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Glass Spiders
« on: December 03, 2008, 03:18:44 PM »
As Dexter's mind slowly and painfully started to function once again, it started to register several things. First of was the blarinx claxons in his ears. Several different warning buzzeres were going off and that persistant female voice telling him that his powerplant was overheating from the strain he'd been putting it through up until now. He reached up, grasping his head slowly and grunting a little as he picked himself up off the control panel that gravity was currently forcing him against. He could smell a caustic smoke building up in the cockpit already from some wireing that had, undoubtedly, fused together under the instrument clusters that fizzled slightly. He opened his eyes slowly, but only darkness was there to greet him. He reached around for a second, his hand numbly fumbling over the controls until he found the toggle switch he wanted. Flipping it caused a thick red light to pop on inside the small cabin, bathing the enterior of the craft in an eerie light. But it let him know that he wasn't blind, which was a good thing. Even over the sound of the buzzeres he could here a few faint popps and cracks of a firefight outside and instantly his brain rushed to full tilt again," Shit…" Instantly his hands started working over the controls infront of him. He could see throught he visor of his helmet currently because his sensors were dead to the world at this moment. Most of his frame had shut down from that last hit. It had apparently landed him face first into the dirt, as well. He quickly started bringing systems back up online. As the main computer rebooted, it ran a diagnostic phase before the main reactor started to come online once more. A screen to his right flickered to life with the results of the diagnostic. He was venting coolant from a rupture in his rear armor and the shileding around his reactor was cracked. If that railgun had been another 10mm bigger, he'd be dead right now. The push of a button on the touch screen sealed off the hose to prevent any more leakage as the Frame came back to life. Instantly, Dexter's eyes went black again as the visual sensor cluster came back online looking into the dirt infront of the Frame. Dex slowly moved the arms of the machine as his neural processors kicked back into full effect, raising the machine back onto it's feet. Dex worked the controls with his hands to help to move the legs as his mental control of the Frame allowed it to move more like a second body then any combat machine like the one he sat in.

Outside of the cockpit, the massive Cyclops Class Frame pulled itself back up to its feet outside a boiling firefight. The Frame's movement was smooth and graceful for something as large as it was. That was always the best thing about Frames. The amount of dextaerity that the machines exhibited compared to other combat machines. It was the reason that they had been chosen to be the mainstay of the nations military Armored Divisions. In the beginning, it was only the miltiary that had them. Only the armed forces were allowed to have resources like these. But with the 'Great Collapse' companies started outsourcing to those who could afford it, selling Frames to Mercenary Groups and the Warlords who could afford them. The military wasn't happy at all, but they were powersless to stop them. But it had meant good things for Dexter's unit. Dexter's mercenary unti, The Glass Spiders, had originally been using 'traditional'  armor for their unit. Tanks and heavy APCs for their main fighting force. But once Frames had been made available, the unit jumped on it. But they had been one of the few units able to afford such endeavours having have worked for years for the military, taking jobs that the Military Units didn't want to handle themselves. It had given the Glass Spiders a stockpile of funds to be able to afford upgrading to Frames whenever they were first available to the 'public'. The unit had started off small in the beginning, but had quickly worked to upgrade their machines. And coming up here soon, they would be able to afford their next wave of upgrades. And then they would be sitting high on the hog. At least until the next line of Frames got cranked out the assembly lines. Then there would be whole new frames to covet for the next wave of upgrades.

But as it was, the Glass Spiders had been sent on a 'search and destroy' mission against a group of Badland Raiders that had taken up residence inside the city of Rolling Meadows on the otherside of the Black Highway border that cut through the city. The Black Highway was the border around Military Controled Chicago. It was a massive military establishement in the midwest. It was from here that the military was able to supress the Warlords of the midwest. The Black Highway ran along some of what had been Chicao's major traffic arteries. Massive concrete borders had been put in place along th entire border to keep rebels from entering the military controlled zone. And roving patrols paced along the borders at all times. Generally there wasn't a time span of more then 10 seconds between when the passing patrol units. This made It impossible for anything to slip through and cracks in the wall. And the fact that any intruders were shot without a moments hesitation kept all but the most desperate people from trying to trespass into military territory. Things were like this all over the country. Massive cities controlled by the military. Bastions of order and 'safety' against the constant fighting outside their borders. In some places, entire states were under the control of the military. But even in such cases, the major cities were still bordered and guarded against the outside. Because no matter how secure the state's border was, the major cities were always secured in case anyone was able to slip through the sensor nets that ran the border.

But with the MCC (Military Controlled Chicago), General Solan wasn't one to tolerate nonsense like that. He was the commander of the local forces and overseer of the entire MCC area. He didn't let things like this pass. If he did, the rebles would only see it as a chance to try and run raids against the Black Highway, trying to get to the other side to steal supplies and resources, or even push the military from their own territory. And he wasn't about to let anything like that happen. Unfortunatly, lately the local garrison forces were busy trying to take care of increased border skirmishes throughout the area. General Solan saw these as a distraction to try and force him to overlook the small force that had taken up residence in the small suburb. But that wasn't going to happen. He had ordered up extra units from the rear, but the Glass Spiders had been close by when the information came down, so they had been contracted as a Rapid Response Team into the area to assess the situation and begin the 'removal' of enemy troops and armor. The Glass Spiders had taken up the contract immeidatly. The price was right and the foreseeable threat level was easily worth the time. And all they had to do was divert their course from a small mission they had been on their way back from.

What the team hadn't know on the way in was the fact that the Badlanders had moved in a full unit of mixed Frames. There was about two points worth of Scabs and another point of Low and Mid Class Frames. The Scabs weren't anything to worry too much about. Salvaged together rust bucket frames that barely managed to work half the time. They were easy to spot because of the black smoke that their exhaust poured out from their old internal combustion engines. They had a variety of small weapons. Nothing that can take a Frame down easy. They were mainly used to wreak havoc on the local polulation of an area as well as catching slaves for sales. But the 'Good' point of Frames were piloted by competent pilots and were doing a number on the team. The enemy had two Osiris Frames that were damn good and several Maraduers and Yellowjackets that were causing trouble as well. Flack and Tinker had already taken severe damage to their Frames and were being forced to fight defensivly. And Dex had apparently let one of the Osiris Frames slip behind him when he was dealing with a duo of Scabs that had presented themselves as a target. They had been bait, but they were now dead. And Dex was still in the fight once his Cyclops was back on it's feet. And now it was time for some payback on some sucker-punching little bitches.

The Assualt Frame turned gracefully on its feet as Dex throttled up once again. The fight had moved a couple blocks down from him in the time that he had blacked out. So now he would have a slight upper hand. There was no doubt the enemy pilots thought the Cyclops was down. So it would be a surprise when he showed up again. Dex reached up, shutting down his radar and sensor suite for the time being. With that down, the only thing his frame would give of was a power signature. And that could be explained as on of the Scabs running around the city, as none of them had any sensors to speak of to give away their position. But this also meant that Dex was running blind at the moment. The only system active was his visual sensors so he could visially see where the frame was running, but he had no idea where the others were, or the enemies for that matter. So he kept his finger hovering over the firing stud, just in case he needed to blast a Scab out of the way with his rail gun. The cyclops ran at a full sprint down the road way, on a course to take him around to the enemy's left flank. While the rest of the Glass Spiders were occupying their front, he would swoop in from the side and dish out some pay-back on these bastards. Dex could still hear the fight through the audio receptors outside the Cyclops. RACs winding up, SBACs pumping out a rythym as they spat shells downrange. A few missles impacting, hopefully on an enemy frame.

Dex moved his frame up a few blocks as fast as the machine would travel before he pulled a hard left, taking him directly towards the enemy's last known position. He reached up once more and powers up his sensor suite once more. Instantly, information started flooding back over his visual screen as his HUD came back to life. His eyes went wide as he saw where the closest enemy was. As his Cyclops came around the corner of the Salem Plaza building, he was staring straight into the cockpit of an Osiris. The other pilot must have been just as supirsed about it because he instantly started backpedaling. Dex watched as it's RAC spun up, the barrels fighting to reach firing RPMs. Dex did the only thing he could think of, punching forward with the left hand of his frame, reaching forward and grabbing the barrels of the RAC before it could start unleashing the hellfire of rounds it was planning on planting all across Dex's cockpit. The hand of the Cyclops closed around the barrels in a blink, warping them out of shape for a moment before Dex ripped the RAC straight off the Frame. He came back around with it in a knee jerk reaction, bashing the Osiris across it's 'face' with it's own weapon, weilding the mass of metal like a mace. The enemy frame swerved right as the impact rocked it and that gave Dex the chance he needed as his Rail Gun planted several well placed shots straight across it's protruded nose. Each round ripped straight through the frame, taking a chunk of the machine with them as they powered into the building behind it. Dexter started his frame backwards a second later, putting some distance between him and the enemy as he loosed a trio of missles at the enemy frame. It was close enough that he didn't need to lock on. The missles blasted straight forward and into the Osiris as it struggled to get a bead on the frame that was assualting it. But the missles did the trick, tearing off most of the cockpit section and part of the lower torso in a wrack of explosions that toppled the Frame backwards onto it's back. Dex pushed his frame into a turn, presenting his left side to the enemy frame as it exploded in a fireball of shrapnel and plasma, almost knocking the massive Assault Frame onto it's side. But Dex fought to keep the machine on it's feet before he turned back into the fight once more.

As he looked over the HUD once again, he noticed that there was no need now. The Military Units had pushed in from the east straight across the Black Highway into the city and were now decimating the last of the enemy units in a wave of destruction that leveled several buildings that were in the way. It was a cloud of smoke and fire in the city as the Mus moved through, wipping out anything that resembled a Frame of an Armored Vehicle. There were civilians in the area, but most of them weren't in the immeidate area. And those that had been had more then likely fled once the fighting had started. Dex was sure that there was some colateral damage involved in this whole thing, but there was nothing anyone could really do about it. Dex moved the frame out of the area. Now that the Mus were here, he and his unit were no longer needed. At that point, the rally point was the 'Superbird', the unit's VTOL frame transport and Mobile HQ. The beast was touched down on the Highland Woods golf course. It was one of the few areas that easily fit the massive VTOL carrier and was close enough to the enemys last know position. Dex knew that the others would be headed there as well, all on passive sensors to keep their profiles as small as possible on the way out the door. Dex moved his Frame on a course to the rally point as well. It was only then that he noticed something. It was eerily quiet inside his cockpit now. There was no comm traffic coming in over his earbud. He hadn't even noticed in the middle of the firefight. It was only now that he noticed that no one was talking to him. The attack from the Osiris had apparently crippled his Comms relay as well and he hadn't even noticed. So, Dex went about things a little differently. He kept his sensors on full blast while he moved towards the pick up area. Doing so would allow the rest of the team to see that he was still alive and know tha there was a reason that he wasn't responding to their comm summons.

As the Cyclops ran through the streets, Dex took a second to look around a little bit. It was odd how peaceful things looked out here sometimes. The place looked like any other city really, until you really looked at it. There were bulletholes in buildings, inclusing sections of wall blown out from previous battles between Frame units. The streets were overgrown and under used. Buildings were empty and abandoned. That was why it looked so peaceful half the time. Because most of it was a ghosttown. Even out in the 'wilderness' people had leanred to band together. Those that weren't with the warlords had moved into tightnit communuities in easily defensable areas. This helped them protect themselves from the raiders when they came. Dex likened them to Ewoks from the old "Star Wars" movie. They used primative traps to prevent Frames, both Scab and higher class, from entering their cities. And they were able to pool their resources to survive from day to day. So out here, in these parts, where no one lived anymore, you'd think it was almost like any other day, really. All that betrayed it was the lack of pedestrians walking along here and there, or traffic moving along the streets. Dex sighed slightly for a moment as he piloted the Frame along down the streets. Here and there a stray civilian would wander out and try to flag him down, hoping to get some rations thrown out to them or something of any kind. But most of them would just kill you and take your frame as soon as look at you. It was best not to chance it. And not think about it. But Dex kept his eyes open the entire time he moved through the streets. After a little while, he caught up with Tank's Opressor, nodding to his second in command's Frame once before motioning to the Cyclops's head with one finger of the Frame's left hand. A universal signal that his Frame's Comms were down. Once they was acknowledged, Dex turned his sensors to passive and continued on the route back to pick up. The other, faster frames would beat them there and be loaded in their bays by the time to two assualt frames got there to load up.
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Re: Glass Spiders
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2008, 03:50:00 PM »
Dexter was pulling himself out of the cockpit even as the bay doors were sliding shut over the bay that the Cyclops was currently crouched in. Lizz and Fixxer were both already there to greet him as he reach the bottom of the egress ladder that dropped down to the bay floor. As soon as Dex was stable on his feet on the floor Lizz wrapped her arms around him, pulling him towards her and into a long deep kiss for several moments. The kiss took Dex by suprise at first, but after a second, his arms moved around her as well and he returned the kiss. Fixxer shook her head slowly for a second before diverting her attention to the damage that the Cyclops had sustained in the battle," Good God, Kushy, looks like you got f**ked up out there." Dex nodded a second, his lips still not leaving Lizz's, at least for a few seconds longer before he broke away," Yeah, getting sucker-punched by an Osiris in the ass end." Fixxer nodded a little as Lizz spoke up," Jesus Christ, Dex! I nearly fainted when I saw you go down like that! I was just waiting for the explosion at any second." He pulled back and punched him in the arm," Don't EVER do that again!" Dex was taken back by the sudden outburst," Hey! It's not like I could really help it, you know. It was a suprise attack that nearly crippled my Frame. You think I was laying there because i needed a 'time out'? No. I blacked out for who knows how long before I finally came back to. It's not like I was playing a joke on you guys or anything." Dex sighed a little but smiled to Lizz," good to know that you care though." He chuckled a little. That kiss she had given him was the first time she had ever shown a public display of the feelings she had for him. And vice-versa. It wasn't like they hadn't kissed before. But every other time had been more secretive and isolated from the rest of the team. Dex assumed that they knew about it. After all, Fixxer didn't seem shocked by the whole thing. So it wasn't anything knew. So it was probably about damn time they got moving on with things, to tell the truth. But still, there was something gratifiying about having Lizz finally be open about the whole thing. She was the one who wanted to try and be move covert with the whole thing. So he liked the fact that she was finally getting comfortable enough to show it in the open. Even if it was only because he had narrowly avoided death.

Fixxer walked towards the Cyclops and ran a hand over the metal of the Frame's thigh for a second," Don't worry, Doll. I'll have you back in ship shape in no time." Dex shook his head this time, looking over from Lizz's eyes to Fixxer," I sure hope so. I'm willing to be hard money that our next  mission is already on its way to us. And it's going to be big." Lizz looked puzzled," Why do you say that?" "Because aftersuch a bold maneuver by the waistlanders, the Military isn't going to sit back on their haunches and take it. Their going to find out who was in charge of that whole thing and f**k their world up. And I am betting that we'll get invited to the party. So we're going to need this stuff to be up and running by the time that mission comes in." Dex moved over to the access tunnel that lead into the main living area on the transport, motioning for the others to follow him in," Time to get this bird off the ground, though. We need to get back to the compound and get things ready. Full reloads. Armor, repairs, the works. And we need to get it done ASAP. Everyone is going to be in on this. Not just Fixxer taking it all on herself." he looked over his shoulder," Not that I doubt you, Fixxer." He grinned a little and continued on into the main quarters. He walked over to an intercom for a second, pushing a button to communicate the the cockpit of the transport," Alright, Lets get off the ground, Eagle. Gets us back to camp, post-haste." There was a crisp 'Roger' that came back over the speaker a second before Dex heard the engines fire to life and the whole transport begin to lift off the ground. As the massive VTOL lifted off the ground, the two Frame Pods swung backwards into their transport position, locking back to help provide a slightly more streamline profile for the ship. The engines moved to rotate the craft slowly, orienting it to the direction it needed to travel before it slowly began its forward motion, accelerating forward and away from the, now calm, battlefield.

The inside of the ship was impressive to say the least. The living area in itself was like a large two story house with rooms for each of the team members and the crew, living areas, dinning area, exercise room, and room enough to have a repair bay attached onto the ass end of it for quickly repairing Frames between back-to-back missions. The access tunnel from the Frame Pods exited straight into the living area of the Quarters Section of the ship. All the other pilots were still milling about there after the mission, waiting to see how Dex was doing after his near-death-experience. Dex watched as a collective sigh of relief was exhaled by all the members present. He grinned a little," Good to know that you all were worried. Not like you couldn't carry on without me, though." Tank shook his head a little," Yeah, but it just wouldn't be the same without you here, Kushy. You know that." Dex nodded," Nothing is ever the same without me there. You all know that." The all chuckled a little bit as they settled into chairs littered around the room. Dex looked them all over, smiling a little more to Lizz as she moved over and sat down on the couch infront of the massive TV screen embedded into one of the walls," I want you all to know that our next missions is probably going to be pretty soon, so you all need to get rested up and ready for it when we get back to base." They all looked slightly puzzled," As I was telling Lizz and Fixxer, The military is going to invite us to the counter strike against whoever it was to arrange this little border assault. And I can guarentee that this isn't going to be a small operation at all. We're going to be working closely with the Military Units in an assault against a warlords camp. I can tell you, it's going to be like clockwork. Within the next day or so we'll get our mission dossier. And from there, it will be another day before we hit the target, whoever it is." They all nodded a little bit before Flack spoke up," But with a mission like that, it also means that it's going to be a titanic paycheck as well, right?" Dex nodded," To be sure. We'll probably be able to get our next wave of upgrades after the mission. So that is one thing to look forward too. But I can assure you that this mission is going to be a slugfest. there is a very high risk that some of us won't make it back. If we're hitting a warlords home, he's going to fight back...hard. So we'll have to be in top form for this one." There were assorted mummers of acknowledgment throughout the room as Dex nodded a little," alright, well, with that, everyone go and relax. We'll be back at base here in a few minutes. There, we're going to busting ass to get these things back to prime before the mission. Once all the Frames are top-notch, we can take a load off and rest until the mission gets here." And with that Dex turned and headed off towards his room slowly. He was sure that Lizz would follow him there in a few minutes. But that would give him enough time to get his boots off at least.
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