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Lone's Charas
« on: January 19, 2009, 01:31:06 PM »
Heh...I'll put them up later. Anticipation is so lovely, no?

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« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2009, 09:48:02 PM »
(A chara I made for a role-playing site called Cyber Chat. She's just so darn fun to use, though, so I am bringing her here XD)

Name Alysea Rose
Species Human
Age Unknown
Age Appeal 23
Height 5 foot 7 inches
Weight 128 pounds
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Ruby
Abilities Sorceress
Weapons Ha! Who needs them?
Friends imp souls bound and enslaved within special rocks count? >.>
Family None to speak of
Marital Status Single

Despite the antics and general demeanor of a lively child, Alysea Rose is a sorceress of such power that the energies within her control have sustained her body at the physical age of 23, keeping her healthy and very much young in all but experience and knowledge. She has so much power available at her fingertips, in fact, that she developed a locking system to seal it away and prevent it from running out of control. The spell she wishes to use determines the level of power she must unlock. She is ancient and very much deadly should her good nature disappear.

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(Perhaps the only real modern-ish chara I have made.)

Name Riin Kuryama
Species Human
Ethnicity Asian(Japanese American)
Age 22
Height 5 foot 7 inches
Weight 143 pounds
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color Steel Gray
Marital Status Single
Profession Underground freelance mercenary
Armament Differs depending upon the mission parameters
Constants within Armament MI first aid pouch, combat knife(1+), Desert Eagle sidearm

Other Info
She will answer only to the person who offers the best price for her services...however, once a contract is made it will not be violated. This sense of professionalism has lead to her name being spread around the underworld and black market as a solid investment despite her youth.

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(And now...the real star of the some 20-odd charas I have ever essence, this one is the basis for all the others. First made, and still going strong. This is also a character from Cyber Chat.)

Name Baketsou Drigaar
Age Who's been counting?
Height 6'3
Eye Color Sapphire
Hair Color Platinum
Race Angel
Subrace Dark Angel
Wingspan 50 feet (25 feet each wing)
Wing Color Black
Weapon Katana
Demeanor Serious, quiet, cold, honorable
Family Hnh.
Friends None
Marital Status Single

In the beginning, there were two levels of existence. The Angelic Plane, ruled by the High Archangel and inhabited by immortal beings of pure ideals...and the Demonic Plane, ruled by the Supreme Devil and inhabited by those immortal beings whose ideas were corrupt and twisted. For many, many millennia untold, the two levels knew not of one another. However, as their powers grew and they became ever stronger, they gradually became aware of one another. The Demonic Plane, onc they had the full grasp upon the Angelic Plane's existence, launched an invasion. The Angels, though masters of an extraordinary amount of magical abilities, could not win, and were slowly being pushed back. This is when a faction of their group made what was considered quite the sacrifice....they turned their back upon the peaceful mandate of higher thinking and took up weapons from fallen Demons, then used a complex ritual to take parts of Demon intellect, and parts of Demons' souls to place into themselves....they became berserkers, and charged into the front lines, shielding the spellcasting Angels from the more physical line of Demons. Now the Angels, imbued with the strength that new hope can bring, began to push the Demons back, until they were locked in a stalemate...neither with any gain, neither with any loss. The war raged, until the High Archangel and Supreme Demon became personally involved. The two leaders met in battle, and the sudden explosion of raw magical energy and conflicting power of the entire war with the leaders within spiraled out of control, creating three additional Planes of Existence. The Mortal Plane, the Death Plane, and the Plane of Time. In a bout of frustration, the Supreme Devil sent his best troops to assassinate the High Archangel. The attempt was foiled, and the High Archangel responded in kind...the Supreme Devil was slain. The Demons, suddenly facing an opening in the power structure, ceased invading, instead turning to fighting amongst themselves and withdrawing. Eventually, a new Supreme Devil emerged, but there was a gap in the war while both sides re-adjusted themselves for the addition of the new Plane....naturally, with the Demonic Plane invading the Mortal Plane and the Angelic Plane defending it. the modern-day(medieval) times. Humans are the dominant race in the Mortal Plane, despite the superiority of races like Elves, Drow, Dragons. The Angels always have at least three of their beings in the Mortal Plane to foil the invasion attempts of the Demonic Plane.

Plane Information

Please do not get hasty, this is concerning the universe as I will be roleplaying it, so that I do not spring out some inventive bullsh*t that confuses you. ^^ after this will be his actual bio and a description of the terms of ranking structure.

Yes. I put too much time and thought into this character =3

Angelic Plane The home of the beings referred to as Angels by mortal men. Ranking structure is as follows: High Archangel, Dark Angel, Archangel, Angel, Fallen Angel. Rank structure based upon subrace.

Demonic Plane Home to the beings named Demons by mortal men. Ranking structure is as follows: Supreme Devil, Devil Lord, Devil, Demon Lord, Demon. Rank structure based on power.

Mortal Plane Also called Earth, or rather the universe that Earth is within.

Death Plane When mortals die, their souls choose to fight alongside the Demons, the Angels, or not at all. Those who choose to stay out of the war go here.

Time Plane The Mortal Plane answers to Time, and this is where the beings who oversee Time are found.

The Angels had figured upon the Supreme Devil sending assassins against the High Archangel, and had developed a contingency. Taking the most experienced and skilled of the berserkers and the most powerful of the spellcasters, they performed a ritual, killing the entire elite group...and birthing 7 new beings. With wings as black as the souls of their enemies, these were the only Angels who were both expert fighters and powerful arcanists at once. They were more powerful than any other category of the Angel Race, and they were to be the High Archangel's bodyguards. And among this group, one of the  males rapidly was selected as the leader....Baketsou Drigaar, most powerful of this new subrace. When the assassins appeared, the 7 annihilated them with stunning ease. In response, the High Archangel dispatched a single Dark Angel to destroy the Supreme Devil. Baketsou accomplished this task, cutting his way back to the Angelic lines through the hordes of Demons. Through the millenia that have since passed, Baketsou has been a predominant figure in the war, constantly embattled against the Demonic hordes, and has as a result become extraordinarily powerful, honing his experiance into skill and ability that far surpass almost every other being, immortal and not. He has participated in battles within all three Planes that can be entered....the Mortals have even passed down legends of him. Any who follow a Holy 'profession' or Demonic cult know his name...and despite his solely good intentions, he is universally feared.

About the Subraces


Fallen Angel The term 'Fallen' here can be misleading. Far from being an Angel siding with the Demon forces, this is the subrace that could most commonly be referred to as berserkers. Forsaking the higher ideals and noble drawback to barbaric fighting, this subrace dedicates itself to the use of weaponry, such as the sword, for the close-up, bloody battling. Because of their 'fall' in nobility, Fallen Angels are at the bottom of the ranking structure.
Angel The Angel is a non-combative subrace. This is the subrace that humans speak of the most. The Angel subrace is dedicated to visiting Mortals and providing healing or spiritual guidance, in the hopes that in death that soul will choose to fight alongside the Angelic Plane. In simple terms...they are the recruiters.
Archangel High-minded and noble, the Archangels dismiss the barbarity of such fighting as the Fallen Angels perform, choosing instead the power of arcane arts and magic. This subrace is dedicated to the weaving of spells...the mages, if you will.
Dark Angel The Dark Angel is named such because of the black feathers upon their wings. As a magically created subrace, they are a blend of the Archangel and Fallen Angel subraces, and are both extremely powerful spellcasters and highly skilled combatants. With the exception of the leader, Baketsou, they are generally only called upon for emergency situations, and act as the bodyguards for the High Archangel. The sight of even a single Dark Angel, especially Baketsou, is an intense morale-booster for Angelic forces, and is occasionally enough to break the morale of weaker Demonic forces.
High Archangel The eldest and wises of the Archangels, the High Archangel is the ruler of the Angelic Plane and leader of Angelic forces.


Demon The weakest beings in the Demonic Plane and therefore the most common soldiers, even a mortal can kill one if trained and equipped properly. This is also the subrace mortals most commonly speak of, as they are sent in response to cult rituals.
Demon Lord Stronger than Demons, each Demon Lord commands his own army of Demons and oversees sections of the Demonic Plane's levels.While a human can still kill one, it is close to impossible and only specially gifted and equipped hunters are capable of the task. Occasionally sent in response to cult rituals.
Devil A highly powered subrace, these beings each command a number of Demon Lords and their armies. Only an Angelic soldier is capable of defeating a Devil. Devils may only enter the Mortal Plane through a special ritual performed by a Demon or Demon Lord.
Devil Lord Extremely powerful subrace. Only a ritual performed by a Devil on the Mortal Plane can bring a Devil Lord onto the Plane. Only an interruption of the ritual can kill a Devil Lord. Failing that, a Dark Angel is the only being capable of a one-on-one battle. Devil Lords command a number of Devils and their subsequent armies.
Supreme Devil Ruler of the Demonic Plane. Only a Dark Angel can kill this being, and an elaborate ritual performed by 66 Devils/Devil Lords must be performed to bring this Being into the Mortal Plane.

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« Reply #4 on: February 01, 2009, 08:01:11 PM »
Name Kaldrosza Vridiana
Species Succubus
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Age Some 3725 years
Abilities Sorcerss, daemon strength, daemon speed

 Kaldrosza is a Succubus...a daemon out solely for her own pleasures, whatever they might be. Her personality and thoughts are a whirlpool of chaos, and there is absolutely no predicting what she will do from moment to moment. She does whatever it takes to fulfill her it anything from seducing and bedding a mortal to annihilating an entire city or giving a lollipop to a child. She fulfills her whims as they come, doling out sins and good will in equal measure...however, because of this lack of predictability, it is highly recommended that the unprepared avoid her at all costs. Perhaps the primary achievement she is known for is the battle against a group of rival succubi, jealous of her growing abilities and powers. She lost her left eye in the match, though a vicious streak putting the lie to her charms allowed her to not only survive, but to kill the four who ambushed her as well. To this day, the light-armor eye patch is her most distinctive feature.

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« Reply #5 on: February 02, 2009, 11:39:41 AM »
Name Kenshiroku Denskardt
Age Unknown
Age Appeal 23
Height 6 feet
Weight 173 pounds
Species Half-Daemon
Profession Mercenary
Armament Broadsword

Other information concerning past and such like will be revealed during course of RPs.

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This particular character is, like Baketsou, one of my 'special' creations from my time on CC.Some have told me that he should be considered the pride of my creations, but that's for you to decide =/

Name Elghinn Arisa
Alignment Neutral
Race Drow
Age 723
Age Appeal 19
Height 5 feet 10 inches...tall for a drow
Armament Katana, Kodachi, four dirks, four daggers, ten four-point shuriken, mid-sized bow, quiver of 20 arrows
Attire Knee-length leather boots over tight-ish black leather pants; black leather belts with silver buckles; elbow-length, buckled, fingerless black leather gauntlets, a few trinkets here and there, silken side-skirt over left hip. Note: almost identical to pic, trade out purple for a darker, blood color, trade the tan/brown for black, and there ya go.
Jewelry Eight silver rings (one on each finger, excluding thumb), eight small silver earrings (four each ear, spaced about a half-inch apart)
Eye Color Ruby
Sexual Preferance Female
Marital Status Single
Friends None
Profession Mercenary
Current Employer None

Elghinn Arisa is an outcast, a drow whose home was torn away from him and whose given name has long been forgotten by all. Fleeing, he joined the renegade group of Bregan D'aerthe mercenaries, though he eventually struck out from there as well, making the trek through the perilous Underdark to reach the surface world. There, he was constantly moving, sleeping during the day and awakening at night, when the light from sun would not burn his eyes. He lives as a mercenary, taking work as it was given and never staying in one place for long. He might appear poor, since all he has to his name is what he wears and carries, but do not be fooled...all of his gear is heavily enchanted and bespelled to give him any number of edges in battle. Unlike most drow, he tends to use a single-sword combat technique, rather than the dual blades favored by most of his kin. He also has studied the arts of the mage, giving him additional abilities to call upon. However, in addition to his katana, he wields a shorter kodachi for those finishing blows or battles too close for effective use of the katana. In addition, he has assorted dirks (blades twice the size of a dagger, but half the size of a sword) and daggers, all of which are quite versatile weapons...they can be used to slit someone's throat or thrown to kill from a distance....and for those really long distance jobs, he has his bow and arrows. For those jobs that need them, he also carries a few shuriken.

Despite his rough history, this dark elf is nothing to be trifled with or sought out at a whim. The price for his services is always high, and none have ever double-crossed him...or at least, none have done so and survived long enough to tell of it. He is highly versatile, and can be used as an interrogator, bodyguard, bounty hunter, assassin, thief, messenger, or security guard of sorts. He is generally impassive to those around him, and always utterly pragmatic. He does not care about politics or motivation...he needs only an objective and compensation for his actions. He is ruthless and efficient, and guaranteed to achieve his objective or die in the long as the enemy doesn't offer a price more to his liking, anyway. Contrary to most dark elves, all of Elghinn Arisa's weaponry is worn in the open.

Despite the easy pickings he has received upon the surface (and the nice little hunt Bregan D'aerthe has looking for him), Elghinn has recently returned to the Underdark, and one city in particular....Menzoberranzon, one of the greatest Drow cities. He has heard rumors of new Houses and unfavored nobles that could use a few assassins....either as target or employer. He hopes that this will bring in the really good pay, as such jobs are notoriously expensive, and the dark elves are known for extravagant payment....when they hold a deal, anyway. Naturally, anyone who mangaes to defeat him will receive quite the ludicrous reward, as well as being held in the highest regard.

Special Additions
Well now....Elghinn has many interesting additions upon his clothing, weaponry, and person, and while all of these are not listed...they will be in time. As different items aries, they will be added here, in full complex explanations.


Poison A homemade poison is layered upon these small blades of his. It being made specially by him, there is no antidote, so a spell or clerical healing is all that can save you. Upon entering the body, this poison gathers a mind of it's own, racing to do its deadly work...If the entry point is remote, i.e. the foot, then the poison takes longer, and the infected will die within seven seconds of being poisoned. If it is near anything vital, i.e. the lung, then it can work much faster, and the victim will die within three seconds of being poisoned.

Piercing This enchantment enables the blade to cut through diamond as easily as flesh. Only armor/weapons enchanted specifically against this type of spell will be able to deflect the blade.


Poison A homemade poison is layered upon these small blades of his. It being made specially by him, there is no antidote, so a spell or clerical healing is all that can save you. Upon entering the body, this poison gathers a mind of it's own, racing to do its deadly work...If the entry point is remote, i.e. the foot, then the poison takes longer, and the infected will die within seven seconds of being poisoned. If it is near anything vital, i.e. the lung, then it can work much faster, and the victim will die within three seconds of being poisoned.

Darkness Upon being thrown, his daggers exude their own special sphere of impenetrable darkness, a ball roughly 15 feet in diameter of pure black, impossible to see through...this is, essentially, an clever enhancement of the innate drow ability, a unique spell that greatly aids his daggers, since once summoned, the ball's sphere of influence fluctuates randomly, with no clear center...the purpose being to make sure the target or anyone else cannot discern where the dagger is, thus making it much more difficult to avoid.

Piercing This enchantment enables the blade to cut through diamond as easily as flesh. Only armor/weapons enchanted specifically against this spell will be able to deflect the blade.



Refilling The quiver will magically refill itself as arrows are fired.


Poison A homemade poison is layered upon these small blades of his. It being made specially by him, there is no antidote, so a spell or clerical healing is all that can save you. Upon entering the body, this poison gathers a mind of it's own, racing to do its deadly work...If the entry point is remote, i.e. the foot, then the poison takes longer, and the infected will die within seven seconds of being poisoned. If it is near anything vital, i.e. the lung, then it can work much faster, and the victim will die within three seconds of being poisoned.

Piercing This enchantment enables the blade to cut through diamond as easily as flesh. Only armor/weapons enchanted specifically against this type of spell will be able to deflect the blade.


Left Pinkey- Force Bolt A bolt of invisible energy. Upon activation, an invisible 'bolt' of sheer power is launched from the ring. this 'bolt' is meant sheerly to remove objects from his path, and is a relatively simple spell. Anything it hits reacts as though in the center of a bomb's ignition....namely, it will explode, and it's structure will be broken down so throughly that only dust will remain. This will occur on an item as a whole, but not on additions to said item...for instance, if one has a table inlaid with silver as part of the design, silver and wood together will be destroyed. If said table, however, is used as a shield from a knife, then the silver and wood making up the table's design are destroyed, while the knife is flung away. Nothing more then pressure is involved.

Right Pinkey- Dragon Scale A passive enchantment. His skin is always as tough as a dragon's scale...for those wondering, yes, this means his skin is stronger than virtually any armor.


Absorption The necklace projects a special aura of magic about his person. This aura will absorb, disperse, and thus nullify certain magical effects or spells that target his person. The sells/effects thus nullified are those which are meant to immobilize, trap, confuse, blind, transport against his will, etc. In other words, those spells that impair but do not directly injure. For example: A web spell is cast, imprisoning him within the webs. Indirectly, these can be harmful, either through ripping your own skin off escaping or being trapped, but directly, it is meant only to impair. So, the necklace absorbs the magic that makes up the webs as he approaches, removing them from his path(if they are indeed magical.) However, were a fireball to come at him, the necklace would do nothing. Quite simply: If the spells purpose is not to kill or damage, than it will be absorbed and nullified.

There's actually a lot more that I haven't put down yet, but this will be remedied as soon as I remember them. =/ sorry.

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Name Jiik-tai
Species Drow
Age Unknown
Height 5'7
Weight 138 lbs.
Hair Color Silver/White
Eye Color Purple
Profession Whatever gets her paid the most.
Weapon of Choice Dual bladed staff-sword
Additional Armament She has a small armory; be prepared for surprises.
Abilities Highly experienced and skilled warrior and sorceress.
Other info A lot of enchantments and wards. Be ready for a tough fight.
 Jiik-tai is Jiik-tai. She answers to no one, mortal or god, and she will do as she pleases....which can typically be translated into whatever gives her the most profit and/or amusement. Some advice? She's not a drow you want angry at you.

Current Job None

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Decided I would try a new tact with this one and give her clearly defined limits with her abilities. She uses a sword and physical attacks, nothing more. She's also young and still quite immature...o I guess I'll experiment with her and see how things roll.

Name Terise
Gender Female
Age Approximately 93 years
Species Half Demon
Height 5'9
Weight Approximately 147 lbs.
Unusual Attributes Lacks magical talent. Is still able to detect and trace magic
Special Attributes Extremely fast, physically powerful, greatly accelerated/improved natural healing
Notable Physical Attributes Canines are inch long fangs. Nails capable of growing/hardening into razor claws(most notably used with her right hand)
Armament Large sword
Profession Nothing in particular

She is young and hot-headed. In battle, she is known to rely upon her brute strength and immense speed to complement her skill with the large sword she uses in order to overwhelm her opponents. A skilled fighter, she lacks the ability (and desire) to use magic in combat, possibly owing to a naive sense of honor instilled in her by the traveling soldier who adopted her as an orphaned child. Her relative youth leaves her energetic, hyper, and trusting, as well as stubborn.

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Name Kyra Nomiko
Species Human
Age 25
Height 5'7
Weight 135 lbs.
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Steel Gray
Marital Status Single
Profession US Army, E-8 Master Sergeant, Infantry
Distinguishing Awards Ranger tab, Air Assault badge, Expert Marksmanship for Pistol and Rifle
Current Armament
HK MP5/10
Smith&Wesson SW1911 .45 sidearm
3 Kit Rae 10.5" Black Jet Throwing Knives

Tactical Full Body Harness(carries attachments for rappelling)
200' black Assault Line rappel rope.(11 lbs)
Webbelt with attachments
Right thigh pistol holster
Leather combative gloves
Leather elbow guards
Leather knee guards
Leather combat boots, black
Left thigh-mounted pouch
TACCOM (Tactical Communications...basically, a radio meant for frontline field operations.)
Land Navigation items
First-aid kit
Honing Oil

Left thigh pouch carries first-aid kit
Harness carries one of the knives, handle down over left breast
Five magazine pouches over right hip each carry four 30 round magazines
Six smaller magazine pouches over left hip each carry two additional 7 round pistol magazines
Two pouches on side, under right arm, carry two additional 30 round magazines each
Two pouches on side, under left arm, carry two additional 7 round pistol magazines each
The remaining two knives are sheathed beneath her forearms, hilt down
Left hip pouch, behind pistol magazines, carries weapons cleaning kit
Right upper side pouch on harness carries carries whetstone and honing oil
Pouch below whetstone+oil carries lensatic compass, folded map in protector, protractor, notepad, grease pencil
Smith&Wesson LED flashlight mounted under rifle and pistol barrels (red light capable)
Lightly armored backpack is TACCOM set
Rappel rope wrapped into tight loop, carried at the small of her back(hooked beneath radio pack)

Remaining / Total Ammunition
750 / 750 10 mm
119 / 119 .45 ACP

As a former Infantry soldier who has undergone the rigorous Air Assault, Ranger, and MP training, as well as having achieved the Expert medal for marksmanship with both rifle and pistol, Kyra is a valuable asset in the current, zombie-infested world. Her Military Police training means that she is likely able to physically overpower even the strongest of survivors or undead with the use of a variety of hand-to-hand combat techniques intended for use against soldiers who were trained to kill with their bare hands, while her Expert Marksmanship bade indicates an ability to line up a proper shot even under the stress of a hostile situation and almost garuntee a hit at any range up to 300 meters. Having recieved Master Sergeant as a field promotion during the defense against the undead when the chain of command was getting steadily destroyed, she is fast, trained, and deadly, she is capable of surviving on her own if her group needs an area scouted out for unexpected problems or if she somehow gets seperated. Her radio also means that she can pick up radio broadcasts, be they calls for help from survivors or broadcasts of safe locations by other groups/government remnants. Her MP5/10 SMG fires 10 mm bullets and has a fixed stock, as well as an internal silencer.

Her Story

The year was 2009.
The dead have begun to walk, infecting the living they encountered with a virus spawned from Hell. The military tried to fight back, so did everybody. But all resistance was futile as the dead flesh brought to life advanced remorselessly, thoughtlessly, upon living prey. They dead were thought to be unkillable, until it began to spread that once the brain was destroyed, the dead stayed that way. All those still alive met new attacks with gusto, destroying the heads as quickly as they could, and defeating many of the zombies in those later waves.
It was too little, too late.
I was stationed in Los Angeles, in charge of the outermost defenses for the Northwestern quarter of the city, when it happened. They came, their moans carrying over the air in a haunting dirge. We had been granted a lapse in dealing with the undead horrors after successfully sweeping the city clean, but now our rest was at an end. We had managed to stockpile ammunition and establish defensible, temporary bunkers. As the dead approached, I gave the command to fire. We opened up in a storm of bullets that would have shredded any living being, our grenades, landmines, and other explosive weaponry detonating with a final lethality. I was sure that we had gotten them.
I was wrong.
We had killed hundreds with our sustained fire, but when the smoke cleared as we waited, thousands, millions more were coming. Desperately, we began to fire again, and I gave the order for the riflemen to line up the head shots.
Too little, too late.
My line was overrun; I was forced to fall back with the survivors as one of my company
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Re: Lone's Charas
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Name Janice Kyriko
Race Human
Age 27
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Gender Female
Hair Color/Style Purple/Ponytail
Eye Color Dark Grey
Height/Weight 5'9/157 lbs.
Background No available information on record. She plays it close to the chest; you'll only find out if she likes you and you ask.
Current Serving as a Heavy Weapons Specialist aboard the Shades of Grey
Special Attributes Despite her curvy and feminine build, her lean muscles pack one hell of a punch. She can outdo most males in a contest of brute strength. Though she is much faster than most others, these sprints can only be held up for a few seconds..generally, just long enough to get her behind cover. She is also very flexible and acrobatic.
Weapons A heavy belt-fed chain gun. The belt carries 2500 rounds and feeds into the weapon directly from an armored case carried on her back. Single heavy las-pistol holstered at the small of her back (beneath the chaingun ammo case.
Personality A veritable firecracker, Janice is aggressive and quick to anger or frustration. She isn't much of a tactician, and will generally elect to utilize force in virtually any hostile situation.

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For the Dead Frontier RP Tact and I are starting.

Name Saiya
Alias Sai
Age 25
Gender Female
Race Human
P.O.B. Midgar
Weight 145 lbs.
Height 5'9
Alignment Government
Occupation Department of Administrative Research
Ranking Turk
X-SMG-FLTCH An experimental single-hand submachine gun that utilizes extremely small blades formed into triangular prisms with razor edges for ammunition. These rounds are caseless, and the weapon itself uses a complex linear magnetic system akin to a miniature railgun, though it trades raw power for rate of fire. Magazines carry 100 blades.
X-PLSM-BLD-LSWD An experimental longsword forged of a titanium-carbonate alloy, it is surprisingly lightweight and durable. When activated, the weapon's power core will send a surge of plasma along the blade's edges, allowing it to cut through almost anything in its path. A smaller, more compact variation is being experimented with as well.
Other Info
An infiltration and assassination specialist. She was sent to accompany the SOLDIERs assigned to the mission concerning the Planet Cracker's troubles because of her ability to move invisibly and operate independently as an efficient scout and code cracker, though like any Turk, she is capable enough in a fight, if not quite on the level of SOLDIER 1st.

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Name Aisha Shiro
Age 19
Height 5'7
Weight 123 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Hair Style Straight, mid-back length
Eye Color Grey
Physical Notations Works out regularly; good physical condition.
Friends None
Profession Boss of the Shiro Branch, Yaizkou Organization (Organized Crime)
Armament Dual FNP-9 pistols in shoulder holsters.
Ammunition 9mm. One full magazine of sixteen rounds always loaded, one additional round in each chamber. Six spare magazines; three over either hip. Total of 130 9mm bullets.
Notable Skills Very skilled at the unrealistic art of gun fu. Beware XD

Wanted for murder, kidnapping, theft, extortion, smuggling, drug trafficking. Reward is negotiable upon apprehension. Dead or alive. Extreme caution/prejudice is advised; target is armed and dangerous.
Personal information seems to be reserved for her inner circle and superiors. As yet, no infiltrations have been successful, and her past remains a mystery.

As a simple note for those who have seen the anime Black Lagoon...the Shiro Branch is to the Yaizkou Organization as the Desantniki is to Balalaika's Hotel Moscow.

Theme Ballroom Blitz Sweet

Anyone who is interested in having any of my characters join their RP...just drop me a message in some way, shape, or form.
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For soon-to-be-made After Destruction (AD) RP.

  (Jul 18) 16:06:13 [Taryn]  so from what i read Reana is basically a complete sociopath
  Year 327 A.D. (After Destruction)
  Location United States East Coast
  Brief Synopsis In the year 3017, a nuclear war raged across   the planet and turned the land into a desert wasteland, thereafter   referred to as the Destruction. 327 years later, a lack of centralized   order has led to the formation of various factions ranging from heavily   fortified and populated city-states that survived the destruction to   lone individuals trying to survive the wilderness.
  Governmental Forces
  Governments are singular and independent, existing only within the   city-states. Each government rules with an iron fist, utilizing any   means necessary, however brutal, to keep inhabitants in line. Each city   state boasts a population of millions and possesses highly advanced   technology and the ability to manufacture/maintain said technology.   Fortifications are extremely heavy an can survive a nuclear blast, which   is how said city-states survived the Destruction. Police are no longer   existent, martial law reigns supreme as the city-states wage constant   war against one another, with alliances and treaties forming and   breaking constantly. Governmental sub-factions are the military and JDS.
  Independents make their way in isolated towns or villages in the   wilderness. Occupation numbers rarely exceed the low hundreds, though   life in the wild somewhat makes up for it, as each individual is quite   competent with their weapon. These settlements are often assaulted by   the government for slaves and workers, or even simply as a training   exercise.
  Raiders survive in the wilds by banding together under the strongest   of their group. They mostly raid trade convoys traveling between   city-states or caravans traveling between the independent villages,   though the larger groups might go so far as to assault the independent   settlements themselves. Raiders have a reputation for wanton murder and   rape. Raider leaders control their men with fear, and should the leader   fall, odds are quite good that the rest of the Raiders will scatter,   regardless of numbers or firepower. What victims survive the raids to be   captured are often traded to the slavers.
  Pretty self-explanatory. Very similar to the raiders, though they try   very hard to keep as many of their victims alive as possible...after   all, a dead slave is no good to anyone. Often trade with the Raiders.
  The Mercenaries live in scattered settlements, more heavily populated   than the independents. Each Mercenaries settlement will hold up to 1500   mercenaries and their gear, and is as heavily fortified as it can get   out in the wastelands. Mercenaries are guns for hire, and tend to remain   in their settlements until someone comes to them with a contract. Often   work for the government. Supplies are maintained through trade with all   factions, since their services are used by all. The Mercenaries are   generally left alone, and have an organized and centralized leadership   that is veiled in secrecy to all but the highest-ranking members.
  Lone Travelers
  These are the people or families who survive on their own. Oft as not,   they are picked off by the Raiders and slavers, and the ones who manage   to survive for extended periods of time are not to be taken   lightly...after all, the wasteland destroys the weak.
  Anything from mutated humans to wildlife, the mutants are dangerous to   any and all. Some run in packs, some don't, some can be tamed, some   can't. All are dangerous in the wild.
  Sub Factions
  Easy enough. The uniformed soldiers of the city-state governments.   The military is extremely well equipped, possessing combat drones, power   armor, armored vehicles, and advanced weaponry such as man-portable   laser cannons.
  NOTE: Characters in the military or other government agencies will get   high-tech weapons, but their gear is government issue...meaning no   custom items/loadouts. Depending on agency and rank, I will tell you   your gear. Sorry.

  The Juvenile Death Squads are the closest thing to a police force the   city-states possess. Comprised of children aged 10-18, the JDS are   taken from their families at the appropriate age and trained to be elite   military. Training is unimaginably difficult, and many die early. The   survivors continue on, all the way to graduation at the age of 18, at   which point they are taken by the military and formed into an official   military Special Operations squad. For the JDS, military life is not an   option. Their training includes patrols of assigned sectors of the city,   searching for irregularities and law-breakers. Any they find are   killed, regardless of reason or situation. Members of the JDS are   universally feared and seldom seen, as the city prefers to reserve such   elite soldiers for special tasks. JDS members are always from a family   of more than one child and taken the day they turn ten by whatever JDS   squad is assigned that sector. Although for the normal citizen, joining   the military is optional and a career that they can retire from and   leave behind, the JDS have no choice. They will be military until the   day of their death. They are equipped with the most advanced gear the   cities can get their hands on. JDS deserters are hunted by specially   picked squads of the regular military because of the threat they can   pose, and it is rare for one to escape in any case. The few that exist   in the wastes either end up leading a group of Raiders or as least as long as they can survive the hunts, anyway.
  Runaway former JDS members will be allowed, but they will be one of the   few character backgrounds that will have a limit. They are exceptionally   rare, after all.

  Uhm...I think that's all the important info, though the original RP   description was lost when my other computer fried itself...sorry! I'll   update as i think of stuff....
  Name Reana Nomiko
  Age 23
  Height 69 inches
  Weight 137.5 lbs.
  Build Athletic
  Eye Color Grey
  Hair Color Black
  Hair Length Short
  Clothing (Base Design) Image
  Clothing (Modifications to Base Design) Add fingerless gloves.
  Armament (Most Common; Non-Quantitative) 10mm pistol, combat knife, fragmentation grenade, assault rifle.
  Ammunition/Quantities (Most Common)
  10mm Pistol 1
  10mm Ammo 84
  Combat Knife 1
  Fragmentation Grenade 2
  Assault Rifle 1
  Assault Rifle Ammo 210
  Allocation of Armament and Ammunition(Most Common)
  10mm Pistol Thigh Holster; Right Thigh.
  10mm Ammo Six 12-round magazines in three two-magazine pouches over right hip. One 12 round magazine loaded.
  Combat Knife Handle down over left breast.
  Fragmentation Grenades Dual Grenade carrier over left hip.
  Assault Rifle Slung across back.
  Assault Rifle Ammo Six 30-round magazines in three two-magazine pouches strapped to left thigh. One 30-round magazine loaded.
  Blood Type A Negative
  Communicable Diseases None
  Communicable Viral Infections None
  Incurable Diseases None
  Incurable Viral Infections None
  Birth Defects None
  Ethnicity Japanese/Egyptian
  Tattoos Dragons spiraling up either arm, heads facing forward   (mirrored) over her shoulders. Skeletal wings covering shoulder blades.   Radiation symbol over abdomen (belly button=center). Dual-strand tribal   'chains' spiraling up legs.
  Piercings None
  Occupation Mercenary/Raider
  Territory D.C. Ruins
  Territorial Reputation Coding A
  "Lock and load, pull the trigger, kill that motherf***er."
  Police database offline due to military control. Accessing military database.
  Accessing database 'C', Criminal section. Multiple locked folders, searching for unlocked folders.
  One unlocked folder found. Auto-accessing Known Criminals folder. Please enter the name you are searching for.
  File found. Opening.

  Subject name: Reana Nomiko. Prior known information follows.
  Raised in the new D.C. Recorded service as member of JDS 10-010, with   notations from handler indicating exceptional effectiveness, as well as a   side note indicating the possibility of the most common psychological   effects of the JDS, most notably the lack of conscience and a tendency   to enjoy killing. She left the city at the age of eighteen after killing   the soldiers sent to retrieve her for her military service, vanishing   completely for two weeks before being seen participating in a raid upon a   merchant caravan. She has since been seen many times around the wastes   outside of the new D.C. limits, operating with slavers, raiders, and   merchants or vigilante groups. Activity patterns lead authorities to   believe she operates as an independent mercenary, falling back to   raiders or slavers in between contracts. Extreme caution is advised.
  Priority for capture: Level C
  End of file. Logging out.
  "Shoot, stab, maim, kill, watch the blood spill."
  Full Bio (Not really a whole lot different from what's above, except for a few extra tidbits here and there.)
  At the age of seven, she had a little brother born. Two children   meant her family was eligible for the JDS program, and at ten, she was   taken by the military and inserted into squad 10-010. She made her first   kill the very next day, stepping forward as the others hesitated to cut   their prisoner's throat. As time progressed, she became more and more   effective at killing, hesitating less and eventually not at all,   becoming always more brutal in retrieving the names of other critics of   the governmental figures. By the time she was sixteen, she was known to   laugh as she killed, laugh as she inflicted pain, laugh at the sight of   blood or violence. As desirable as these traits were for a member of the   JDS or military, she was also beginning to grow beyond the ability of   the handler's control, often killing or torturing individuals against   orders or without the handler's permission. However, this was mistakenly   believed to have been a simple passing phase, having been witnessed   many times before, and was brushed aside. The mistake was not realized   until the squad of soldiers arrived to take her squad to their new   barracks with the military. When the count indicated she was not   present, two soldiers were left behind to find and retrieve her while   the others returned with the rest of JDS 10-010. After killing the   soldiers, Reana took their ammunition and slipped outside of the D.C.   gate, vanishing into the wasteland until her raid upon the caravan two   weeks later.


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