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Tearless Characters
« on: November 13, 2008, 04:14:55 PM »
Name- Anasi Noname
Hair color-raven black
eye color- bluish

when she was young Anasi was part of the Zamballi, the firestarters. It was a race that was on the border of extinction and to survive they lived like nomads. One eve as they were packing up to leave they were attacked. They fled but left Anasi behind. She was rescued by the Windias-airsoarers- and began to live as a terrayin child. fifteen years later she discovered a balloon and for two summers tried to fix it. Then by pure luck she discovered how to make it rise and that is when her precense was discovered by the soldiers. She was taken to the capital to be judged and killed.

Yeah that is the gist of it.


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Re: Tearless Characters
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2008, 02:08:34 PM »
I wish to also point out that her skills on fire usage are rather slow and terrible since she needed a tutor and had none for the past fifteen years. She knows only how to milk cows, plant corn, potatoes and in all work the land.

As to her usual dress- a simple cotton tunic with some tan trousers.


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Re: Tearless Characters
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2008, 01:57:20 PM »
Name; Rivaldia Ashres

A young naive girl who has lived prisioner in her tower for twelve years since the death of her parents. She lives in a land where her people are forever prisioner of terror and power of a queen that usurped the crown. Her cousin, Queen Sassari plans on killing everyone who does not obey her and taking over the two worlds and thus destroying the power of the witches or sorceress. Rivaldia does not know about this and instead lives quietly, forever trapped. What she does not know is that deep in the hidden nooks of the magik world two sorceress are planning her escape...but they too must be carefull because an army of mirror ghouls was unleashed on the planet, they are magik eaters and feed off a witches power until they are dead.

gist of it... ... -800wi.jpg


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Re: Tearless Characters
« Reply #3 on: December 16, 2008, 04:04:56 PM »
Clara and James

Clara a seventeen year old girl of blond hair and hazel eyes. she is sweet and rambunctious. She tends to scold people and she is far too curious. Three weeks ago however she dissapeared from a train leaving no trace behind. It is known that she was in the hospital a month before but any more records of her do not exist. The only lead is a half eaten moonpie that she left on her seat.
James knows that Clara loved moonpies( eventhough to his vampiristic heart, he does not know why...They taste like dirt!)
James is a 360 year old vampire from old france. He was bitten by a woman vampire who loved to have toys and pets, however she went too far and did not check herself. A week later James was a vampire.Since then he is revolted by any thought of converting other humans that Clara's plea of becoming one of them is always ignored.

He wears tennis shoes, a loose t-shirt and faded jeans when is around Clara to feel "younger" but when she is not around he reverts to wearing a long loose trench coat, black slacks and boots.

Photos soon to come when I dont have to go potty so badly


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Re: Tearless Characters
« Reply #4 on: February 02, 2009, 02:25:53 PM »

In the land of Somerset (england, in another universe) there are three colleges devoted to three diferent arts, there is a High Church of God that devotes to five different arts and there is the Institute of Arts in Astrology plus the Music Academia.
Each college devotes to a different art.
The college of Office devotes to the study of goverment, economics and politics
The college of Swords devotes to any martial art, usage of weapons and military structure.
The college of Scholars is the poorest and smaller of all of the colleges. Teaches languages and english

The high Church of God devotes to five-

The institute of Arts in Astrology only dwells in the art of prophetising future events any further research that might be blasphemous is forbidden

Music Academia is the largest orchestra in England.

Anyone found teaching the arts of science,mathematics and anything that goes againts the law of god shall be punished.


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Re: Tearless Characters
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2009, 10:48:37 AM »
General Character Info
 .:Name: Margarette St. Patricks
.:Nickname: Maggie or toots
.:Age: 19
.:Dominant Hand: left

.Personal Character Status .
.:Alignment:  Neutral
.:Marital Status: single
.:Sexuality Preferance: male...

.:Occupation: Doctor

.:Family: mother,father, sister and four brothers ( Leah, Robert, Alice, Richard, Jonh, Derek, and Isaac
.::Likes:Apples, animals, reading, poetry, running in the mornings. Icecream .

 .::Dislikes: jokes, people who are not serious or people who are overly pessimistic. The High Church og God. overly arrogant men.

.::Love interest: none

Friends: none
 .:Head: usually a hat or her head in a ponytail
.:Upper Body: dress blouse and coat

.:Waist: -belt

.:Lower Body: usually a pencil skirt , pajamas, pants if she has no laundry (denim)
.:Footwear:  heels but usually boots
.Personality .A solitary clutz who hates being bossed around. She rather spend an entire day searching for different classes of bugs and dissecting an animal and drawing their insides than a cupa tea. She has had relationships but they all end up with they asking marriage and she denying them. She does nto want to marry and produce children into a world where dying is okay and being sick is a way to get into heaven. She is very practical and rational.
History -when she was ten her uncle was discovered dealing with a microoscope and cultivating mold for "blasphemous purposes" He was dragged to a fire and punished for his behavior. He burned for an entire afternoon while her family was forced to watch. She closed her eyes and tried to forget the screams of her uncle. However before his death his uncle had hidden most of his work in his sister's house(leah) and one afternoon when Maggie was sixteen, she found every single notebooks and description of most common sicknesses.
She became obsessed by the thought that she could heal people. SHe could make their life better. Thus she changed her major but till this day...very few people allow themselves to be cured.

Finish soon...hopefully


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