'll see how much longer that lasts....
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